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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 44


I really shouldn’t be this nervous to spend an evening with my dad, but I can’t help it after the last time me and Louis were with him. We’re seated in the living room while the rice finishes cooking.
Once it’s nearly finished, I can put the chicken in the oven.

Dad and Louis are making small talk, but all I can do is worry about how dinner will turn out. I don’t know why I tried a new recipe tonight. I should have just made spaghetti.

“Have you guys seen Gemma recently?”

I open my mouth to speak at the same time as Louis, but as I begin to shake my head, his cheeks turn an embarrassed shade of pink and he closes his lips. I’m bewildered by his behavior, but quickly forget about it so that I can properly answer dad’s question.

“No, not in a while. Have you?”

“Unfortunately not. She’s been visiting your mother,” he rolls his eyes as he always does at the mention of mum, “but I think she’ll be back in London at the end of the week. Perhaps we can all go to lunch.”

“Sure; how long are you staying in London?”

I’m surprised that Louis is pretending to care. He’s been very civilized and I’m starting to wonder
what exactly was said during their late night chat.

“I’m not positive. I’ll probably head home sometime next week. Jo has been with her family.”

It’s a shame really. I’m sure if dad’s wife were here, he wouldn’t have ever reacted so intensely.

“Tell her hello.”

He nods and smiles at me just as I hear the timer going off in the other room. I reluctantly stand up
to leave my dad and Louis in a room alone.

“I’ll be back in a few. Do you want something to drink, Dad?”

“I’ll get him something, Hazz.”

Louis chimes in and I nod my head in thanks before Louis guides dad to the bar.

This is going too well.


“Pick your poison.”

I chuckle nervously as Des’ eyes skim over our selection of alcohol.

“Scotch, please. Just on ice.”

I nod and find a tumbler in the cupboard. The bar is against the far wall in the living room and I know Harry can’t hear us. Now’s my chance. I make sure to fill the glass with ice and pour a considerable amount of the dark liquor before beginning my conversation. I hand it to Harry’s father and he takes a sharp swig.

“I- uh, wanted to talk to you about something... While Harry isn’t here.”

His eyes cast down to his glass and he swirls it around, filling the room with the noise of clanking ice cubes.

“Well, I assume it isn’t going to be my favorite conversation, so let’s get on with it.”

I can tell that he isn’t trying to be rude; only honest.

“Well, I know it’s all a bit new to you, but lately me and Harry’s relationship has been a little...
rickety, so to speak.” I pause to gather my thoughts and ensure that Des is still listening. He is, so I continue, “We haven’t had all the support that we would like, and I’m honestly not referring to you. We’ve dealt with a lot of shit from our management and they haven’t made it easy.”

I can tell that he just wants me to get to my point and I gnaw at the inside of my cheek as I prepare myself to reach my inevitable conclusion. My palms are sweating and my pulse is racing.

“I want Harry to know how devoted I am to him and I think that the best way to do that is for me to ask him to marry me. Of course, I would love your blessing, but I don’t expect it. I have it all planned out and I know Harry would love for you to be there with the rest of our friends and family. I’d like that, too. With all due respect, though, I plan on asking him with or without your approval.”

Des has chugged the rest of his drink in the time it has taken me to say it all and I don’t know what to expect. It takes him a minute to recover from the shock before he speaks in a feeble tone.

“It’s a little sudden, isn’t it?”

“Not really. I mean, we’ve been together for years. We just need something to hold on to. If he says yes, it doesn’t mean we’ll be married in the next few months. All of that would have to be discussed-“

“There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll say yes.”

He seems quite confident in that. More confident than me. Not that I think Harry wants anything but a life with me... I just hope he’s ready for that kind of commitment. Either way, I need him to know that I am ready.

“Well... What are your thoughts on it?”

He sighs deeply and looks down at his cup of ice. I pick up the bottle of scotch again and re-fill his glass.

