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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Fifteen ღ

Me, Harry, Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, Lily (who is backkk!!! Yay!) and Diamond are going shopping this morning for Di's sweet sixteen party this night. It was 8am and it was shopping time, I called her principal and told her she couldn't go today.

"You ready love?" Harry said with his sexy british accent.

"Ready" I say coming up to him and putting my hands around his neck. "You're the only one coming today?"

"Yeah the others stayed late last night so its just us and the girls" he says. I can't resist him. I kissed him passionately.

"I'm gunna have to get used to walking into you guys all over each other" Lily jokes as she walks into the room. "I'm guessing I'm not gunna be able to sleep with you anymore" Lily says.

"Yeah she's all mine now" harry said hugging me from the back.

I laugh at them two. "C'mon let's get some breakfast" I say.

When I go to the kitchen I see Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie making breakfast.

"Where's Di?" I ask.

"Bathroom" Perrie says. After a few moments Diamond joins us and we have breakfast.

"Bloody hell" Harry says starting the car. "I'm the only guy and we are dress-shopping" we all laugh.

"You'll get to see Hope in really pretty dresses" Eleanor said.

"True" Harry said with a grin. And I give him an evil look. My phone buzzed. I got a new tweet. Great. My smile went away as I looked into Harry's eyes and with my eyes told him what I was feeling. When Harry realizes what that buzz was he holds my hand tight.

"Aren't they so cute" I heard Lily say from the background.

Half an hour had passed and we were going to a place that was 2 hours driving from my place, that's why we woke up so early.

"Coffee" Harry said.

"Yes I need coffee!" Danielle said.

"Good, me too" I say as Harry parks the van in front of a coffee shop. Paul and the other security guards were in a car behind us.

"6 Coffees please" Harry asked

“Coming sir” then she looked “—Harry Styles” she added. it was a girl, she was pretty.

Harry laughed “Yes, thank you” he said getting the coffee and paying. “Paul,” he said going to the exit. “Would you mind drive the van I’m kind of tired.” He said.

“Of course I don’t mind” Paul said.

“Great” harry said then taking my hand. With Paul driving Harry and I were in the seats sitting by each other.

“Gemma is going to join us there” Harry said with a smile. “her work is close so she’ll be there”

“Yay! I haven’t been with her in a while but we’ve texted” I say.

“Good” harry said, there was something in his mind.

“Whats wrong babe?” I ask him.

“Nothing” he lied.

“Haz” I say. He just pulled me close and put his arms around me and held me tight. “I won’t walk away if that’s what’s on my mind”

“It has happened before” he says. I think, could he be insecure?

“Harry” I say kissing his cheek “I’m here now, and tomorrow and the days after that”

“I’m leaving next Friday Hope” that’s what was on his mind.

“I know” I say with a sad tone. “it’s life” I say “we gotta adapt”

“I know, but just the thought of leaving you kills me” Harry said.

“It kills me too” I say.

“I love you” Harry whispers into my ear and then kissed me. His lips made me melt inside I just wish this kiss never ended but it was a short one since we weren’t alone. After we broke the kiss he took my hand in his with our fingers intertwined. I lay my head in Harry’s shoulder, we still had about one hour until the shops Diamond wanted to go so I let myself fall asleep.

“Babe” I heard someone call “love, wake up” a sweet voice said kissing my forehead.

“Mmmm” I groan. “Are we there yet?” I ask opening my eyes.

“No the girls needed to use the bathroom, and I was wondering if you needed to go” Harry asked.

“No” I say “I’m fine”

“You’re so cute when you sleep” Harry said touching the tip of my nose with his finger.

“You were watching me?” I laugh.

“How couldn’t i?” He said laughing a bit too “you are so adorable” he said.

“Am i?”

“Yes you are” he said winking at me.

“Good to know” I say laughing.

“Kiss me” he said. I laugh. Wait he was serious. He pouted, I missed his smile already. So I kissed his pout so it turned into a huge smile across his face.

“You are so adorable” I say to him. When did we stay so cute? “Harry” I say with a serious tone that put him with a worried face. “how long will you be gone?”

“I will be gone the rest of October & November and I will have a Christmas break and then I’m touring in Europe.” He said with a really sad tone.

“We can make it through it” I say with a weak positive smile.

“We have too” he says “I’ll call you every night” he said.

“I’ll be waiting” I say.

“It will kill me not to kiss you every five minutes, nit being able to intertwined my fingers with yours, it will kill me not being able to cuddle with you every Sunday because we are lazy…-” he would go on if I didn’t kiss him it was too much to hear.

“Y-yeah” I say “i-I know” there were tears welling up in my eyes.

“I-I didn’t mean for you to stay sad, I’m sorry, I’m an idiot” he said.

I just laughed. “No silly you aren’t an idiot” I say “you are perfect” he pulled me close and cuddled me and I had my head on his chest I never noticed how hard it was, he was definably working out. I was so lucky, I never really noticed how lucky I was, I was dating Harry Styles, I was best friends with One Direction, I was living with my sister and I had the best girl friends ever. And I was so happy with Harry so happy and I didn’t care what other people said. “Harry?” I say “you never really confirmed our relationship to the press or the fans” I say.

