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I Shall Return (Harry Styles FanFic)

Chapter 4

Jessalyn woke up to the sound of rain hitting against her bedroom window. Jessalyn got out of bed and walked into the bathroom to wash her face. She looked in the mirror and noticed her face looked exhausted, and her eyes were red and swollen from crying the night before. Jessalyn prepared and cold towel and put them on her eyes to reduce the redness and swelling. After, she got ready for school, she dressed in her warmest clothes, and grabbed her books. Uncle Peter has already left for work, but left a still warm crumpet with strawberry jam on the table for Jessalyn with a note right next to it. Jessalyn picked up the note and it read "Today's a new day, remember to smile". As hard as it was, Jessalyn decided to take her uncles advice and put a smile on her face as she walked out the door and headed off to school.

Jessalyn arrived to to her first class early, which was English, and decided to sit in the very back. Jessalyn wanted to avoid any possible contact with all the girls, and hoped if she was quiet enough, no one would notice her. As Jessalyn opened her book to refresh her memory on yesterday's lesson, the door flew open and a short, blonde girl came walking in as if she owned the place. Jessalyn looked at her with awe, she admired how confident this girl was. The blonde girl looked around at all four girls in the classroom then caught Jessalyn and looked her right in the eyes. Jessalyn quickly covered her book in front of her face after realizing she made contact with the young blonde girl. The girl then made her way towards Jessalyn in the back and sat in the seat right in front of Jessalyn. Jessalyn looked over her big book and saw the blonde girl staring right at her, except this time she was almost touching noses with Jessalyn. "Uh...Can I help you?" Said Jessalyn. "You're new here aren't you?" Said the blonde. "Yes unfortunately" said Jessalyn. "I can tell you're new to the country too" said the blonde, "my names Minette". Jessalyn put her book down and saw Minette's hand out. Jessalyn politely shook her hand and responded "my names Jessalyn". The blonde smiled at Jessalyn and said "well Jessalyn, what's your story?". "My story?" Said Jessalyn. "Yea" said Minette, "everyone has a story". Jessalyn thought for a moment and said "I don't think my story's that interesting". Minette looked at Jessalyn with her baby blue eyes and kicked her feet up on the desk next to her and said "okay well if you're going to be boring I'll go first! My names Minette Kilpatrick, I've lived here my whole life, and gone to this all girls school since the day I could remember. I have 3 older brothers so I get teased a lot. I love to ride horses, play checkers, and be the center of attention." Minette said with a huge grin on her face. "Now Jessalyn, what's your story?". Jessalyn nervously thought about what to say...or what the right thing was to say. "Um. My names Jessalyn Bolet. I just moved here from America, I have no siblings, I live with my Uncle Peter, I love to read and write. I love to play the piano, and paint." Said Jessalyn. Minette looked at Jessalyn and started laughing. Jessalyn immediately felt embarrassed and sheepishly hid her face. Minette then looked at her and said with a big grin on her face "okay Jessalyn Bolet, I think we're going to be best friends".

As the hours passed school finally let out, and Jessalyn and Minette walk out of the building together. Jessalyn felt joyful after making a new friend. Minette seemed to the be the exact opposite of Jessalyn, but that's why she liked her so much. Minette filled Jessalyn in on all the main gossip to know, the local hang outs, the people to stay away from, and the people to keep close to you. As they were walking towards the construction site Jessalyn spotted Harry and another young man staring at both Jessalyn and Minette. Jessalyn immediately looked at her feet and picked up the pace. "Oh my who are they?" Said Minette. "No one, it doesn't matter let's keep walking" Jessalyn said quickly. "We'll wait a minute...they're both pretty cute AND they're looking at us." Said Minette as she grabbed Jessalyn and stopped. "So?" Said Jessalyn. "So we should go talk to them" said Minette. "NO" said Jessalyn in a loud voice as she turned around and started walking back home again. But before Jessalyn. Old walk too far both Harry and the other young man crossed the street and stopped Jessalyn in her path. Minette caught up with Jessalyn and after realizing who the two boys were minettes mouth dropped. Everyone in the area knows about Harry and Max. They were the boys you grew up with crushed on. They were the hard working, respectable young man that every elder approved of. But they were also the heart breakers.

"so we meet again Jessalyn" said Harry as he smiled and wiped the dust off his hands. The other young man with Harry, Max, was giving his attention and smiles to Minette. Max was tall, hair slit back, hazel eyes, and had the most perfect bone structure Jessalyn has ever seen on a man. His smile was also a looker, just like Harry's. Immediately Jessalyn could tell they both get a lot of attention together. "Hi Harry" said Jessalyn. Minette turned to Jessalyn "you both know each other? Wait Of course you do...that's so like you Harry the second a new girl moves to town you just HAVE to have her huh?" Said Minette very sarcastically. Harry laughed and turned to Minette "it's different this time, we still haven't even gone on our date yet". Looking back at Jessalyn, she couldn't help but smile. "Well harry, after whT I've heard about you I'm not sure if we should go out on a date. " said Jessalyn. "Oh really know...why not?" Said Harry. Jessalyn replied "because I don't think you're my type". Harry gasped in shock and said "that's not fair you don't even know me yet!". Jessalyn looked back and harry and smiled "but I know you enough to know you're not my type". Minette and Max are a couple feet away talking. You can tell Minette is enjoying max's attention. Harry then bit his hand and said "alright. Tonight. Let me prove you wrong. Let Max and I take you girls out and show you what kind of men we are". "Don't you mean BOYS" Minette screamed then giggled. Jessalyn looked at Minette who was staring deep into Max's eyes. She could already tell Minette fell for his spell right away. So Jessalyn said "what do you think Minette?". Minette walked over towards Harry and looked at them both before saying "well, we are all pretty attractive. And it would be a shame if attractive people didn't hang out together. So I'm in." She looked at Harry and said " Tonight, pick us up at my house, not be late, dress nice, and please...take a shower". Harry and Max laughed. Then Max replied "alright, we'll see you both tonight. And prepared to be WOW'd"


This is amazing :)
I love it!! Update!! :) I love the different time of the story too. It's different and I love that time period too :) 40's and 50's are a fun time. But seriously it's fantastic! :)
Thank you!! I really hope people like the difference in the time era :)
Thank you so much that means a lot! :)
I like it a lot! Keep going, I have not seen one story yet set back in older times. I can tell this is going to be good. :)