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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 32


“Come on, Styles. We’re already late!”

Nick has been trying to get me to hurry for a while. I still don’t know how I let him convince me to go to a party. I guess it’s what management wants me to do. Be seen.

“I’ll be out soon.”

I’m sitting on the floor in this oversized hotel bathroom. I’m terrified to go to a party. I know the type of people Grimmy hangs out with; the type of people who will have plenty of drugs, including the one I need to stay far away from. I just can’t drink. If I drink, I’ll do something stupid. After my sudden craving last week, I’m extremely nervous to be surrounded by temptation. Especially when Louis isn’t here. Louis. I should call him; he’ll make me feel better. I reach up to the counter and retrieve my phone, finding him on my favorites list quickly. It didn’t even ring.

“It’s Louis. Leave a message.”


“Hey, love. I’m- well, I’m going to a party and I don’t want to. I’m scared. I just wanted to talk to you for a minute, but I guess your phone’s off. Probably dead, knowing you. Umm, call me
when you get this. I love you.”

I set my phone down and take a deep breath before more knocks echo through the room.

“I’m coming, Nick!”

I stand up and make sure I look decent before opening the door.

“Jesus, what took you so fucking long?”

“I’m Harry Styles. Hair had to be perfect.”

I force a grin and Nick rolls his eyes, carrying his tumbler of whiskey toward the door, ready to
go. I follow him reluctantly and we check that the door is locked behind us.

“Driver’s downstairs.”

I simply nod, even though I know he’s begging for some enthusiasm.

“Can’t wait to get fucked up! You’ll do a line with me, right?”

I shoot him a daring look.

“I told you, no more coke for me.”

“Harry, come on! Loosen up a bit. I know you miss your precious boyfriend but you might as
well make the best of this. You guys don’t get enough time apart anyway.”

I hate the way he says boyfriend sarcastically, as if Louis and I aren’t a serious thing.

“We’ve spent much more than enough time apart lately.”

“You two are literally always together. You’re either on tour together or your hiding out in a flat
somewhere. I haven’t seen you forever. You can at least pretend to be having fun.”

We wait for the lift and I look at him, finally realizing how much of a jerk I was being.

“You’re right, Nick, I’m sorry. I’m glad you’re here. Much better than Cara, too.”

We chuckle and he takes a sip of his nearly-gone drink as we step into the lift.

“Oh, come on, she’s not so bad.”

“Yeah, there’s a lot of drama I haven’t filled you in on quite yet. It’s all okay now, but it still would have been hell.”

“Yikes. Ya sleep with her or something?”

He doesn’t seem shocked really. Just a bit intrigued.

“That’s a long story.”

“Oh, shit! You totally slept with her. Bet Tomlinson’s a bit pissy.”

I really don’t like when he talks about Louis. In any way.

“He should be, but he isn’t. He’s been an angel through all of it.”

He scoffs and empties his glass.

“Sure, he has.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

I’m starting to see what Louis means when he says Nick has ulterior motives. He’s up to

“Damn, no need to get all defensive. I’m just saying; Louis has a bit of a temper.”

Louis does not have a temper. He’s just emotional. Why does he think I won’t defend Louis?

“I think there is a need to get defensive if you’re going to talk shit about my boyfriend.”

Nick raises his hands in sarcastic defeat as we step out of the elevator, needing to be quiet until we reach the car. We walk in silence, only passing a few people as we walk through the doors, emptying into a street filled with camera flashes and yelling. We manage to make it to the car and climb into the backseat before he speaks again.

“Look, i’m sorry. You know I’m joking about Louis.”

Actually, I know he isn’t. They’ve never gotten along and I’m just now realizing how much Nick dislikes Louis.


