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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirty-Seven ღ

He leaned forward. “Louis!” I said backing away immediately “I still love Harry!” I said.

“Sorry, sorry!” he said shaking his head. “I was just vonerabel and it sorry!” he said

“It’s okay, hey, just to be clear, you-you don’t have…feelings for me do you?” I asked just to be sure.

“I-I don’t think so” he said.

“Let’s keep it that way” I say. I head to my bed. He sits besides me.

“I’m still your friend” he said reading my facial expression. I nod. I turn the Tv on. There were three knocks on the door. “Niall!” I said.

He joined “Harry told me” he said.

“Oh” I frowned.

“it’s gunna be alright” he said. I was in the middle of Niall and Louis. I felt so protected. They were like my protective big brothers. I like the sound of that.

I fell asleep on Nialls shoulder and with Louis hand over my neck.

“Shh” Niall said.

“I’ll go check on Harry” Louis said.

“okay” Niall said. Those were the last words I heard.

I woke up with the sun beaming.

“MORNIN’!” Niall said excited.

“Why so excited?” I ask.

“Its New Years eve!” Liam said excitedly.

(a/n idk if it was in the story but lets pretend it was ok? Ahah)

“I totally forgot guys!” I said. A smile rose to my face as Louis walked in. Wait what?

“Mornin” he said shooting me a smile. I bite my lip and smile back.

“Well, I need a shopping buddy!” I shouted.

“NIALL WILL GO!” They all said at the same time I laughed.

“Wow, I feel the love, you all want to come with!” I laughed once more. “I’m just joking. Well Nialler, get dressed we’re going party shopping” I said with a smile.

They all left my room. It was just me and my wardrobe. Fun.

After a lot of trying on clothes it ended with this; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=73816339 I did my hair in a messy fish tail braid and I was out the door.

“We’ll be back by lunch!” I shout and close the door. It was 10am and I didn’t even check on Harry, I didn’t care, no thinking of him today. My phone vibrated.

From: Boo (Louis)
Hey saw you already left, bring some lunch we’re out of food.
p.s buy some juice since you cant drink in America :p
Lou xxx

I laugh and smile.

From: Hopie :D
Oh Boo! Tease me all you want :p I’ll bring some apple juice, which is much better than alcohol!
Kisses, Hope xx

I locked my phone since he didn’t respond. The smile didn’t leave my face. What nonsense. I get in the car and drive to the market. Our car was half full and I hadent even said a word to Niall.

“Why so silent?” he asked.

“Niall, swear you wont judge or..anything?” I ask not making any sense.

“Last night, when you guys came back Louis went into my room and he had a fight with Eleanor and Harry just told me that we were over, and so me and Louis, we were so vulnerable and we almost kissed and now—”

“WHAT?!” he asked not too loud.

“I know, but I told him that I love Harry and that, whatever he was feeling he had to forget it, but now every time we talk we find ourselves smiling and laughing and. I’m a mess” I say burying my face in my hands.

“Its not your fault. Look you just need to talk to Harry and get him back, whatever feeling you think you have for Louis, they are nothing compared to the feelings you have for Harry, and Louis and Eleanor will be back in the la la land in no time, so get rid of those feelings” he said. He looked like a father talking to a daughter but he was right.

“I know whatever feeling these are they can go away, it’s Louis I’m worried about, what if he thinks now that Harry and I are done he might have a chance?” I ask honesty,

“Do you want me to talk to him?” Niall ask.

“Do you think you should?” I ask back.

“I think its best” he said.

“Then yes, please do talk to him” I sighed. “we still got a lot of shopping to do” I said.

“Yay, fun” he said sarcastically. I laughed and pushed our little car.

My phone vibrates again. Please don’t be Louis.

From: El babe <3
Hey, can you talk? Been really down lately…
El Xxxx

I replied.

From: Hopie baby <3
Give me a minute. I’ll call you this time.
Hope xxx

I go to the supermarkets public bathroom and dial Eleanors number.

Hey, whats wrong?” I asked as she picked up the phone.

Its, me and Louis we had a fight..” she said in a horrible tone.

I know baby, he told me” I say not giving here anymore information.

it was just such a stupid fight and I think he’s really mad, I called him some pretty bad things…” Eleanor said.

it can’t be that bad?” I said.

Hope, I said that he’d rather sing for a bunch of hormonal teenage girls instead of being with me, that’s how bad it got! I don’t know what got into me! I’ve been in such a mood. All since the last day I saw— fuck” she said.

What’s wrong? El?” I asked her.

that night Louis spend the night and I didn’t take the pill and, and my period was supposed to come a week ago, Hope, Hope, what if I’m pregnant?!” she panicked my mouth opened.

Shh! Calm down, El go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test!” I say as calm as I could be right now, which isn’t that calm.

I’ll call you when I’ve done the test” she said I could hear her sobs.

It’s gunna be okay Eleanor, I promise its going to be just fine” I assure her.

Don’t tell anyone” she said.

Of course not” I said as she hung up. I text her one last thing.

From: Hopie baby <3
Calm down, just take deep breaths, I don’t know what time it is there, but call me whenever I don’t care if its 4am here just call me. I’m here for you.

I pressed send. I felt so guilty right now.


told you i'd get another chapter in! :D heh im such in a writing mood. drama will be over soon! so dont worry :D p.s i told you nothing would happen with hopeand lou! heheh
love you all lovelys
Carlota ♡♡


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p