“I- I don’t know. I get that I really have no say in this, but of course I don’t want my only son to be married before he’s even twenty. You’re both really young.”

That’s his issue with the prospect of us getting married? Our ages?

“I understand that, but we met when we were young and we’re in love. If we lived different lives and didn’t have so much speculation all the time, then maybe our relationship would have progressed at a different pace. But, this is the way things are and this is what I want. If it’s what Harry wants as well, then I don’t see the point in waiting until we’re older. I’ll never stop loving him, sir.”

Des takes a deep breath and takes another gulp before setting his glass down on the counter. He puts his hands in his pockets and does his best to make polite eye contact with me.

“If you want my opinion: wait. I know you won’t, though, and if it makes Harry happy, then you have my blessing-“

“Oh my god, thank you so much.”

I feel a weight being lifted off of my chest and I breathe in, fighting the urge to hug the man that I wanted to punch only two days ago.

“I wasn’t done. I don’t know that I’ll be there for it... It’s all just too much, too fast. Let me think it
over, okay?”

I nod, trying to hide my disappointment. He’s already surprised me so much that I can’t have him thinking I expect more.

“I understand. I hope you’ll come. Jo is welcome as well, of course. It will be here on Sunday evening. Just promise me you won’t tell him.”

I motion my arm toward the kitchen where Harry is cluelessly cooking our meal.

“Of course. What good would that do? I don’t hate you, Louis. Even if that’s what you think. I know I said some hurtful things, but you’ve done nothing to hurt my son and that’s all that matters. Jo talked some sense into me after you came by the other night.”

I nod and feel like bursting with joy. I imagined a thousand ways this could have gone, but this wasn’t one of them. Thank god for Harry’s step-mother.

“Thank you, really. It means the world to me and it’s going to make Harry so incredibly happy.”

“Well, that’s why I’m trying to adjust to it all. I only want him to be happy and I can see that you make that happen. There’s no denying that.”

I can feel myself blushing at his words. It’s an honor to have Harry’s own father tell me he sees
me making his son happy.

“He makes me happy too. Happiest man in the world.”

We both grin and I finally feel like I understand Harry’s dad a little more. He’s protective and was
probably shocked by our proclamation of love. To see how hard he’s trying for his son proves how much he loves him.

Just when I feel that there is nothing more to say without making awkward small talk, Harry pokes his head around the corner and calls us into the dining room.

“Dinner’s ready!”

Des nudges my arm with his elbow and smirks.

“Proper housewife, eh?”

I laugh in surprise at his remark and we walk into the dining room to find a neatly set table and more food than we could possibly eat. I look up at Harry and flash him a wide smile, followed by a wink.

“Looks great, babe.”



If I thought pre-dinner conversation was civilized, then I’d have to say my dad and Louis are acting like proper friends now.

The food turned out fine and I was relieved by that, but I’m starting to question whether Louis drugged my dad’s drink or something because he’s been acting all happy-go-lucky.

Dinner was better than anyone could have hoped for and now that my dad is standing at the door with a coffee to-go, I’m just waiting for something terrible to happen.

“Harry, you should bring Louis over some time. Jo and I haven’t had you over in ages.”

Did he really just fucking include Louis in that invitation? To his home?

“Sure, that would be... lovely.”

Louis nods in agreement and wraps a lazy arm around my waist. I lean forward and give my dad a one-armed hug and to my complete surprise, he does the same to Louis. I almost feel like I’m dreaming as I watch my dad, who not more than two days ago yelled in our faces, hugging my boyfriend. My perfect, wonderful boyfriend.

“Thanks for having me. It was good to see you both. And... I’m sorry about how I acted before.”

There it is. The official apology.

“Wow, um- thank you for coming, dad. It really means the world to me. I love you.”

He covers my shoulder with his hand and squeezes gently.

“I love you too, son.”

We exchange our final goodbyes and just like that, without any dramatic outrage, he’s gone. When the door shuts, Louis tightens his grip on my waist and joins his other arm in the embrace. I’m entirely and pleasantly shocked.