We ride quietly the rest of the way, staring out opposite windows at the Milan city lights. It is a beautiful city, but all I can think of is how badly I wish Louis was sitting next to me, pointing out his favorite views. I grin remembering our first time in Japan. Every building seemed to enthrall him and he wanted to share every bit of it with me. I can’t wait until we can go on trips alone and not get in trouble for it. It was possible before management knew about our relationship, but even then, the media made it a big deal. After about fifteen minutes, the car slowed to a stop and the driver appeared at my window, opening the door. Screaming pours into the car as I climb out and squeeze through fans and paparazzi alike. I sign a few things and pose for a couple pictures, but soon find myself inside a large villa. I let Nick walk in front of me and follow behind, trying to avoid any conversation. I want to talk to Louis. I reach into my pocket and find nothing. Shit. I must have left my phone in the bathroom.

We make our way into a crowded room filled with flashing lights and loud music. I want to go home already. Normally, I would at least pretend to enjoy this, but knowing I won’t be going home to Louis after makes it simply irritating. Nick excitedly walks up to a man I’ve never seen before and hugs him tightly. He’s attractive, clean cut and well-dressed. Before Nick can disappear, I tap him on the shoulder.

“Look, I’m sorry about getting pissed off. Can I use your phone? I left mine back at the hotel.”

He rolls his eyes, grinning, and pulls his phone out of his back pocket.

“I’m sorry too.”

I nod and turn away to find a more quiet place. I make my way into the kitchen area and no one is around so I slide his phone unlocked. I type in the first few numbers of Louis’ number and find his name to saved as “Whiny Bitch” and roll my eyes as I press ‘call’.

“It’s Louis. Leave a message.”

I hang up before it can beep. I don’t want to leave another message. I really do want to talk to him, though. If I knew Eleanor’s number by heart, I would try her. I start to panic. How am I supposed to talk myself through this without Louis? My heart rate rises and I gasp for air, trying to take deep breaths. I look around and see a bottle of vodka sitting on the counter. I find a glass and pour the clear liquid over ice, adding some juice from the fridge to dilute the alcohol. I take a sip, which turns into a chug, and finish the entire glass within a minute. My body grows warm and I shake away the bitter taste in my mouth as I pour more. I won’t drink a lot; I just need to calm down. After three drinks, I make my way back into the crowded room. I push through people dancing and easily find Nick, sitting on a couch next to a small coffee table. People surround him, including the guy he talked to when we first got here, as he leans down and presses his nose to the wood, snorting a long line of cocaine. I feel my palms sweat and I start to shake. This entire party was a bad idea. I knew that from the beginning.

“Styles! Get that arse of yours over here. I’ll set you up a line!”

I stand frozen, unable to move. I feel like crying. The white powder entices me to come closer and I know how good I’ll feel once I give in. I want it more than anything. Besides Louis.
But, if he never finds out, he can’t be upset. It’s not like it’ll happen again. This can just be my last time. I’ll do it tonight, feel great, and be done forever.



Grimmy yells excitedly and I walk over, sweat now dripping from my hairline. Nick takes a credit card from the table and separates a large pile of white powder, arranging a long thin line in front of me. He rolls a metal tube toward me and I take it in my quivering hands. My heart feels like it’s beating throughout my entire body as I lean down, setting the tube at the beginning of the line.

Something vibrates strongly in my pocket, snapping me out of my anticipation. I frantically pull Nick’s phone out and try to focus my blurred vision on the screen.

*Call from Whiny Bitch*

I drop the metal tube and cover one of my ears with my hand as I press the phone against the other.


“GRIMSHAW! Where the fuck is Harry?”

“It’s me, Lou. I’m here.”

I stand up and turn away from the awful situation I had put myself in, ignoring the disappointed remarks of Nick and those surrounding him.

“I can hardly hear you.”

“One second.”

I make my way back to the quiet place in the kitchen I had found earlier.


“Harry, god you scared me. Where the hell is your phone?”

“I left it back at the hotel.”

“Jesus, I’ve been trying to call you for a while!”

“I just tried calling you from Nick’s phone! Went straight to voicemail.”

“I must have been trying to call you.”

