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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Twenty-Seven ღ

I wake up to bright lights, oh I remember. I open my eyes but then shut them straight away, the sun was beaming. I hear voices in the room, Diamond, and Lily, yes that was Lily and I thought I would have to cope with my parents, mabe Di kicked them out, I don’t know. I keep my eyes closed, Di and Lily were talking,

“The nurse said it was really close, what was going through her mind!” that was Lily.

“I explained it to you already..” Diamond said.

“It all sounds so surreal, they were perfect” Lily said.

“tell me about it” Diamond said.

“Talking about Harry… shouldn’t we tell him?” Lily said.

“I thought about it.. but it’s her choice I guess…”

“I think we should call him, at least to say that she almost bled to death…I’m gunna—”

I open my eyes and that makes them stop talking.

“She’s awake, oh my gosh, HOPE!” Diamond said.

“NURSE!” Lily called, “NURSE!” a nurse came rushing in and checked me up. When the nurses came in so did my mom, she was here after all. I was left alone with Lily my mom and Di.

“What were you thinking?” mom said.

“it used to take the pain away” I say bluntly and emotionless.

“what do you mean hope” my mom asked.

“when I was younger, cutting took the pain away, made me focus on another pain, the bleeding pain” I sounded like an emo.

“Hope you’re scaring me” mom said,

“you really had no idea?” Lily said. “I forgot, I was always the one she called at night because she was almost about to cut, I had to rush over and calm her down, while you and George had your fun, I’m not blaming you” Lily said, she kind of was…

“why didn’t you say anything?” mom asked

“it doesn’t matter, I just want to get out of here” I say not even looking her in the eye. She decides to leave the room and talk to the nurse at the door.

“you ok??” lily asked so worried..

“I’m fine, thanks for being here” I say. Then someone comes rushing into the my room.

“Ok now you might be mad with my brother but what the heck is going on what happened Hopie??” that was Gemma.

“Gem” I whisper “I started cutting again” she knew in the summer I cut and she helped me through it.

“Cupcake, com here” she said sitting beside me and holding the wrist I cut and rubbing it. “you should get a tattoo saying ‘Hope’ as in two meanings, you and hope” she was trying to cheer me up? Though it made me chuckle,

“I might as well” I say with a smile.

“great I know just the place, Harry used too—” she said then stopped and immediately my smile faded “fuck, sorry” Gem said.

“Ok, so how long are your parents staying?” Lily asked.

“I don’t know… they want to make sure that—” I couldn’t say it I just couldn’t “you know” I end up saying.

“Yeah, I know” Diamond said.

It was 8pm already and mom and George went home, though Diamond stayed but Lily had to go, she had to go home, to her family.

“You should get some rest” Diamond said.

“I will” I say, I wanted to sleep, and when I woke up this would all been a nightmare and that I would be with Harry happily ever after, though I know that wouldn’t be true.

“Di,” I ask, maybe I shouldn’t? whatever “have you talked to…since?” I ask indirectly.

“No, I couldn’t” Diamond said.

“I did.. I kind of texted him “as if on cue Niall walked in the hospital looking as worried as ever. He didn’t even look into Diamond’s eye, and she walked out the door, I could swear she was crying.

“Damit Hope, you are always in trouble, what have you done?” Niall said coming up to me and hugged me tight, I couldn’t help it I was feeling so emotional I break down crying,

“Niall, I had too” I say sobbing.

“Shh” he said calming me down “do what?” he asked innocently, wait he didn’t know?

“Harry—I had to—break it off” I say sobbing.

“You too?!” Niall said breaking off the hug, wait is he snapping at me?

“Niall I had too, YOU DON’T GET IT!” I holler at him.

“Calm down Hope, I’m not saying anyth—”

“I knew this prick would come, I knew you would do this, your mom and I both told you! That was the last straw!” George of course..

“SHUT UP! YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!” I snapped. Not a cool call, he slapped me across the face, “wow,” I say after a pause. “get out, all of you, out NOW!” I just shut my eyes closed, called a nurse and she gave me something to sleep.

~1 Day Later ~

“are you ready?” Mom asked,

“yes” I say bluntly, she thinks im fine with this?!

“Di, let’s go” I say getting into the car

“I’ll drive you” mom said.

“sure why not, you’re so excited about this!” I say sarcastically.

“You’re going in first class you should be happy!” mom said.

“oh yes! Very!” still couldn’t believe what they were doing.

“Hope, calm down” Diamond said.

“Oh, so you’re fine with this? Ok” I say, I was being cold. “sorry Di, I love you” I whisper. I look out of the window the whole ride and let my thoughts take over my brain. I really had nothing else to do just think about…him, I missed Harry so much, the memories flooded back, and in a flash we were here. And the time was now.

“Have a safe flight!” mom said, I flash her a smile.

“Flying wont help, at all” I mutter under my breath. I walk into the air-plane. LA ready or not my parents sent me back to you. Still don’t know how I didn’t win that argument?

“seriously mom! This isn’t fair! We are broken up! No need to fly me back to LA!” I shout across the room.

“Young lady we’ve decided this, and because of your health the university gave you three months! And those three months you will spend at HOME!” she shouted back.

“Geez mom, STOP TRYING TO CONTROL MY LIFE, IM 18!” I shout louder.

“don’t raise your voice it will only be worst Hope” she said and left “go back” she said and then closed the door

~End of flashback~

One thing is for sure, it will take my mind off things, I mean I hope. New Years in LA with all my old friends, could be fun? Right?

I want to believe that though all that is in my mind is.. Harry.

Harry Styles why is it that I still love you?


sorry its kind of bad... its a filler next one will be much better!!! and exciting! :D love you all this one was crappy buttt next will be better i promise!


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p