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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Three ღ

Harry started to come closer to me. “How did you find me?”

“Niall had a DM from a girl he met called Lily, he told me where to find you, I wasn’t sure it was true but I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life”

“Oh, yeah Lily, she’s my friend..” I say. I really was shocked to see Harry Styles at my organic shop.

“Why didn’t you tell me you moved here?” he asks.

“I was going to, but, you got famous.. and..” I couldn’t finish that sentence.

“You think just because I got famous I forgot about you?!” Harry said.

“In my head that’s what I thought, we hadn’t talked in one year you went to the X Factor, I was really happy for you but right there I knew nothing would be the same..”

“Why not?” he asks

“WHY NOT?!” My voice got louder I didn’t want to fight or shout but what he asked me made no sense “You are the boyband of the century, you think its ok for me to go up to you in the middle of the street and say. Hi remember me? Summer ’09? You know I couldn’t do that!”

“I know it must’ve been hard, I would go look for you myself if I knew where to find you, but now, I found you., I’ve been dying to talk to you”

“Me too” I say, his eyes are beautiful so hard to be mad or tell him to leave.

“Then lets finish what we started back then” Harry said.

“It’s not like that…” I say even though all I wanted right now was for him to hold me tight.

“Why not” he says getting closer, and closer he raised his right hand and placed it on my cheek he was about to kiss me when the bell rung and a person came in, we immediately separated ourselves.

I recognized her at my first look.

“Haz hurry we have to go you have a radio interview in an hour”

“Gem!” I shout.

“Hope?!” Gemma shouts “OH MY GOSH IT’S REALLY YOU!”
I laugh “It’s me!” I go up to her and hug her tight.

“Sorry but Harry has to go… great to see you!!!” She said hugging me again “here is my number” she said writing on a piece of paper “but we really need to go, the boys are waiting!” She says going out the door. “I’ll call you”

“We’ll talk later, I’ll call you” harry says.

“HARRY C’MON!” we hear Gemma scream

“GOING” Harry screams back “great to see you”

“Good to see you too” I say going to the door waving at Gemma and Harry I
could see the rest of One Direction in there. I call my cousin Paige and I tell her I’m feeling sick so I could go home.

I arrive home get a bite to eat and run up to my bed room and lay on my bed. My heart was still racing from the incident today. What if it was possible for us to continue what we started? I’m so confused…
My phone started to ring

Waiting Call

“SHIT!” I say outloud. “I forgooottt”
Sean is a guy I met in the club a month, we aren’t dating but, we have a thing…its weird he went to an internship for three weeks I totally forgot he came back today, but damnit!

I answer the call.

Sean: Hey babe
Me: Oh, hey sean
Sean: what sup?
Me: Nothing much
Sean: Maybe we can meet
Me: sure
Sean: great see you at the park.

FUCK! How am I supposed to act?! I’m gunna tell him I don’t want anything, that this was just a fling and I’m not looking for anything. It’s the best.
I go in my closet and pick a pair of black skinny jeans and my favorite winter top. I put just a tiny bit of make-up and I’m out.
As I arrive at the park I spot Sean sitting down at a bench. He was hot…but I needed to figure out my feelings because deep inside the feelings of summer ’09 were still there but Sean I had some feelings for him too..

“Hey babe” He says almost kissing me but I turn to the side so he kisses my cheek.

“Everything alright?”

“Yeah I’m just with the flu I don’t want you to catch it” I lie´

“Oh ok” He says looking at me “Here you’re with some cold clothes” he said handing me his jacket.

“Thank you” even though I couldn’t take my mind off of Harry before, today, with Sean, he left my mind in a second. Maybe this is a sign, a sign that I shouldn’t be with some superstar, maybe this is the reason nothing happened in summer of 2009, Harry and I are made to be friends. Yes! Exactly! Harry and I are meant to be friends! “So how was the internship?” I ask him

“Good, but I missed you!” he was so sweet!

“I missed you too handsome” I guess we were kind of dating? I don’t know I guess we never questioned our relationship. I had to make it clear for Harry all these fantasies and all I was missing, I was truly missing the company of a boy besides me, and now I had Sean.

“You seem off Hope” Sean said.

“It’s nothing, just tired was at the shop all evening” I lie, again.

“So you wanna do something tonight?” Sean asked.
I received a message.

From – Gem <3
Hey girl! My mom wants to know if you wanna come for dinner tonight. Nothing formal just a dinner! :)

“Sean, today I can’t my friend I haven’t seen in two years wants to catch up” I say calmly.

“you haven’t seen me in months, and I miss you” he said “pwetty pwease” he said acting like he was two, then he gave me those puppy eyes.

“I’ll spend the whole day with you tomorrow, how does that sound?” I propouse as he takes me by my waist.

“I shall accept your offer, all day AND night” he said emphasizing the ‘and’.

“hahaha” I laugh “ok Sean I’m all yours tomorrow” I say and he winks at me.

I start a text responding to Gemma

To: Gem <3
I’d be delighted to join you. I do miss your mom ;).

From: Gem <3
Great see you tonight!


Omg, sorry just to update just now! But im full of mid-yerm exams and stuff, im still not in vacation -.- im going on the 19th so you will have A LOT to read then :) but i'll try and update as much as possible.
Here is chapter Three
Hope ypu like it


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p