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Same Love (Larry Stylinson)

Chapter Seventeen

"Day one, it seems like the subject is normal. She is watching a movie that is called 'Never Back Down' this movie is awesome because you know, fighting. Anyways nothing seems different, but I'm still suspicious." I said into my recorder, yes I bought a recorder if I want to pretend I'm a detective I need a recorder to say what's happening.

"Louis were you talking?" El shouted over her shoulder.

"Oh no the subject has caught me, I have to make a run for it." I whispered as I ran into the spare bedroom.

I can hear Eleanor's giggling all the way in here.

"Louis can you come here real quick." I hear Eleanor yell.

"The subject is calling me I don't know what she needs, I better take off this hat and detective coat." I said before turning off the recorder, I stuffed my things into the drawer then I ran out to El.

"Louis, sit." She said, I quickly ran around the couch and sat next to her.

"Louis I know you were watching me." She said.

"Pfffttttt I wasn't watching you." I said looking away.

"Yeah you were plus you were talking to a recorder."

"No I wasn't."

"Yeah you were."




"Yes you were."

Damn she is a hard nut, she is catching on to me I can't let this happen. I need to make her think she is wrong, but that's the thing with girls they won't admit they are wrong which is kind of irritating if I say so myself.

"Anyways, Lou, you don't have to watch me like I'm some sort of test subject. I'm fine, I had a little break down, but now I'm over it."

"How do I know you aren't lying to me."

"Louis would I ever lie to you?"

"No, but still-"

"No buts Louis, I'm fine. End of story."

"Okay I'm trusting you with this." I said.

"Good, thanks for trusting me Louis." She said as she pulled me into a hug.

Harry's P.O.V

Today is the day where we have to have dinner with the Serpa's, the awkward part about that is that Nathan is my ex-boyfriend. I just hope he doesn't try to do anything because at the beginning of my and Louis' relationship he tried getting at me, but I shot him down. There is no way that this kid will come between me and Louis.

"Harold! The Serpa's are here!" My mum yelled.

"Coming down mum!" I yelled back.

I shot a quick text to Louis.

To: Boobear<3

'Just wanted to text you and say that I love and miss you!(:'

I threw my phone on my bed, dreading the night already. I ran down the stairs to see that Nathan was down there laughing with my parents about something. He turned and looked at me, he smiled at me. I felt my heart flutter, that usually doesn't happen, that only happens when Louis looks at me like that. What is happening to me?


Sorry I haven't updated, I have been trying to think how to get my crush to like me.-. A lot of people think he likes me, but me being me, I don't believe them because you know who would like me cause... Yeah.. Anyways comment what you thought about the chapter <3 love you guys


Sooo no sequel?!?!

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but cute they get back together
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Awwww shucks!!! Thanks for the cake! :3
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*virtually hands a piece of cake to you* here you go
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*virtually hands a piece of cake to you* here you go
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