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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 42


The rest of the day is better, but I haven’t spoken to Louis except for a brief text message in which I said sorry and that we should talk. All I received in return was ‘We will when I get home. It’ll be late. x.’ It’s a little frustrating that he’s out the whole day after such a bad fight between us, but I assume it’s for good reason. He’s with Liam, which I only know because Liam told Niall. Zayn told me he would have stayed with me at the flat, but had to meet Perrie for some wedding planning stuff. So, Niall agreed to watch movies with me. We’ve watched The Avengers and now, we’re half-way through My Best Friend’s Wedding and I can’t help but to admire Julia Roberts’ character’s boldness. I like to think that Louis and I are pretty open with each other about our feelings, but there’s always tension when we have different viewpoints. Like today. He kind of has Eleanor. More than me, at least. Even though we started as friends, she’s around Louis a lot more and I feel like she takes his side more than mine. There really shouldn’t be sides.

“Haz, I want a Chinese for lunch. Are you cool with that?”

I snap out of my meaningless thought and face him as he sits up from the other couch. I pull the blanket up that’s draped over my body. If I pull it up to my shoulders, it doesn’t cover my feet and it’s really frustrating.

“Yeah, of course. There’s a place around the corner that delivers.”


“The menu’s in the drawer by the phone.”

Niall nods and stands up abruptly. He’s been fidgety ever since I put this movie in, so he’s probably been waiting for a reason to get up. I’m pretty hungry again since it’s been about four hours since we ate. I turn back to the movie and chuckle when George, Jules’ gay best friend, shows up at her hotel to surprise her and she fell asleep in a face mask. I wish I had a girl friend that I was that close to; someone who could help me deal with Louis sometimes. The guys are great, but they don’t see it all like I do.

It really sucks sometimes that we left our homes so young. Hardly any of those friendships stuck while everyone moved on and went to Uni or started families. I’m close to my sister and my mum, at least. It’s not the same.

“What do you want, Harry?”

“Uh, whatever you get is fine. I’m not picky.”

I don’t even turn around to look at him when I speak. I’m lost in shallow thoughts about nothing. I’m actually pretty tired as well. I’ll probably fall asleep after I eat. Maybe if I sleep, the time will pass faster and Louis will be home. I won’t feel right until we talk it all out.
A few minutes later, Niall hops over the back of the couch and lands lightly on the cushions.

“It’ll be here in twenty.”

I nod and watch the movie again. I don’t know why, but I don’t feel like talking to Niall. I don’t want him to leave, though. That’s pretty selfish, but I know he doesn’t mind. He probably wishes we were watching something else, but he just wants me to be happy. He did pick the first movie.
He glances over at me a few times, probably to make sure I’m okay since I’m being quiet, before he settles back into the couch and stares at the telly.

I check my phone multiple times, but there’s nothing from anyone. I go on twitter and skim through the posts. There are a couple pictures of Louis and Liam leaving the restaurant. Then, there’s one of them at the mall. What the fuck? He’s really avoiding our much needed conversation to go shopping?

I keep scrolling, quicker, trying to find older tweets, and I end up seeing a dark photo of Louis walking into my dad’s hotel, hoodie up over his head. There is also a picture through the window of my dad, Lou, and I at the restaurant yesterday. Thank god it’s from before our discussion got heated. I’d hate to think that people got pictures of a moment like that. I don’t want to think about it, much less relive it through photographs.

I see a lot of people tweeting about that breakfast. ‘Boyfriends went to breakfast with Harry’s dad <3’. How I wish it was like that. That’s how it was supposed to be. Maybe it still can be. Eventually.

I lock my phone and toss it aside when I hear a knock at the door. Before I can stand up, Niall jumps to his feet.

“I got it. Have to sign anyway since I gave them my card info. People probably shouldn’t see you
at Louis’ place anyway.”

I nod in agreement and ignore the sting that settles in my heart every time I’m reminded of our forbidden relationship. It’s really down heartening. I stand up and walk back to our bedroom, deciding there was no better time to take a piss, and Niall opens the door.
As soon as I walk into the room, though, I’m distracted from my intended task by all of the memories littering the wall above our bed. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of remembering all of these moments.

I sit on the bed, legs crossed comfortably, and take a moment to look at each picture. Each stepping stone of our relationship. The story of how we fell in love.


“I don’t fucking know, Liam. What do you think he’ll like?”

Liam’s been so damn giddy since I told him my plan. He can hardly help me pick an engagement ring. He’s useless.

“I don’t know! He’ll like whatever you pick out.”

I roll my eyes and look back at the glass case.

“I should have brought Eleanor.”

Liam’s jaw drops and he pretends to be hurt.

“Call her, then.”

I stick out my tongue and decide he’s probably got a point.

“Actually, I will. But, I want you to stay too. You said you’d drive to Holmes Chapel with me.”