I take a deep breath, feeling a bit of relief at just the sound of his voice.

“Louis, I almost just did something really stupid.”

Uncontrollable sobs interrupt my speech, but Louis understands me.

“Harry, calm down, babe. I’m here. Talk to me.”

“I tried to call you at the hotel because I started freaking out. God, I shouldn’t have come.”

“I’m so sorry; Niall and I were getting your stuff from your flat and my phone must have died
when we got food. I charged it when I got home. What happened?”

“They’ve got lines laid out on a table and I-I drank a little bit and just couldn’t hold back. If you didn’t call me... I was so close.”

I continue to cry, shaking as I wipe the tears off of my cheeks. Louis sighs loudly and I want nothing more than to lay on his chest and let him stroke my hair while I fall asleep.

“It’s okay, Harry. You didn’t do it. Just remember how bad detox was. Hold on to that. Can you go back to the hotel?”

I sniff and try to think.

“Probably. I’d have to get a car. I want to come home, Louis.”

“I know, baby. I want you home, too. It’s only the first day; You’ve gotta stick it out.”

His reminder makes tears fall again, this time whines escaping my mouth as well. I hear laughter and Nick appears in the doorway with another wasted man.

“Harry! What happened? You disappeared!”

He realizes I’m on the phone and giggles, turning to the strange man beside him and shushes him jokingly.

“Nick, can you get someone to call me a car. I wanna go back to the hotel.”

Nick pouts and nudges the man’s arm.

“Can you call for someone to get us? We’ll wait for you out front, Harry.”

He nods and takes his phone out, dialing a number and briefly mumbling into the phone in Italian.

“Thanks Nick.”

He grins and nods, turning to walk out of the kitchen with his friend. Louis grows impatient over
the phone.

“What’s going on?”

“I guess we’re leaving.”

“Oh, so Nick is going with you?”

“Yeah, but some friend of his is also.”

“Great. I wish he’d let you go alone.”

I want to tell him my newfound realization about Nick, but decide he’ll just worry more.

“It’ll be alright, Lou. I think they’re an item of sorts. Haven’t left each other since we got here.”

“That’d be nice. I hope they are deeply in love and he never wants anyone else.”

I chuckle and wipe away any new tears.

“Kinda like us.”


“I love you so much, Lou. I’ll call you when I get back and find my phone.”

“You better. I love you more.”

I smile and hang up the phone, walking out to find Nick. He’s standing by the door with his friend, leaning against his shoulder and whispering in his ear. I clear my throat and they turn their heads abruptly, acknowledging me.

“Driver’s on his way. Harry, I want you to meet Nicco...”

I look him up and down as I extend my hand, formally meeting the guy I’ve been seeing all night. He’s... well, he’s really handsome. Manly, but feminine at the same time. Nick sees me eyeing him and glares before continuing.

“...My boyfriend.”

? Nick can’t have a boyfriend! He’s my single friend. He doesn’t do serious relationships. Sure, it’s selfish of me, but it’s always been kind of an ego booster to have Nick pining after me. Okay, now my thoughts are really making me an asshole now. I bet Nick didn’t even come to Italy to hang out with me. Fantastic, I’m going to be stuck with him and his new boyfriend all week as the third wheel. God, I wish Louis were here.

“It’s great to meet you, Nicco.”


Hi! SO SORRY for taking forever to update... AGAIN :( school is almost over for me, so December will be a good month for my fanfictions ;) I'm writing my other two as well and trying to catch up on my one shots, so read those if you need something to read in the meantime <3 hehe. But, I am going to update more frequently again now xx.

SO, opinions?

Do you think Nick is serious about his new boyfriend or is he just trying to make Harry jealous? (It's actually pretty funny, but Nick's real boyfriend, Nicco, is from Milan and I just found out tonight! lol) Anyway, do you think their week in Milan will be as bad as expected?

Rate.Vote.Comment <3 Much Love xx


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