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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Forty-Three ღ

Its only been two weeks, I haven’t heard from my mom these days, everything was on its path to normal, though it wasn’t there yet. The only people in the house were Lily, she was back, her boyfriend, Harry, Diamond and I. it was my first Monday back in Uni, no I want nervous, just there was a lot to catch up. And supposedly all these days I was ‘sick’ and they offered me three or two months I can’t remember, and I come back in three weeks…

“You ready?” Harry asked kissing my neck.

“Yeah I think so” I said looking one last time at my outfit. http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=76222545

"You look fine!" He said putting his arms around my waist.

"You're my boyfriend you have to say that!" I chuckle.

"Well if we weren't dating I'd come over and tell you a chat up line" he said with a wink.

"Oh, then do it, go over there" I say pointing at the other side of the rrom "walk towards me and say your chat up line" I chuckle.

He did as I said walked to the other side of the room and then walked back to me stopped and said "can I have directions?" He said.

"What?" I say with a laugh

"Say to where!" He whispered.

"Oh okay" I said laughing. He walked back to the corner and walked to me.

"Can I have directions?" He asked again.

"To where?" I ask with emphasis on the where.

"To your heart" he said putting his hand on his left side of his chest.

"Ahahaha" I burst out laughing. "Charming!" I laugh "but corny" I stick my tongue out. I was leaving the room door when Harry pulled my arm.

"Hey baby, you must be a light switch, cause every time I see you, you turn me on!" He said. And after a while we both laughed. He made a serious face. I knew what he wanted.

"We'll talk about it tonight" I said heading downstairs.

"I don't want to talk tonight" he said with a wink. I laugh to the thought of what he is thinking about right now.
“C’mon I’m going to be late” I said.
“Lily! C’mon!” I shouted. She appeared all dressed and ready to go.
They walked behind me. “Di is walking to school since she starts one hour later than me” I informed him as I took the cereal out.

"I'm really sad they cut the dance competition..." Lily said with a frown.

"I know.. The other schools were pumped up..."

“What are you girls talking about?”

“Oh, there is always this contest between dance teams, but the host dropped out and no one can host it because of money issues..” Lily said.

“We had this great rutine that Miss Sherry, Lily and I came up with… the prize was a dance performance in so you think you can dance…but its all gone now..” I said.

“They were going to fly you all the way to America?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, we take this seriously Curly” I said.

“I never said you didn’t. I just have an idea, what if—“

“Id love to hear it but we’re running late” I said cutting him off. I took one last sip of my coffee and we were out the door.

We all quickly left to his car. He drove us to uni and dropped us off.

“Bye beautiful” he said as I closed the car door.

“Bye handsome, what re your plans for today?” I asked.

“Just practicing for the tour” he said.

“Oh..” I say he was leaving soon again. The bell rang.

“Shoot, I’m going to be late again” I said.

“Bye love” he said.

“Love you” I say back. We share a quick kiss.

I waved to Harry as he entered his car. I slowly watch him drive away.

“Can you guys be any cuter?” Lily said we were fast walking to our first class together.

“I love him” I simply say.

“I know, and he loves you” she said. “By the way, I love how everyone stares every time he comes to pick you up”

“You better be talking sarcastically, every time I’m seen with him I feel all eyes on me” I sigh.

“People should mind their own business..”

“Preach it girl” I say as me take our seats.

“80minutes of hell here we go” Lily said. I chuckle.

The time slowly passed, I was stuffed from lunch, then digested my food and finally the best part of the day came.

Dance Class.

"Good afternoon class!" Miss Sherry said.

"Afternoon Miss Sherry" I said with a smile.

“Hope! Great to have you back!” She said with a smile. I smiled back, me and lily weren’t afraid to say it, we were teacher favorites, not just because we had skills but because we put the extra hours to help her, anyways, not that we were the only ones…

“Well I think we all know the news that the competition was canceled..” A student said.

“That sucks” another one said.

“Let’s take the routine from the top!” Miss Sherry said with a smile, she was too smiley…

“Why Miss Sherry, if we aren’t performing..” Lily asked.

“From the top, no questions!” She said.

We all did as she ordered and went from the top. It was a beautiful routine, and to one of my favorite tunes, a mix of Little things and Just the Way you are, perfect match, we added just the way you are, we could do it perfectly without it just Little things was enough but the other dancers wanted just the way you are.

“Great job girls and boys!” Miss Sherry said, everybody hit the showers while Lily and I went to talk to her.

“Miss Sherry, aren’t you upset about the cancelation of the contest?” Lily asked.

“Yes, girls I was, until this morning” She said looking straight at me.

“What happened this morning to change your mood?” I asked since her eyes were pierced on me.

“Well I have you and you’re boy to thank” She said. “I’m running late, see you in class tomorrow and rehearsals Wednesday and Friday!”

“U-w-wha?” I tried to say but she had already left.

“What did she mean she had me to thank?” I asked.

“And your boy” she added.

“What the hell does she mean by that?” I asked.

“Maybe…Harry?” Lily said.

“Why would he have anything to do with this?” I pointed out.

“I don’t know.. who’s your boy then?” Lily pointed out.

“I don’t know…We gotta hurry though, Niall is picking us up he went to pick Diamond up and he said he’d pick us up.” I said.

“Yes m’am!” Lily said mocking me I tend to treat her like my daughter…

We waited a few minutes and then a black car approached us. We walked to it and hopped in.

“Hey Nialler!” We both greeted.

“Hey girls!” He greeted back.

“Diamond may I ask why did you stay until 6:30 today?” she usually gets out 3-4ish.

“I decided to join the girls Varsity Soccer team…” she said.

“Di!” I squeal “THAT’S AMAZING!”

“Thanks sis, finally I do what I love!” She said.

“I’m glad!” Lily said with a smile.

“So we’re headed straight home?” I asked.

“You are, I mean, Lily and Diamond are coming with me, they are spending the night at mines.” Niall said.

“That is because?” I asked.

“Harry wants the house for you and for him.. only” Niall said.

“Someone is getting laid tonight” Lily whispered with a grin.

“LIL!” I shouted and smacked her. Everyone was laughing at me. I was blushing the whole way until I got home.

“Take care of them Niall” I said.

“Please him Hope!” Lily shouted. I gave her a death glare and she stuck her head back in the car and Niall drove away.

I opened the door and yelled “Im home!”

“Great, I’ve been waiting” Harry said, he was in a suite and with a white towel on his left arm.

“Wow, Harry all this for me?” I asked. He lit up two candles on the window.

“All for you and me babe” he said pulling out a chair.

“Im in my dance clothes and I’m all dirty.” I said.

“I give you twenty minutes” he said with a smile.

I take a really quick shower and quickly on a simple red dress and head downstairs.

“Fast enough” I ask him.

“Right in time” he said taking dinner out. It was 7:15pm.

“Harry, you are out of this world” I said.

“Just because I love you” he said.

We ate and talked and looked into each other’s eyes, we were in love, deeply in love, we were serious, and I was proud to be Harry Style’s princess and I was glad he was my prince.

“Harry,” I asked.

“Did you by any chance have anything to do why Miss Sherry was so happy?” I asked.



they're so cute, Haz and Hope... awh shipping my own creation aahah. hope you liked itt.
Carlota <3 xx


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p