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I Shall Return (Harry Styles FanFic)

Chapter 2

"Well Harry, it's nice to meet you. My names Jessalyn" replied Jessalyn with blushing cheeks. Harry took her hand and politely kissed it. Jessalyn was shocked by the gesture considering no one in America was ever this polite. "Jessalyn...what a gorgeous name" Harry said as he looked into Jessalyn's green eyes. "Do you go by Jesse or anything short?" Said Harry still gazing at Jessalyn. Jessalyn took her hand out of Harry's and looked down at her feet bashfully, "no it's just Jessalyn. Nothing short". Harry continued to look at Jessalyn with a heart warming grin that inside melted her heart, but she couldn't just give into him that easily. "Well I guess I better go home now, my uncles going to start worrying" Jessalyn said as she turned around and started walking towards her new home. Harry quickly jumped in front of her and stopped her and said "What about that date?". "What about it?" Jessalyn quickly replied. Harry laughed and looked off to the other side of the road before answering "I meant when can I take you out? And I don't know...get to know you better?". "Why do you want to know me? I'm nothing special" said Jessalyn.

Harry studied Jessalyn's face. He slowly looked at all of her features starting from her emerald green eyes, to her button nose, ruby red lips, and ending at the beauty mark right above the corner her lip. To him she was an image a beauty. On the outside she looked like a delicate porcelain doll, but on the inside she was damaged and broken waiting for someone to love her, and Harry could sense that.

"It's the girls who don't think they're special, that make them the most unique, the most beautiful, and the most talented." Jessalyn's eyes widened as she listened to Harry's response. She had no idea British men could be so charming, but was this all just a game? Jessalyn has already lost so much the past month. She had no interest in letting someone else in right now."Well Harry...I don't know what to say" replied Jessalyn. "Say what you want, don't worry about my feelings." Said harry still holding the same grin he's had on since she saw him. Jessalyn looked at her feet, then back at harry, then at her books, and back and harry again. Biting her lips Jessalyn then replied, "okay...ill go out with you". Harry jumped up and down with excitement and quickly kissed Jessalyn on the cheek before saying "I promise you'll have a good time". And before Jessalyn knew it, Harry was happily running back to the construction yard where at least 13 other boys were waiting for him and watching their entire conversation.


This is amazing :)
I love it!! Update!! :) I love the different time of the story too. It's different and I love that time period too :) 40's and 50's are a fun time. But seriously it's fantastic! :)
Thank you!! I really hope people like the difference in the time era :)
Thank you so much that means a lot! :)
I like it a lot! Keep going, I have not seen one story yet set back in older times. I can tell this is going to be good. :)