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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 38


I don’t know why I’m letting my dad’s words get to me so much. I mean, I tried to prepare myself for the worst, but it didn’t quite cut it. I actually wish he took it out on me, not Louis. How can he say such hateful things to the person I just told him I loved, especially when he hardly knows him?

Now, he’ll never get to know him. I hate to think about how distant my father was when I was younger. I felt that we had gotten past it as I grew up, but now none of it matters. He’s completely digressed and lost all respect I might have had for him.

Even though I’m angry, I’m still more hurt.

I sit on the edge of me and Louis’ bed as he instructed while he got our bath ready.
I spoke to my mum on our way home and she was livid at my father’s reaction. I just feel lucky to have at least her, Robin, and Gemma to support my relationship. That’s really all I need. I still can’t get the lump of disappointment out of my throat from our lunch-gone-wrong.

“Hazza! I’m ready for you!”

I grin despite myself and stand up from the mattress, pulling my shirt over my head and tossing it into a nearby corner. I enter our bathroom to find Louis lighting the last of about ten candles on the counter. He’s stripped to his briefs and the oversized tub is about halfway full. I reach over on the wall and flip the light switch off to get the entire effect of the candles. The same candles he had littering our living room that night.

“Might as well put them to good use, eh?”

I smile and walk over to Louis slowly. I take the lighter out of his hand and set it down by the sink. I wrap my arms around his thin waist and lean down to place a not-so-chaste kiss on his parted lips.

“Thank you, Lou.”

I whisper as our mouths hover inches away from each other.

“I just want you to happy, babe. Can I get you some champagne?”

I grin and kiss his forehead before working at the button on my jeans.

“I’d love some.”

I wiggle my skin tight pants off, wearing nothing underneath. Louis turns around from pouring the bubbly wine in two glasses and stares at me. Before he can say anything, I turn around and hurry into our bedroom. I reach the bedside table quickly and easily find a half-empty bottle of lubricant. This is exactly what I need right now. Louis. All of him.

I return to the bathroom and Louis’ bottom half is submersed in the water, but that’s about all it covers and it’s not as though I can’t see everything. He’s already hard and that makes me smirk devilishly.

“Where’d you go?”

I hold up the lube and set it down next to our full glasses of champagne. Louis grins and scoots forward so I can sit behind him. I slip into the water carefully, grabbing my glass of champagne once I’m seated comfortably, Louis resting his back against my chest.

“Lunch was great, Lou.”

He laughs and looks back at me.

“Harry, I made microwavable macaroni and cheese.”

I take a sip of my drink and set it down on the side of the tub.

“And it was delicious!”

We both chuckle and I take Louis’ glass out of his hand as well. He rolls over so that our chests our touching, his petite body resting between my legs.

“I love you, Louis. I’m sorry my dad was a dick.”

“Don’t apologize for him. He’s just not thinking properly. He loves you, Haz,” he kisses my lips softly, “and so do I.”

I sigh and decide I’d like to change the subject. Or perhaps not speak at all.

I hook my arms under Louis’ and pull him up toward me. He rests the palms of his hands on the bottom of the tub as I run my fingers through his damp wispy hair. As I press my lips to his, I wonder why I’ve been so stupid in the past. How could I possibly do anything that can hurt this perfect man when all he’s done is take care of me? He’s there for me, even when my own father isn’t.

Even after I broke him, he came running back to help me, even though it was painful for him to do so. A single tear rolls down my cheek and I break away from our kiss, wanting so badly to make sure Louis knows how much I appreciate him.


He doesn’t let me speak though. Instead he kisses away my grief and moves his legs until he’s
straddling my lap.

I open my mouth to speak again, but he places a finger over my trembling lips.

“Shh, babe. Let me make you feel good.”

I don’t know exactly what he has planned, but I definitely can’t argue with that. I sit back and the water comes up to my waist as Louis repositions himself higher on my body. I rest my hands on his hips and he bends down to kiss me again. As he does so, he reaches over me and finds the lube, popping it open and pouring some on his hand.

I pull back and start to move, turning around so he can reach entrance and stretch me, but he tightens his legs around me and holds me in place.

“No, Haz. Stay where you are.”

Louis sits up on his knees and reaches behind him as I stare in awe. His mouth drops as he starts to work on his own hole, taking me entirely by surprise. I bite my bottom lip and look between our exposed bodies at our growing erections as they brush against one another.
Louis’ eyes are shut tight in pleasure and probably a bit of stinging pain since he doesn’t get opened up like this very often. Besides, he’s probably not being as gentle with himself as I usually am. He’s so impatient and just takes the pain from his own fingers.

I settle on distracting him in the best way possible for us both. I reach down and grasp my member first, tugging at it gently before reaching my long fingers out to join Louis’ length flush against mine. A loud moan from the surprise contact. I tighten my fist around us both and slowly start to move my hand up and down. The friction from my hand, as well as Louis’ hardened shaft, making my muscles feel weak.

