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I Shall Return (Harry Styles FanFic)

Chapter 3

As Jessalyn was walking back home all she could think about was Harry. His eyes, his curly locks, his deep smile, and dimples on each cheek. She visualized his lips on her hand and maybe one day pairing with hers. It's only been minutes since she's met him and already can't stop thinking about him. Is this all going too fast? Jessalyn then started thinking about the bad things that could happen with Harry. She barely knows him, he can obviously hurt her within seconds. Jessalyn couldn't stand the thought of getting hurt again.

Soon she finally reached her uncles cottage and as soon as she walked into the door it started to pour. As Jessalyn put down her books and took off her coat, she saw her uncle Peter in the kitchen making what smelt like beef stew. Jessalyn's father would always makes beef stew on rainy days, in a sense it made Jessalyn feel as if she was back in America with her father. Jessalyn could not get over how similar her father and uncle Peter were, even though they are brothers, it's as if they are the same person.

Uncle Peter looked over at the door and smiled at Jessalyn. "Jessalyn, good you're home! Just in time before the rain. We should be expecting a storm tonight." Said uncle Peter as he gave Jessalyn a welcoming warm hug. "Will it be a bad storm?" Said Jessalyn anxiously. "No, it shouldn't be too bad...well at least we are used to them in England." Uncle Peter looked at Jessalyn and smiled, he could tell she still hasn't quite settled into her new home. "Now come on wash up for supper. I was the one who taught your dad how to make the famous Bolet stew and I was told it was your favorite". Jessalyn smiled and pushed her curly brown hair back behind her ears. "Father would always make stew whenever I was having a bad day...he knew how to cheer me up". The room got quite. Both Jessalyn and uncle Peter missed him very much. Jessalyn then walked to the washroom and cleaned herself up before supper. Peter set the table and poured two big bowls of beef stew. Both Jessalyn and Peter sat down at the table and ate their stew for the first time as a family.

"so Jessalyn, tell me how was your day today? I want to hear everything. " uncle Peter said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. "School was alright, the girls seemed more curious of me than friendly. The teachers are okay. It was an okay day" said Jessalyn. "Just okay?" replied uncle Peter, "you didn't meet anyone you fancy?". Jessalyn looked up at uncle Peter, she wasn't sure if she should bring up Harry or not. Considering how small of a town it is they live in, uncle Peter might know Harry. Jessalyn and her father were very close, she told him almost everything. Jessalyn had to learn how to open up to someone else, and what better than her own uncle. "Well their was this...boy" said Jessalyn sheepishly. "A boy?" Uncle Peter said with a raised eyebrow, "but I thought I sent you to an all girls school?". Jessalyn laughed her at uncles joke and said "yes I know, but I met this boy on the walk home". "We'll Jessalyn come on now, tell me what happened. Who is he? What does he look like? Did he walk you home?" Uncle peters interest in Jessalyn's life made her happy. She's glad that even though her father has passed she still, has a father like figure in her life. "Well his names Harry and I think he works at the construction yard." Said Jessalyn. "Harry styles? Des' boy?" Replied uncle Peter. "Um..well yes I guess so. How...how do you know him?" Said Jessalyn with a worried look on her face. Uncle Peter cleared his throat "well Jessalyn your father and I went to school with Des. We were quite friendly, but as time passes people change. Take your father for example, who knew he would end up in America!". Jessalyn had a confused look on her face, what does any of this have to do with Harry? " so then how do you know of Harry if you and Des don't speak so much anymore?" Said Jessalyn. " well Des and I are still on friendly terms. Jessalyn we live in a small town, and everyone here knows everyone. Especially Harry." Said uncle Peter. Jessalyn put down her spoon and asked "what do you mean?". Uncle Peter smiled and said "don't worry Jessalyn. Harry is a good kid. He works to help support his family and always has a smile on his face. He is a respectable young man." Jessalyn looked at uncle Peter still unsure "but?" She said. "But...he has a reputation with the ladies. He dates a lot for a man his age, has never really settled down before. All the girls are crazy for the kid" uncle Peter said right before he got up with the dishes.

Jessalyn lost all her appetite. She felt so foolish to let a boy she did not even know into her life so fast. To get her hopes up so high, and have them be crushed immediately. Jessalyn has never dated anyone before, nor has she ever let any boy in. Jessalyn came from a wealthy family in America, all the boys she associated herself with were all from money. They were all self centered, or just boring. So Jessalyn would always keep to herself and her studies. But Harry seemed different. He wasn't like the American boys back home. He had something special that Jessalyn could not figure out.

"Thank you for dinner uncle Peter. I'm quite tired though I think I'm going to go to bed early" said Jessalyn as she got up from the table and started walking towards her room. Uncle Peter looked at her and smiled. He walked up to her, kissed the top of her head and looked into her eyes and said "Jessalyn, don't be afraid to let yourself go. Don't be afraid to say yes to new opurtunites and new people. It's okay to be sad, it's okay to be happy, it's okay to get hurt. That's what life is all about. Loving and losing, and sometimes you need to allow yourself to be weak in order to become strong again." For the first time Jessalyn was unsure of how to feel. She felt so many different emotions all at the same time. Uncle peters words hit her like no other. Jessalyn then kissed her uncle good night and walked into her room as tears rolled down her porcelain skin.


This is amazing :)
I love it!! Update!! :) I love the different time of the story too. It's different and I love that time period too :) 40's and 50's are a fun time. But seriously it's fantastic! :)
Thank you!! I really hope people like the difference in the time era :)
Thank you so much that means a lot! :)
I like it a lot! Keep going, I have not seen one story yet set back in older times. I can tell this is going to be good. :)