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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Twenty-Five ღ

Flashbacks of last night keep coming into my mind. I had a blast and so did Louis, gee he’s already 20, though he hates us reminding him! I look over at my phone, 10am, its 25th of December, Christmas, yesterday the party ended at 10 pm for me… because my mom wanted me here even though I fell asleep at 11pm so.. I decide to call Harry.

“Mornin babe” I say as he picks up “hope, morning” he said, dang his morning voice was hot. “merry Christmas” I say smiling, I don’t know why but when I talk to him, when I hear his voice it just, lights up my world, cheesy I know “merry Christmas my love” he said. “I bet you’re smiling” he said “I bet you have a cheeky grin on right now” I say as we both laugh cause we knew it was true. “so I have this thing on my mind” harry said with hesitation “whats on your mind babe?” I ask “so, like I was wondering if like.. Gemma got the idea and..” he was stammering “Harry, just say it babe” I say really curious “maybe all my family could go have dinner at your place?” he says really quickly. I squeal “HAZ! That’s the perfect idea!” I squeal again. “I’m glad you like it” he said. “Let me talk to my mom, I’ll call you in a few?” I ask “yeah” he said nervous, “don’t be nervous! Talk to you later, I love you” I say “love you too” he replies.

I walk down to the living room, my mom was in the kitchen. “Mom..” I say nervously, Harry was right to be nervous, so was I, I mean.. It was a big deal.

“Yes sweetie?” she said, sweetie? That’s new, she has been awfully nice to me, maybe I should open up to her, and maybe I should give her a shot, I’ve alwas shut her down and with her little mistakes ignored and kind of hated her, no wonder she turned to Diamond. She just wanted to be loved by a daughter, I snap out of it “right, so Anne, my boyfriend’s mother—”

“You have a boyfriend?” she asked interested and surprised, I decide to give her a shot, if it were old times I would answer ‘why would you care?’ instead I said;

“Yeah, and he’s great and his family would love to meet you and George and they asked” I stutter “if they could come for lunch” I say really quickly.

“Hope…” she sighed “I don’t have the food to cook for a lot of people” she said.

“I’ll pass by the organic shop and take a few things then I’ll pay!” I say “plus Aunt Cece wont mind!” I say really hoping she’d say yes.

“Fine…” she said.

“THANK YOU!” I basically scream. I wonder if she’ll like him?

I ring Harry as I walk to the organic shop to get some food.

“BABEEE” I squeal to the phone “I guess that’s a yes” he laughs “yeshh!” I laugh too “and me and my mom, are bonding?” I say “see I told you to give her a chance!” he said and he was right, “yeah, see you at 12pm at my place okay?” I ask “I’ll see you then, I love you babe” he said “love you too curly” I say and press the red button.

I walk into the shop and get the food I need and head right back home. To make time pass faster I went to twitter and tweeted;

@hopie_smith: merry Christmas everyone! Love you all xx

I got a bunch of RT and FAVS and so I just followed up a few people, some directioners were the sweetest so I just tweeted them and had conversations. My mom ended up calling me and I was helping her with dinner.

“Go call Diamond” my mom said sweetly.

“Will do” I say taking my apron off and heading to her room, right before I go in I hear two voices, she was skyping Niall, I know its wrong to eavesdrop but…

“I miss you” that was defiantly Niall talking.

“I miss you so much lepryy” that was her nickname it was short for leprechaun. Don’t ask me its weird

“I love you” Niall said. Oh my gosh they are adorable.

“I love you too, so much, miss you babe” Di said, I hate to ruin the moment…

“Di” I walk into the room and she immediately closed her laptop “mom is calling to get ready for lunch” I say sweetly “Hi Niall” I say with a grin to the computer, and I leave.

The doorbell rings and I jump and go get it. “Hey” I say as we hug. I greet everyone in and we all sit on the couch. My mom joins me and gasps.

“You’re…you’re Harry Styles” she said.

“You know him?” I was actually surprised.

“I haven’t been living under a rock Hopie” she said and it made all of us laugh except me and Harry.

“I don’t know who he is” George said,

“Oh, I’m from a UK boyband, One Direction” Harry said.

“Oh, a bayband eh” he said, what if he doesn’t like him, wait I don’t give a shit what George thinks.

“So tell me about yourself your family, how it is!” my mom was more excited than ever, I’ve never seen her like this!

We talked and ate. Harry and I always sharing worried and nervous looks, though it turned out to be ok.

“I’ll see you in a few days” I say pecking him.

“I love you” he said to me, I couldn’t resist and kissed him one last time.

“I love you too” I say as I hug him, his step-father honked the car and Harry rushed inside. I go into the living room and turned the television on. Mom and George were talking in the kitchen and Diamond was by my side.

“Why didn’t you say you were dating Niall?” I ask casually and curiously.

“Because… I don’t want to yet I want him to be here” she said.

“I get you” I say “Di.. I get a feeling they didn’t like the idea of me dating a popstar” I say honestly

“I hate to say this but I got that vibe too” she said looking me in the eye.

“I’ll be right back” I say standing up.

“Hope! Don’t do anything stupid!” she said too late I was already gunna do something stupid.

“Whatcha think of Harry?” I ask taking some bread.

“He’s nice, and good looking” my mom said, I give her a dirty look, she was checking out my boyfriend?

“He’s perfect and so romantic, I could go on forever” I say daydreaming.

“I don’t like him” George said bluntly

I knew that was coming “why not?” I ask curiously, maybe he was just trying to get me on my nerves.

“he will end up breaking your heart” he said stiffly.

“Why would you care, it would be my problem” I say loud and clear.

“because, if you get heartbroken we get the crap” he said.

“You have no say in what I do!” I say a little louder.

“But that’s not entirely why” my mom said, wait what?

“We searched you online you and Harry and… you get a lot of hate sweetie” she said.

“So? I can handle it!” I say,

“we don’t think you can” my mom said.

“I can! I’ve handled it this far!” I was now shouting.

“you will have breakdowns! THEY SAY NASTY STUFF!” My mom was shouting too.

“no I wont Ma! I thought we were finally bonding! Forget that shit I knew it was too good to be true!” I shout.

“LANGUAGE!” George said “we’re not done here young lady!” he said.

“stop acting like you’re my father! YOU WILL NEVER BE MY FATHER!” I shout.

“Me and your mom discussed this, no matter how nice and romantic this boy is with you, we’ve decided you have to stop seeing him!” he said.

“NO WAY!” I shout.

“It’s not up for discussion!” Mom said.


“Dad! Natalie you have no right, its her life now!” Diamond joined in.

“Don’t you start, yes I know about your romancing with Niall Horan, I talked to some people in your school, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? HE IS 19 AND HE IS IN A BOYBAND!” he shouted.

“We won’t allow none of you to see these boys!” George said. “And to be sure we are moving here for a while! NO DISCUSSION!” he said,

“Mom” I say in my last breath tears were falling.

“I’m sorry I cant allow people talking that way about you” she said, I’ve had enough. I storm into my room, I knew what I had to do and I didn’t want George to break this up for me. I start to cry my heart out.

I call Harry “hey babe” he said picking up, he noticed my tears and sobbing and asked “babe what’s wrong? Why are you crying” I gave him so answer “Hope?” he said “I can’t believe I’m saying this but” I was crying so much “hope what are you saying?” he said so worried “I, I can’t do this anymore, I’m so sorry Harry I just can’t do this anymore” I finally say “hope don’t do th—” I turned off the phone.


nahh :( sad chapter. byebye harry and Niall.. if the story is getting predictable PLEASE tell me! hope you liked it <3<3 love you all!!


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sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p