“Yeah I didn’t” Harry said “is that a problem” oh damn he might think I’m looking for fame.

“No! No!” I say instantly “what I mean, is as a fan, which I used to be one, I would hate to have maybe’s or uncertainties if you guys were dating” I say “and there have been rumors all over twitter, and I think they deserve knowing whether you are serious with this girl or not, because there are pictures with us in them but they are not sure I they are friendly or something else…” I say trying to make sense.

The girls and Paul came back into the van. “The prince awoke the sleeping beauty” Lily joked. Harry and I laughed. A few moments after my phone buzzed saying I had a mention on twitter, I opened it, it was from Harry, it read;

@Harry_Styles; yes the rumors are true, I’m dating a beautiful girl who stole my heart @hopie_smith

@Harry_Styles; Me and my beautiful girlfriend @hopie_smith
*picture attached*

“Harry!” I say looking at him and almost kissing him but then realized we weren’t alone in the car this time.

“Well you were right” Harry said.

“They look like an old married couple” I heard someone in the background.

“I heard that” I give an evil look at the girls. My phone started buzzing like crazy twitter mentions. I had gained 1,000 followers just now and a bunch of tweets from directioners.

“Someone’s on the roll” Danielle said taking my phone from me.

“AWW!” She said all the girls gave her confused looks. “Harry confirmed his relationship with Hope!” She said in delight.

“O M G!” Eleanor said. They seemed more excited than Harry and I! We just sat there and laughed our asses out.

That’s when I got a text.

From: Nialler
Hey, I was supposed to go with you but I slept in, I wanted to buy Diamond the dress, so if you find one she really loves reserve it tell me the shop and I’ll buy it, I want it to be a surprise.
Thanks, Nialler xx

From: Hopie :D
Sure… next time I wontttt. Jk, jk. Just whats your budget?
Hope xx

From: Nialler
Whatever she likes the best, the money I don’t care.
Nialler xx
p.s I saw what Hazzy tweeted congratz :)

From: Hopie :D
Ok.. and yeah :) I’m really happy. Niall, you’re the best friend ever, I can’t talk now we have finally arrived.
Xoxo Hope xx

“First shop here we go” Lily said all happily as the car slowed down, by surprise Harry took my hand and walked proudly out of the van. Well byebye normal life…

“Tell me your favorite and I’ll buy it” Harry said to me.

“No, I have my own money” I say.

“Don’t be stubborn I’ll buy it no discussion” He said with a smile and kissed my cheek.

“Fine” I say as we walk in the store. “GEMMM!!” I say going towards Gemma and hugging her tight.

“Hey Hopie!” she said hugging me back. “Well lets get to dress shopping!” She jumped in excitement. We tried on a few dresses and Harry bought mine it was beautiful. So Harry and I sat down at the couch while the other girls picked dresses.

“This is nice” he said. We were cuddled on the couch his arm around my neck to my left shoulder and my head was supporting on his arm.

“Yeah” I say “I don’t try a thousand dresses” I say laughing at my friends covered in dresses.

“You looked hot in your dress” that sentence made me blush. But I hit him playfully.

“You were checking me out in my dress?” I giggled.

He stood there silent. “You were!” I smack him again

“You looked stunning” he said. “perfect, beautiful, do you want me to go on?” He said winking at me.

“Thank you handsome” I say kissing his cheek.


“WOW” I say extending the ‘o’

“How much?” Perrie asked.

Diamond looked at the proce tag and frowned. “Way over the budget, too bad…lets keep looking”

That’s when I had an idea. Diamond and the girls went inside again, Harry and I were like the judges.

I dialed Nialls number.

Calling; Nialler
Niall: Heyoo.
Me:dress! Perfect one, but, its really expensive…
Niall: Reserve it.
Me: Will do.
--he hung up—

“I thought you weren’t 100% happy with their ‘relationship’” Harry said.

“Maybe I should give him a shot?” even I wasn’t sure of what I was saying.

“I’d like to reserve this dress, a guy will come later and get it and pay for it.” I say to the cashier.

“Name please, and the name of the person getting it”

“I’m Hope Smith and Niall Horan will be picking it up” I think she thought I was kidding

“Niall will be here in an hour to get it” Harry stood up. I don’t think she realized Harry Styles was in the shop.

“Ok” the cashier said “reserved.”

“Great she will love it” I say with a big smile, by now Harry’s hand was around my waist.


heyheyyyy. Chapter Fifteen :D well the next xhapter will be Di's Sweet Sixteen so it will be in her perspective :D Harry & Hope are official and confirmeddd :D hope you like it <3


what app did you use to make your cover photo?
Omg!!!!plzz plzz plzz updaattte!!!I want more!!!Aahhh!!!:)xxxx
sory guyz i ddnt have my computer for this week. i need to write chp 52. update tmr probs. love you
ahahah typo lool i meant Portugal :p