“What the hell just happened?”

Louis smirks and leans up on his toes to peck the corner of my mouth.

“Your dad did what he should have done from the beginning. See? Everything’s perfect now.”

I grin because, yeah; it is perfect.

I rest my arms on Louis’ shoulders and plunge my fingers into his styled hair. I tug on it so that he’s forced to look up at me and I simply stand there, gazing into his flawless blue eyes and all I can do is smile. Smile and murmur three seemingly overused words in our home.

“I love you.”

Before he can respond with the same thing he always does, I press an open-mouthed kiss to his lips and we stand in the doorway like this for at least ten minutes, passionately kissing and groping, enjoying every last second we spend in each others’ arms.

I reach down and easily find one of my favorite parts of Louis’ body, grabbing his arse with both of my hands. He moans against my lips as I slowly guide him backwards and press his back gently against the door.

“Mmm, Harry,” I release his mouth, but keep my lips busy on his jaw and neck while he speaks,
“Need you, babe. Want you to make love to me. Now.”

I nod and pull his skin between my teeth, sucking a bruise above his collarbone. When I pull away to admire my physical claim on his body, I blow cool air onto it. Louis’ bare feet are planted on the hard floor, spread out on either side of my legs. I bend my knees for the perfect angle to roll my hips into his while kissing him again. I tighten my grip on his bum and then trail my hands down the back of his legs while pressing my body firmly against his. He quickly catches on and jumps up, wrapping his legs around my hips without breaking our heated kiss.

I back away from the door I had him pinned against and carry him blindly through the archway nearest me, the one leading into the dining room.

I stop at the closest end of the table and kick the chair out of the way that I had occupied during dinner. I set Louis down at the very edge of the table and run my hands firmly down his legs to ensure that they stay there; hugging me tightly. Louis nibbles on my bottom lip and I pull back, kissing his forehead before reaching behind him and sliding the remaining dishes to the other side of the table. I sincerely hope they don’t slide off the end, but I’m not all too concerned with that right now.

Now would be the time that Louis would normally make some kinky remark about how I’m a bad boy for wanting to fuck on the same table my father just sat at. But, he asked me to make love to him and that’s much different than fucking. I kiss Louis deeply, feeling my way up his shirt, his soft
skin warm under my frigid fingers.

Louis moans against my lips as I reach over to gently tug at his nipple.

“Mm.. Hands are cold.”

I grin against his swollen mouth and trail my fingers back along his side to rest them on his hips.

“Sorry baby. I’ll be right back, okay? Stay here.”

He nods and sweetly pecks my nose before unravelling his legs from my waist. I pinch his bum facetiously and hurry off to our bedroom to gather the almost empty bottle of lube and make a mental note to buy more. We’ve gone through this one quite quickly.
When I walk back into the dining room, I nearly drop the bottle in my hand and my jaw falls slack. Louis is exactly where I left him, only he’s not wearing a bit of clothing. His legs are spread and his feet are flat at the edge of the table top as he holds his erection in a delicate hand.

“Jesus, Lou.”

My voice doesn’t reach any tone above a whisper, but I swear it still cracks. I approach the table
and set the bottle down before pulling my shirt over my head. Louis sits up and lets his legs hang over the edge as I slot my hips between them.

I place my hands gingerly on either side of his face and reunite our lips in a slow, purposeful kiss as he reaches between our bodies and unfastens the button of my jeans. He tugs them down along with my pants and they drag along my thighs. When they are farther than Louis can reach, I pull away and lean down to rid them completely. I remember Louis’ comment about my hands being cold, so I rub them together before reaching for the lube and coating three fingers on my right hand liberally. Louis lays back on the table without being told and I stand between his legs, leaning down to place a chaste kiss on his lips, then his chest, and finally his stomach.