“I know, I know! I said I would!”

I relax a little bit and pull my phone out to ring Eleanor. After two rings, she answers.


“El! Hey, please tell me you aren’t busy.”

“Not really, no,” she whispers the next part, “I’m stuck at a lame meeting that I’d give anything to
have an excuse to get out of.”

I laugh and let my eyes skim over the rings in the glass case again.

“How long would it take for you to get to Westfield?”

“You want me to go shopping with you?”

“Yeah. It’s important...”

“Sure, I can be there in fifteen, yeah?”

“Okay, meet me and Liam at Tiffany’s.”


“El, just get here.”

“Okay, okay. I’m on my way.”

I hang up and look back at the case. There aren’t that many options for men’s rings, but Harry definitely needs something exciting. He already wears rings. I want this one to stand out. I want it to be special.

“Liam, why the hell is this such a difficult decision?”

“Because you love him.”

We’ve been speaking in low voices, so as to not draw attention to ourselves. I suppose if someone sees us here, I can always say I’m getting a gift for Eleanor. I don’t even fucking care right now. I’m nervous and excited and I just want it to be perfect. A woman has asked us if we need help about twelve times and it’s starting to piss me off. Here she comes again.

“Mr. Tomlinson, can I help you with anything yet?”

“No, I’ll tell you if you can.”

Liam nudges my arm, scolding me for snapping, before apologizing.

“Sorry, he doesn’t like shopping.”

She smiles kindly and nods before walking away.

“Let’s go get tea while we wait for El.”

Liam nods and we walk together across the way to the cafe close by. We’re stopped a few times to take pictures with fans, but in all, this hasn’t been my worst experience at a shopping centre. After we wait in line and finally get our tea, we hurry back to the store to find Eleanor already there, speaking to the same woman that wouldn’t stop bugging me.

Liam and I walk over and I give her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek.

“I know why you’re here.”

“You do?”

She whispers after hugging Liam.

“You’re going to propose, aren’t you?”

I grin and she tries to contain her smile.

“Well, I’m having her bring some options to a private room so you can actually see them up close.
You’re no pro at jewelry shopping, hon. Fear not, though. I’ve come to the rescue.”

I scoff and just shake my head as we follow her to the office in the back. It’s large and well decorated. The annoying woman is standing by the desk, motioning for us to sit down. Eleanor and I do, but Liam stands against the wall to my right.

“Once again, my name is Denise. Let me know if you have any questions.”

I suppose I can use her name. She’s told me ten times.

“Thanks, Denise.”

She nods and stands off to the side, sifting through some papers.

“Okay,” Eleanor sits up in her chair and leans over the desk, picking up the first option, “this one
is neat. Do you want something unique or something that will blend in?”

“Unique. I want something cool. You know he likes weird stuff. I want to engrave it or something,
too. Make it sentimental.”

Eleanor coos and I uncomfortably look between her and Denise.

“Don’t worry. She can’t say anything to anyone.”

I nod and breathe out a small sigh of relief.

“So, what about this one? It’s got some diamonds lining it.”

I shake my head. It’s too simple and dainty.

“Okay, this one is different. It’s gold on the edges and white gold elsewhere”

“Nah, too boring.”

Eleanor looks again and I can tell she’s weeding out ones I’ll probably say no to.

“Um- Denise?”

She’s all too quick at turning to face me.

“Yes, Mr. Tomlinson?”

“Do you have something that’s kind of big with like colored stone? I don’t care how much it costs.
Bring out the best you’ve got.”

She smiles kindly and nods before disappearing behind the door.

I skim over the options laid out in front of me and decide that none of them will do.

“Yeah, I need different options.”

Eleanor sits back and nods patiently. I glance over to Liam and he looks bored beyond belief.

“I promise I’ll be done soon, Li. We have to get to Holmes Chapel before dark. I told Anne we’d be there around dinner time.”

“Did she seem suspicious since you asked her to not tell Harry?”

“Absolutely. But, you know her. She was thrilled, but definitely skeptical. Gemma’s there too, which I’m glad about.”

Liam nods and Eleanor is texting on her phone, not exactly paying attention. The door clicks open and Denise walks in with a new felt tray with all new ring options. These are much better; much more Harry.

“Okay, here you are. These are some unique options. they’re kept elsewhere because they typically aren’t considered traditional wedding bands.”

“Good. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.”

She grins and pulls the old tray from the desk, replacing it with the much more colorful options.


Eleanor isn’t looking at her phone anymore, much more interested in the jewelry.

I skim over them. There are about ten, but one immediately catches my eye.

“That one. Right there.”

I point and Eleanor motions for me to pick it up. I do and hold it in my palm and examine it closely.

“This is perfect.”

