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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 3


When I wake up, Louis is in the same spot as he was when I fell asleep, in the crook of my neck. His hair tickled my chin as I breathed out through my nose. He normally moves around much more but in this tiny bunk, there's really not room for that and I enjoy waking up with him so close to me. When he stays at my flat, my king-sized bed leaves way too much room for movement. It's still better than never having private time together. I miss that more than anything. Not only for sex, even though that is a big part of it, but just for hours of silent spooning or deep conversations. Niall, Zayn, and Liam make that difficult for us. They have to make everything a joke and we never have time to talk. Last night was a perfect example. At least we are okay now; I can't stand to be mad at Louis any longer and he seemed genuinely apologetic about what happened. I feel bad getting angry because I know that Eleanor would never let anything happen but I know for a fact that he has at some point been attracted to her. He isn't drawn to too many girls but there are a few women that I would be jealous of if they were alone. Eleanor isn't really one of them because I know that she cares about me too much, but it still hurts to see pictures of them all the time. The rest of the guys are still fast asleep and I very badly want Louis to wake up. I feel awful doing it but I want to spend time with him so I start combing my fingers through his messy hair, lightly massaging his scalp. As he starts to stir, I kiss his forehead softly. He makes small noises, grunts and such, which I love. He's so cute in the mornings.

"Morning, boo."

"Hi, Hazz. What time is it?"

"I'm not sure. Every one else is still sleeping but I woke up about ten minutes ago and I just wanted to spend some time with you."

He doesn't say anything but nuzzles into me even more, tightening his arm around me. I guess I'm going to have to make him up a little.

"Alright, you asked for it," I whisper into his ear huskily.

I grazed the fingers of my free hand down his side, feeling goose bumps form under my touch. He still doesn't move and I know he's just wanting me to continue, which I'm not going to resist. I continue until I reach the band of his boxers, slipping my fingers inside, earning me some movement as he brings his lips to my neck, barely touching my skin. My entire hand enters the fabric of his tight briefs and I quickly find his morning wood, grasping it firmly. I start to slowly move my hand to his tip, toward me, and back down his entire length. At this point, he is sucking on the skin at my jaw line, his breathing heavier than before.

"Oh, Harry, please, faster."

"You're going to have to quiet, though, okay?"

I simply feel him nod into my shoulder and I speed up the motion of my hand, feeling him begin to buck his hips toward me, turning me on instantly. I feel my body start to move along with the rhythm as he lets out a soft moan into my ear.

"Shhhh... no noise, love."

He whimpers, quieter this time and I know that he'll need assistance in being quiet. I reposition myself so that he is no longer laying on my other arm. Once I pull it out and shake the numbness away, I use that hand to cover his mouth. He raises his eyebrow to me and I continue to stroke him, quicker and at a steady pace. Feeling his hot breath on my hand makes me want him so bad but I know that it just isn't an option right now. There's no way we would be quiet enough. The other lads were alright with our relationship but no one has sex on the bus when every one else is sleeping; that's not okay no matter who you are. We just can't let them hear us. I feel Louis pant harder as I continue my fast, hard pumps.

"Are you close?"

His eyes shut tight and he nods frantically. Without any delay, I keep my hand over his mouth and lower my head under the sheets, pulling his boxers down more so that I can access him with my mouth. As soon as I wrap my lips around him, I hear groans from deep in his throat and I take him in deeper, sucking as I return to his tip. I can tell that he is on the verge of exploding so I take him in once more, sucking hard, feeling him release into my mouth, down my throat. After I ensure that it has all gone down my throat, I remove my hand from his mouth, replacing it with my lips as I return from under the sheets. He is still out of breath but kisses me with so much passion that I can't even remember why I was so mad the day before. He obviously loves me. As he regains himself, I push my body against his, bringing my desire to his attention.

"Oh, I haven't forgotten about you."

He rolls on top of me, his hands on either side of my head, grinding his hips into mine playfully, although it isn't playful for me. I try to suppress a moan but it escapes into his mouth. He notices my impatience and lowers himself below the covers. He instantly rips off my boxers, leaving them somewhere in the bed. As soon as he touches me, I grip the sheets with one hand, placing the other between my teeth to keep me from screaming. My teeth gnash at my skin but the pain is quite alright when accompanied by such intense pleasure as he licks me from my balls all the way up my length. Once he reaches my tip, he takes me into his mouth, quickly going down as far as he can without gagging. I have to admit that the sound of him gagging on my dick is a bit of a turn-on but it might be more than I can silently handle right now.

"Lou, I'm almost fin- fuck."

He takes me in deeper than before, almost completely. I feel my body begin to shake as I start to unravel. I bite down on my hand once again and growl harshly, not wanting to hold back my ecstasy like this. Only one more day of this tour. I reach my high which seems to last forever and come in his mouth, making him moan lightly in delight. When he returns to my side, I pull him near me, thanking him for such an amazing release with smooches all over his face.

"I love you, Harry."

"I love you more."

I kiss him once more on the nose and cuddle into him, feeling his warm chest against mine. Within minutes, we fall asleep again, much more relaxed than before and happier than ever.


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Love this

Boomelouu Boomelouu

Omg I've been reading ur story for 2 days now trying to get thorough it and it's amazing i love Larry more now then ever before and that was a lot before

#96903 #96903

Omg its 5 a.m. where I live. I've been reading your story all new night. Its AMAZING! You are a brilliant writer. I've fallen in love with Larry... More than I already was lol I hate to stop reading but I should probably get to sleep. I can't wait to finish this story tomorrow and start the other one.

JessStylinson95 JessStylinson95

this should be made into a book !!!

this is the best chapter ever

#75481 #75481