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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirty ღ

The plane landed, though I couldn’t be see with Harry, so I just say my goodbyes though harry just didn’t even look at me… at least I had time to think.

I call a cab and go to my house. Wow. So many memories here. I grew up here. Just wow, the beaches the hot weather! Jeez, I’ve missed this!

“Di, what do you say we go hit the beach?” I say, I needed to get my mind off.

“I’m in” Diamond said with a smile spreading across her face. I caught her eye towards her phone, probably texting Niall.

“I talked to mom by the way, to talk to your dad, to approve you know, and if not your romantic relationship then your friendship…” I admit.

“Oh, well that explains the call I had yesterday” she said.

“What call” I ask curiously.

“Your mom called me up, she said that you told her some things and that for now all I could do was be friends with Niall and that she would handle George, she did admit they went overboard, I know my dad and he always does that.. so don’t worry… though I just have to sneak out when I want to be alone with Niall” she said with a huge grin and a wink.

“That’s good, well not the sneaking out part” I say with a laugh.

“Well I just can’t resist Niall” she said with a cheeky smile and a tiny blush.

“I bet you can’t” I say with a laugh. There was a silence though I could sense she had something to tell me..

“Di” I call her attention “whats on your mind girl?” I ask.

“Well.. you know.. since I can hang out with Niall as a friend…” she was hesitating.

“Diamond, spill” I say loudly that makes the taxi driver do a really funny face.

“I kind of, you know.. invited them to our beach…” she said really quickly.

“Who” I ask, then realized “DIAMOND!” I shout.

“He might not come” she said with an innocent look.

“You know they will make him come.. Diamond I came here to think not to be with him everyday” I sigh.

“Its just they really are my friends you know…” she sighed too

“I know just don’t worry about it” I fake a smile.. I couldn’t do this, so just for Diamond’s sake I was gunna jump in once then head home… what was I doing? I just. Gosh my life was a mess.

I paid the taxi and headed to my old house. Wow, we had a beach, shared with two other houses, this house was my fathers, it was given to him and I told my mom to never ever sell it, though it was small when Diamond joined so we moved. It looked big from the outside but it had two rooms a living room a kitchen and two bathrooms, then the beach of course.

I unlock the front door and rush to my old room. Wow. I still had my Disney princesses there, but I was more obsessed with Harry Potter, the first movie came out and I was seven, since then, well haha, I just loved it. Wow, I head to the wall of memories, yeah I used to take a lot of pictures when I was little, I mean my dad took a lot of pictures of me. I head straight to one picture and smile. Memories flood through my mind and I can’t help but let a tear fall “I miss you dad” I say under my breath. When I was little, because I was an only child I had all I wanted, I wasn’t too spoiled though I got a big bed, thank god.

“Get changed sis” Diamond said peaking in the room, I let her stay with my mom’s room, it brought me too many memories.

“I will” I say with a faint smile.

I reach my bag and looked for the bikini Gemma bought me the last time I went shopping with her. I take out some shorts and shirts and put an outfit together. I look at my reflection (http://www.polyvore.com/beach/set?id=72200563) nod and head to the beach. It was gunna be a long day, I mean, this was crazy Harry was always there maybe we were meant to be? As cheesy as that sounds. I’m just glad my mom finally got some sense in her head and let me choose what to do with my life, as with Diamond I’m worried that her dad finds out… I head down put my sunscreen on and take my shirt and shorts of leaving me with my union jack bikini. I look to the sea, gosh I missed this I look closely and just coming out of the sea I recognize someone. Wow, wasn’t expecting to see him.

“Matt?!” I shout. He looks at me puzzled at first but then recognizes me.

“Hope?!” he shouts at me.

“It’s really you!” I squeal in excitement. Matt was like my brother, he was two years older than me, he was twenty now. Wow, it’s been that long. He was my neighbor and we used to have play dates, after I moved he was the only one who still was in touch with me and once in a while I came to the beach house in the summer and we spent the whole summer’s together.

“It’s me, gosh I missed you, how long has it been?” he asked, I stopped coming to the beach house about when I was 14 it was when the bullying started in school so I just never left my house.

“Four years” I sigh. He comes close and hugs me which makes me shiver “dude! You’re soaking wet!” I complain.

“Wow, I missed you too” he said with a sigh.

“I did miss you silly” I smile at him.

“What made you come back?” he asked.

“The usual need to think bout life” I say focusing at the sea.

“How’s the water?” I ask, he had just been surfing, I could see his board he left it in the sand when I called him.

“So good, the waves are epic! You need to get out there!” he said excited.

“I haven’t surfed in four years if you recall” I laugh.

He was about to say something but Diamond interrupted.

“Hope, they’re here” she said then noticed Matt. “well hey Matt” she said.

“Hey little one, been a while” Matt said he only was with Di one summer, the last one I spent here. A few seconds later Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and lastly Harry walked in to the sand. “Wait is that—”

“One Direction” I say completing Matts sentence.

“I heard you were dating Harry” he said.

“I was, now…” I sigh.

“Oh” Matt said.

“Yeah, this is gunna be fun” I say with a sarcastic tone and head to my towel.


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