It’s got two jewels that melt together in the middle. Sapphire and Emerald. Blue and green. Me and Harry.

The small diamonds around the larger stones litter the white gold all the way around. It’s unique, personal, and beautiful, but still masculine and just so... Harry.

“This is it.”

Denise is shocked, as is Eleanor. Liam is just glad we’re done. I don’t need to think about it. I
knew I’d know when I saw it.

“Why that one?”

Eleanor waits for me to respond, but I don’t want to explain it. Harry will understand the moment he sees it and that’s how I want it.

“It’s just what I want,” I don’t snap at her, but I speak matter-of-factly. I look over to Denise and hold it up, “Can you guys engrave it and like fit it?”

I don’t know how all this shit works.

“Of course. What size should it be in?”

“Um, I’m not sure, but it’s two sizes bigger than my finger. I know that.”

She nods and asks me to give her my hand so she can try different sizes on it. Once she’s written down a bunch of numbers, she asks what I want engraved on it.

“On the inside, I want it to have two swallows. Can you do that or does it have to be words?”

“We can do it based on a picture if you have one.”


I can’t stop smiling. I pull my phone out and look through different folders of pictures until I find the original drawing for Harry’s tattoo.

“Exactly like this. Like the size difference and everything.”

Eleanor practically squeals next to me and even Liam seems to like the idea.

“Wonderful. Just email it to the address on my card and I can print it out and get it to the jeweler in no time. I can rush it and you can have it by this weekend. Does that work?”

“That’s absolutely perfect. Thank you so much.”

Maybe Denise isn’t so bad.


“Li, we’re here. Wake up.”

Liam fell asleep about an hour into the drive. Two more hours later and we’re finally pulling down the long drive to Harry’s mum’s house. I see Gemma’s car outside and the sun is starting to set. We made good time. I’m sure Anne has dinner on the table.

“Jesus. How long did I sleep?”

“Two hours.”

“Sorry, mate.”

“It’s good. I’m just glad you came with me.”

Liam grins sleepily and I put the car in park.

“You know, it’s pretty funny how we didn’t get along at first. I think we’ve balanced each other out in the past four years.”

I chuckle and nod in agreement.

“Yeah, you’re not as much of a prude, I suppose.”

We walk to the door and I knock once.

“Yeah, you’re not as irresponsible and careless either.”

It’s true. I was such a kid when we all met. Now, here I am, asking my boyfriends family if I can marry him.

“Lou! Liam! Come in, it’s so good,” Anne pulls me close and kisses my cheek mid-sentance, “to see you,” then it’s Liam’s turn, “both.”

We take our shoes off and follow Anne into the kitchen, where Gemma is propped up on a stool.
She jumps up when we enter and hugs us both excitedly.

“Your call was a nice surprise, but you know you can’t wait to tell us why you’re here and why it’s
all a secret from Harry. Mum and I have been anxious for hours.”

I laugh and put my keys on the counter.

“Where’s Robin? I want him here too.”

“Robin, dear! Get down here quick please.”

I should have prepared what I was going to say more in the car. I just couldn’t think properly. Oh well, I’m comfortable with them all. They’re already like my family.

“What’s all the fuss about?”

Robin steps down the last stair and notices me and Liam.

“Hey, guys! Finally here, I see. These women were rambling for hours, trying to figure it all out.”

I chuckle nervously and sit next to Gemma. Anne leans over the counter and Robin stand with her, his arm around her waist. Liam stands back, but stays in the room.

“Well, I guess there’s no easy way to say it...” I make eye contact with each member of Harry’s family. “Anne, I want to marry your son.”

Anne’s hand quickly clasps over her mouth, tears already glazing over her eyes. She isn’t as shocked as I expected, but I assume that this was probably on the list of ideas Gemma and Anne had about why I was coming.

Gemma puts her arm over my shoulders and gently squeezes. Robin is smiling ear to ear and I feel like I should officially ask.

“So, of course, I wanted your permission,” I look at each of the three of them again, “All of you.”
I turn to Gemma first and she pulls me into a full hug.

“Fuck yes.”

I laugh and expect Anne to shoot her a disapproving look, but she doesn’t. I turn to Robin next and he’s holding onto Anne gleefully.

“Of course, Louis. I’d be thrilled to have you as an official son.”

He smiles proudly and I finally look back to Anne. She’s full on crying now, tears streaming down her cheeks. Instead of simply answering, she walks over to where I sit. She places her hands on either side of my face, like Harry often does when I’m being ignorant just before he kisses me.

“A million times yes.”

I smile more than I’ve smiled in a very long time and when she hugs me, I rest my head on her shoulder lovingly. I feel tears sting the corners of my eyes and before I know it, I’m practically crying as much as Anne.


Hiiii! So, I can't type too much in my notes because I'm wasting my hotspot connection... so I'm trying to post fast.

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