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Same Love (Larry Stylinson)

Chapter Sixteen

"Yeah she woke up." I whispered, Eleanor was in the bathroom getting dressed.

They are already letting her leave, I guess they didn't think about her being suicidal. You know it's just normal that people try to kill them by taking pills, and you want to know what they gave to her to help her? Anti-depressants pills, to me I didn't think that was the smartest thing to do because you know she almost killed herself using pills, but I'm not the doctor so I don't know what I'm talking about.

"That's good, why do you sound so sad boo?" Harry asked.

"It's just that she tried killing herself because she felt unneeded."

"Why did she feel unneeded?"

"Because she said now that we are out that modest doesn't want anything to do with her, she is without a job. So she just thought to kill herself." I replied.

"I think you need to stay with her for a couple of days."

"I was actually thinking about doing that, will you be accompanying us also?"

"No, I'm staying at my mothers because I miss her dearly and I want to spend more time with Gemma."

"Oh okay, I'll miss you boo."

"I'll miss you too, love you boo."

"Love you too."

With that Harry hung up, I still waited for Eleanor in her room. A few moments later Eleanor comes out of the bathroom.

"You ready El?" I asked as I held out a coat.

I didn't think about bringing a coat for her earlier when I had to go back to her house to grab her clothes.

"I don't need you jacket, you brought me mine right?" She asked.

"Uh that's the thing I didn't, so here take mine." I said holding it out again.

"Thanks." She said as she put the jacket on.

For it being late August the air was turning cold, it always got cold early here. The one thing I disliked. We walked out of the hospital and out into the cold air I saw Eleanor shiver, I pull her into my side, she smiled at me. Paparazzi like usual came out of nowhere and started to question why we were at the hospital and why Harry wasn't there, then they asked if me and Eleanor had affair which made me scowl. I can't believe they would think I would do such a thing to Harry. I opened the passenger side door for Eleanor and shut it behind her. I jogged to the other side and got in and drove to her house. Start tomorrow is going to be Day One if detective Louis dirty work.


Sorry for the short chapter but I have a question to ask you guys. Would any of you watch my channel if I made. YouTube channel, on the channel I'll be talking about random thing people suggest to talk about and all that.(: well comment if you would watch it and also comment what you thought about the chapter! :D


Sooo no sequel?!?!

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but cute they get back together
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*virtually hands a piece of cake to you* here you go
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