Louis’ right leg hitches over my shoulder and the other hooks around my waist, pulling me closer. I skim my left hand over his leg and hold onto his hip heavily as I push my index finger into his tight heat. He hisses in discomfort and I continue my left hand in it’s journey up his torso until I reach his shoulder; then I stroke my hand down his tattooed arm and finally intertwine his smaller fingers with mine. I grip his hand as my finger fully enters him. I begin to pull it out slowly and then back in until he has adjusted. I turn my head and kiss his knee that is draped over my shoulder beautifully as I add another finger. He adapts quicker this time and I begin to curl my fingers as they plunge deep into him. Finally I hit his prostate and he’s writhing beneath me on the table. I continue to move my hands slowly, wanting to savor each moment. Louis’ eyes are shut tight in pleasure.

“Boo, open your eyes please.”

His body relaxes at the sound of my voice and his eyes flicker open to meet mine. I can’t help but to grin at his content face and he gives me a concentrated smile in return. I stretch my fingers slowly and his mouth falls open in delight. I add a third finger to stretch him some more before pulling my hand back and pouring more lubricant into my palm to spread over my now throbbing cock. I wipe the lube off of my hand onto the shirt I had apparently thrown on the table and rest my hands on Louis’ chest. I pull his other leg to my free shoulder and caress his body as I slowly guide my length into his slick hole.

“Fuck, Harry. So good.”

His words come out in pants and I lean over his body carefully until his knees are touching his chest and my lips are on his. I kiss him with determination while I slowly push farther into him, pulling back a little only so he can accommodate more of me. After a couple minutes, my hips are flush against his arse and I stay there a while longer, luxuriate in the feeling of being so close. I leisurely pull my hips away and roll them back to Louis, feeling all of him except for the one part he’d probably prefer. I eventually strengthen my thrusts, but I keep them ever so slow. The only friction Louis gets against his erection is the soft contact my abdomen makes as I lean over to keep our lips sealed together.

“Touch me, Harry.”

He moves his lips against mine and my heavy breathing is the only reason I’ve pulled away enough for him to be audible. I simply shake my head and snap my hips with more power.

“No, baby. You’re going to come like this, yeah?”

He seems astonished for a moment, but is soon nodding his head. I pull his legs up farther and rest my hands under his bum to lift his hips off of the table. This angle is instantly a success as I drive into him with slow, yet vigorous thrusts. Louis cries out as I reach his prostate, prodding it over and over with my cock until he has actual tears streaming down his face in pure pleasure.

“Oh m’god, Harry. I’m so-o close!”

I balance his hips with one hand placed carefully at the small of his back and reach my left hand up to wipe away the tears.

“I am too, Lou. You feel s’good. Love you s’much.”

As he moans and screams profanely, I return his hips to the table and lean down to capture his lips in mine once more, wanting to feel all of him as he comes. And he does come; between our chests without so much as a stroke of my hand and as I feel his quick breaths on my lips, I follow close behind him, filling him up.
I collapse on top of him, leaving lazy, uncoordinated kisses on whichever part of his body is accessible.

“I love you, Harry. So fucking much that it hurts.”

I smirk as I peck his chest, licking up a bit of come that landed there.

“Oh, babe that’s just my cock in your ass.”

He swats the back of my head playfully and we both laugh before I pick him up and carry him to the shower as he had done for me earlier this morning.

Then I realize that I’ve come three times today and had the most successful dinner with my dad imaginable.

“Today has been the best day ever, Lou.”


I hope to change that this weekend.


Okay, okay. 2 smut chapters in a row. SO SUE ME. hehe <3
I just really felt like we needed more Larry smut because there is just never enough.

Thank you guys sooo much for all of your comments and support as this story ends! A lot of you have already subscribed to the sequel (some have even voted even though I've posted nothing! You are all silly and ily haha) Here is the link if you have not yet subscribed:


Okay, so there you have it! From what I've mapped out, this book will be 50 chapters & an epilogue that will set up some important things for the sequel, so hang on tight because some stuff is about to happen!!! :D MUCH LOVE


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