“Oh, fuck- Okay, stop. I-I’m ready.”

Louis’ hand reappears from behind him and he rinses his fingers off in the water before lifting
up higher on his knees and leaning against the porcelain of the tub behind me.
I hold my length in one hand and grip Louis’ hip with the other, the tips of my fingers kneading into the bare flesh of his bum.

As soon as his entrance comes into contact with my tip, I throw my head back in anticipated bliss. I watch Louis’ face as he slowly sinks onto me, his tightness engulfing me in a warm grasp.

“Oh my god, Lou!”

The feeling is indescribable as he eventually takes me in entirely, his arse resting on my quivering thighs. Before I can acclimate to the waves of ecstasy rushing through my veins, he lifts up again, almost releasing my member, but slamming back down before he does. Moans and the sound of splashing water fill my ears as I close my eyes and focus all of my attention on the passion and emotion wrapped up in our actions. Sure, to unknowing onlookers, we probably look like we’re filming a porno, skin slapping and quick powerful thrusts. However, those are just outcomes of our not being able to contain the profound love we supply. It’s just overwhelming.

I open my eyes and notice how painfully hard Louis is as he bounces unselfishly. I take the opportunity to take him in my hand, starting to pump in a similar rhythm as his movement is in.
Actually, he’s basically killing two birds with one stone, thrusting into my hand as I move it less and less.

“No, ‘arry, stop! W-want you to come first.”

It takes him a while to get that sentence out, but the gleam in his eyes tell me he’s being serious and I comply grudgingly, only wanting to make him feel as good as I do. Even though, he seems to be close on his own.

Louis slows his hips and drops down, taking me in completely and rolling his hips instead of snapping up and down. He leans over and kisses me as I run my hands over his arched back as he continues to gyrate in a fluid motion. I lose control of my lips as recognizable coiling commences deep within me.

“Shi- Lou, I’m close.”

He continues to kiss me, moaning obscenely into my mouth as I grind up into him as I let out a throaty whimper and release in a long outburst. I breathe heavily and start to kiss Louis again, ignoring the sensitivity and my inability to see clearly. I let go of his hip and run my fingers along his warm skin, easily finding his throbbing length. I wrap my fist around him and open my eyes to watch him quickly come undone in my hand. He screams loudly as he finishes, his blue eyes wide open and mouth gaping. He comes hard, his load reaching my chest and even some on my neck.

He finally dismounts me and lays limply against my chest as I twirl my fingers through his hair. If there were ample words to be spoken, we probably would, but it’s just impossible to follow such a beautiful thing with useless chat.

“I love you so much, Lou. Thank you.”

He scoffs and turns over to face me, kissing my lips nimbly.

“I love you more, Harry.”

His nose brushes over mine and he pushes some wet curls out of my face.

“We should probably take a shower to clean off from our bath.”

Louis laughs at the irony and nods in agreement.



I drive down the dimly lit roads of outer London, holding Harry’s phone in my hand. He’s been asleep about an hour and it’s really late, but I left my phone and a note just in case he wakes up wondering where I am.

The note doesn’t say though. It only lets him know that I will be back soon.

I pull over at a large hotel and stare at the screen on his iPhone, ensuring that I’m at the right place.

*FROM: Dad
I’m staying at the Ibis in West Ham. Room 346.*

Yep, I’m here.

I park my car on the curb, as close as I can get to the door and pull my hood over my head so no one will notice me.

I lock the door and enter the hotel, quickly finding the lift. I toss my hood off so I don’t look
entirely sketchy to the hotel staff. Besides, there’s no one around. Once in the lift, I press the number 3 and tap my foot impatiently as the elevator rises to the correct floor.

I take a deep breath when the doors open and I walk quickly down the hall, checking the numbers on rooms until I eventually find ’346’.

I hesitantly knock and shove my hands in my pockets, only now realizing how nervous I am. I honestly don’t know how I convinced myself to do this, but once I decided, there was no turning back. He just can’t treat Harry that way.

After another knock, the door swings open violently, Harry’s father fuming.

“What the hell are you doing here at two in the morning, Louis?”

He doesn’t even try to look any less angry than he obviously is and I clear my throat before speaking.

“Sir, we need to talk.”


Hiiiii everyone <3 How are you all? Hope you are enjoying time off of school for the break, and if you don't get a break, then I hope you are at least enjoying your weekend!!

Anyway, UH OH what do you think Louis is going to do? Will Harry be upset if he finds out that Louis went to see his dad?

I love you all! I'll be updating
Untouchable Face tonight with it's fourth chapter, in case you've been waiting on it because I've had a few people ask me when it would be up. :* If you haven't checked it out yet, it's an AU Larry story I've just started.

Thank you for your wonderful comments and remember you can always message me if you need someone to talk to. MUCH LOVE!


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