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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Two ღ

I wake up with Lily wrapped around her laptop. She must've fallen asleep listening to the new album, I really wasn’t interested... I carefully take the laptop out of her hands and log into twitter, Harry’s tweet is in my feed and a read
‘I saw you, I remembered you, I will find you’

Was that about me? Am I focusing too much on me, the world doesn’t revolve around me! I keep scrolling down and I look at the TT’s #Harrysmysterygirl was trending, worldwide. WHAT? He saw me yesterday in Milkshake City in London, he gazed into my eyes, the question is was I the girl he saw and recognized? I close twitter and open youtube to listen to the album. I skip a few songs I heard Lily play to yesterday I reached this song called ‘Rock Me’ the first sentence got my FULL attention:

Do you remember summer ‘09
Wanna go back there every night
Just can’t lie it was the best time of my life
Lying on the beach as the sun blew out
Playing this guitar by the fire too loud
Oh my my they could never shut us down

Best of it Harry sang that part. Am I over thinking everything again? Am I?

Harry just updated on twitter

‘Summer ’09 and you’ve changed so little’

Ok now that is too much. I have to tell someone.

“Lily” I say shaking her to wake her up. “Lily!” I say a little bit louder. She didn’t wake up. After all it was only 9:30AM in a Saturday Lily usually woke up at 10, 10:30. So I decide to go make breakfast. I take my computer down with me just to keep an eye on twitter.

“HOPE?” Lily screams. She’s awake.

“DOWN STAIRS” I scream at her.

“Good, you made breakfast” She tells me going down the stairs.

“You’re welcome” I tell her in a sarcastic mood.

“Lils, hurry and eat there’s something I need to show you” I tell her, I had to tell her I had to tell someone.

“Kay,” Lily says “Why do you sound so nervous?”

“It’s nothing” I say “I’ll tell you when you’re done.
Lily shoved her food down her throat, she knew what I had to say was big stuff. She just didn’t know about what, and she didn’t even imagine..

“DONE!” She says with food still in her mouth.
I laugh “swallow you’re food Lily, you look like a three year old”
Lily swallows her food and tells me “Hope? Why are u with such a serious face?” She asks me “Is something wrong”

“Come upstairs” is all I tell her.
She looks at me with a confused look, but follows me into my room. I go to the box I was going through last night and put it on the bed. Lily looks at me with a puzzled look.

“What is this?” She asks me.

“Open and look” I tell her. I really didn’t want to explain everything right now, but I knew once she opened that box one million questions would come at me.

“Hope?! WHAT IS THIS?!” She was looking at a picture of me and Harry in summer ’09.

“Exactly what the picture shows” I say, I was down just thinking about how much I missed the boy I fell in love with two years ago.

“Hope, EXPLAIN!” Lily screams at me.
I take a letter from the box and show it to her, it read:

Dear Hope,
Look, I know you were expecting more, but we couldn’t let ourselves fall for each other, you live in Australia, we will probably never talk. You told me not to fall for you, but I did, maybe I should’ve listened to you, maybe I should’ve just kept you in the friend zone. But truth is you are everything I’m looking for, you are my soul mate and in the future we will meet again and relive every single moment we had together, because what we had that summer is something people wish they had in their lives.
Yours Truly
Harry Styles xx

“Is this a joke?” Lily asks me really hoping it was true.

“No… sorry just tell you now.. I mean..” I start but what could I tell her I kept her in the dark. Lily and I had been friends since forever, we both got money together so we would go to the same Arts Uni. in England to always be together and I kept her in the dark of one of the biggest things that happened to my life.

“Well the best you could do now is tell me exactly what happened in the Summer of 2009..” She tells me. I did owe her..

“It all started when I went on vacation here, in England, I stayed at my aunt’s house remember? In Holmes Chapel, I was there alone, no one in my family came. So one day I go to the beach with my guitar and play at the sunset, and then someone tells mt that what I play and sing is really good, if only I knew he would turn out this famous… Anyways that’s where we met, at first I really stayed close with his sister Gemma, she was with him the evening we met. I wasn’t looking for any boy in my ife so I really didn’t pay too much attention to Harry. Until we started to hang out and run together, we started to know each other, then we spent the whole summer together, I kept telling him we can’t fall for one another but I fell for him. We fell for each other. The day” I sigh and I breathe in “the day I was leaving, at the airport we were alone saying goodbye, he almost kissed me but then Gemma called him…”

Lily stood there just looking at pictures. The least I could do was explain what the pictures were.

“Oh” I laugh “that picture was when Gemma and I pranked Harry!” Lily was looking at a picture that harry was full of shaving cream on his nose.

“Classical” Lily tells me. She’s talking, good, she didn’t react as bad as I thought she would.

She then picks up another picture. This picture showed me and Harry at a sunset with a picnic set up and candles.

“Looks romantic” Lily comments

“That picture, my last night in England, he told me he wanted at least one proper date with me, so he made me that picnic at the sunset, it was beautiful”
She skipped a few pictures of Gemma and I. Then she found a more recent letter I was gunna send to Harry, it said:

Hey.. I really don’t know how to start this.. its 2011 we haven’t talked for a year… you’re famous now. Just so you know I was accepted at the Arts school in England as I told you I wanted too. Look we should meet up, catch up..

“Why didn’t you ever send it to him?” Lily asks me when she finished reading.

“I thought it would be really awkward and he probably wouldn’t have had any time back them..” I tell her.

“You should’ve at least tried…”

“I know… but what’s done is done” I say.

“Are you gunna fight for him?”

“Should I?” I ask her, I mean it’s worth a shot right?

“You most defiantly should!” Lily said.

“Good, I’ll think about it” I tell her as I take a glance at the clock. “LILS! Its 12:30 the shoppp!”

“Dammit” Lily says. “Let’s go!”

I own my aunts old shop, it’s an Organic Fruit and Veggie shop, I work there with my cousin who is 22. We really don’t get along but it’s alright we never have shifts together.

“Lily can you help me out today?” I ask her “Paige decided to make a discount this weekend so its expected more clients than usual”

“I’m sorry I can’t” Lily tells me “My maid texted me she needs me too look at something that wrong with my flat”

Lily is a terrible liar, but I’ll cut her some slack she’s been helping me all month “Ok go” I tell her “Your maid needs you”

It was the middle of my shift and I was already tired the clients just kept on coming in.

“Thank you come again Mr. Smith!” I tell a client. I just have to be nice and fake a smile. “That will be 19.50 £” I tell another customer. The huge line was decreasing. I guess people at 3pm don’t want to come buy organic fruit anymore.
I start counting the money I had received from today, pretty good money. The bell rung that means a customer was in I look up to see to greet the customer. And again my eyes meet with the same green eyes.

“Hope” his gentle voice says.

“Harry” I say to him “What are you doing here?” HARRY STYLES WAS THERE TO TALK TO ME! I mean I think? Maybe I was really the girl of the tweets.

Harry remembers summer ‘09


Hope you like it!


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