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Behind Closed Doors {Larry Stylinson}

Chapter 25


My stare is glued to the telly, but I don’t even know what I’m watching. My eyes burn and I force myself to blink to take away from the dryness. It doesn’t help this time so I rub my eyes furiously. I slept for about an hour last night, but after Liam told me about the wreck Harry was and how he destroyed his flat, sleep was hopeless. I laid in bed for hours mulling over the events of the past weekend, reliving the pain, the frustration, and the unavoidable love I felt because of Harry. I stand up and walk to the toilet, turning on the sink and brushing my teeth, trying to feel human again. Once I’m done, I let water fall into my cupped hands and splash it on my face. I look into the mirror and notice the dark circles under my eyes, as well as the redness covering the whites of my eyeballs. I look awful, but all I can think about is how much worse Harry looked yesterday. The thought of him still being upset and in pain makes my heart throb in discomfort. Nothing feels right without Harry.

I pull the towel from behind the door and wipe my face off as well as my bare chest because droplets had dripped off of my chin. I hang the towel and wipe my hands down the front of my flannel pajama pants before leaving the restroom. As I turn off the lights, I hear a faint knocking from my living room. The front door? I sleepily walked over, turning the television off and the knocking is louder. It has to be Liam. I walk over and swing the door open without looking to see who it is first. My body physically shifts in demeanor when I see the striking green eyes I have been longing to gaze into, not since last night, but since he changed. He looks like Harry. My Harry. I glance down his face at the small grin playing on his lips and follow his arms to the tub of my favorite ice cream in his hands. The neat red bow tied around it makes me giggle lightly and I force myself to stop by clasping my hand to my mouth. Everything negative rushes through me and I feel sadness, but as soon as I look back into Harry’s eyes which have now
become an extension of his smile, it all fades away.

I take the carton from his hands and set it on the coffee table as he closes the door behind him. I turn around to face him again and he’s standing inches away, towering over me. My breathing hitches as I feel his fingertips graze my side and once my eyes return to his, any hope of containing myself flies out the door. I bring my arms up to rest on his shoulders and crash my lips into his, desperately needing his touch. He doesn’t disappoint, wrapping his arms around my waist tightly and pressing his body into mine. Every simple feeling is exaggerated by the thinness of my pants. I can’t control the rate my bulge grows against his thigh and I know he can’t ignore it. I bring my hand down, lifting up his shirt so I can feel his chest. Goosebumps raise under my fingertips and he breaths deeply, his chest rising and falling. I pull his shirt over his head and toss it behind me as I kiss his neck, leaving marks along his collarbone. He moans and grips onto my back in desire.

“God, Lou. I missed you so much.”


I can’t have him interrupt this with words. I want him, all of him; and I want him now. I push him through my flat toward my bedroom door and as we crash through the door, he complies with my every move. I tug at his belt loops, pushing him onto the bed in heated passion. I stand at the edge of the bed and pull his pants down furiously, his boxers dragging along as well, as he kicks off his boots. He scoots up to the top of the bed and I crawl towards him seductively, feeling almost animalistic. I feel in control; him being completely naked and me still wearing my pants. I kiss him once and pull away, leaving small kisses and nibbles down him torso. I gaze up at him as I lie between his legs and he sits up as I take his length in my hand, about to place it in my mouth.

“No, wait.”

I pull back and look at him with confusion and annoyance.

“This is going to be all about you.”

I sit up and he pulls me up by my waist, switching positions with me completely. He feels me through my pants just before yanking them down and leaving them at my ankles. Normally, I would kick them off, but he doesn’t give me time to think, taking my hard member in his mouth suddenly. He lays horizontally across the bed and his loose hand finds its way to mine. He intertwines our fingers and I let his engulf mine as I comfortably lean back into my pillows. His lips pull back and he starts to bob his head fluidly, swirling his tongue over me and sucking harshly as he pulls up. After a couple minutes, my back is arching, my hips thrusting toward him, as I feel so close to the edge. He pulls back and lets my member fall to my stomach. He lays next to me and gathers my head in his arm, pulling me toward him so he can kiss me again. His fingers roam through my hair and I feel between our bodies to hold his length, finding it quickly. He seems harder than ever and I start to slowly pump him in my hand, but as soon as he starts to moan into our passionate kiss, he reaches down and stops me.

“Louis, please. Fuck me. It’s all about you.”

I leave my lips pressed to his and grin wildly. He turns so that he is laying on his back, facing the ceiling, and I reach into my nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube. As soon as I roll back over, Harry grabs the bottle from my hand and pours a small amount into his palm. He looks at me impatiently and I roll onto him, holding myself up with my arms on either side of his head. He raises one leg to my shoulder and reaches down to coat my length with the liquid. Once he is done, he holds onto me and looks deep in my eyes as he guides me to his entrance. I slowly push in, never breaking our gaze as I watch a flicker of pain cross over his eyes which immediately disappears as I fully enter him, filling him up. He smiles brightly and reaches up to my neck, pulling me down to meet my lips with his. I stay there for a moment, letting the feeling sink in and letting him adjust to my size.

Our lips move together perfectly and I wish for it to never stop. I pull my hips back and push back in, feeling his lips quiver as I find a comfortable pace. His tongue reaches between my lips and caresses my tongue as they dance inside my mouth. I know Harry said that this was all about me, but I can see the longing in his face and I want so badly for him to feel close to as good as I do. I grasp the hand he used to lather my member and take as much of the lube leftover from it as I can. I loop my arm through his leg and hold his length in my hand, beginning to stroke it in the same rhythm I pound into him. His mouth drops open and I lean down, biting on his lower lip as a deep growl emits from my throat. He moans in response and the noise doesn’t subside from then on. My pants become high pitched yelps and Harry groans deeply at the sensory overload. Within minutes, I feel the familiar building in my stomach, only it’s better than usual.

“OH, HARRY! I’m so close, love.”

“Me too, Lou. I love you so goddamn much.”

I feel the need to reciprocate his words, but he knows just how much I love him. I thrust into him a few more times as I feel myself reach my climax. I slow my thrusts until I finally stop, pushing into him completely as I finish, emptying into him. Moments later, Harry spills over into my hand and onto his toned stomach. I pull my hand back and let his leg fall to the mattress as I pull out. His arms are spread straight out and I lay comfortably on his bicep, close to his shoulder. He breaths heavily, but pulls my head closer and leaves a long kiss on the forehead. When we had both caught our breaths, Harry finally spoke.

“We really should talk.”


Thank you guys SOOOOO MUCH for your lovely comments. They really encourage me to update quicker! It's so exciting that you guys like this fic so much. AHHHH <3 xx. Anyway, please continue to comment!

What will happen? Will Louis be excited about Harry's new bravery involving management? Will he be ready to really forgive Harry for what he did? Are things going to be different now? OH, and what did you think about the sexy time? ;) hehe

Thank you guys, really... It's so great talking to you all and reading all of your comments. <333


Love this

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Omg I've been reading ur story for 2 days now trying to get thorough it and it's amazing i love Larry more now then ever before and that was a lot before

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Omg its 5 a.m. where I live. I've been reading your story all new night. Its AMAZING! You are a brilliant writer. I've fallen in love with Larry... More than I already was lol I hate to stop reading but I should probably get to sleep. I can't wait to finish this story tomorrow and start the other one.

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this should be made into a book !!!

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