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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Thirteen ღ

*A/N- it is a pretty long chapter it might be the only Diamond and Niall chapter, but i hope you like it!*

My alarmed started to buzz. 8am. Time for my run, things here in England were good, I had friends at school and I hung out with freakin one direction what more could a teen want? Love right.. whatever.

"Up already?" A familiar Irish accent asked me.

"Yup, I was gunna go for a jog" I say casually. Niall, Zayn and Perrie stayed over they made sure I didn't go out or do any crazy thing.

"I'd join you but you'd end up running from a bunch of girls" he says laughing.

"We can go into the woods from the backyard" I say not really sure what he would answer.

"I'd love too, but have you asked Hope?" Niall asks me.

"I didn't want to disturbed her she was asleep when I checked" I say naturally.

“Harry and her looked so cute together”

"Oh" he said unsure. "Well we'll just write a note" Niall said with a smile.

“Old fashion, but sounds great to me” I say shooting him a smile back.

I really needed this jog, for Hope when she was in stress she would dance around, me I had to run or play soccer, something. I was a tomboy when I was a kid, and I was bullied for it, at first I didn't care. All I really did was run and have a soccer ball by my side, but my mom got all crazy and put seeing this therapist and it made things worst at school I was the messed up girl... Hope helped me through everything and I started following her steps and I made it through and when she left it was hard but I made it through. And now being back with her brings all my strength back.

"Diamond?" Niall said and my thoughts went away.

"Yes" I say right away.

"Where do we put it?" He said and I looked puzzled "the note" he said laughing.

"Oh right!" I say remembering what I was gunna do. "Fridge"

"Ok then" Niall said putting the note up "let me get changed into some shorts I'll be quick Zayn had some in his bag" he said rushing upstairs.

I go to my room get my running bag and throw my soccer ball into the bag. Yesterday morning I found a place in the woods that's really good for soccer. And I needed to pretend the ball were some faces so the pain and anger I was feeling inside could go away. I head out my room and fill up a water bottle then wait for Niall at the couch.

"I'm ready" he said going down the stairs, damn he looked hot, he was wearing some sport shorts and his '@' top. I was going running with Niall Horan! Something to get me off my thoughts.

"Good, let's go!" I say heading towards the back door.

We run for a while about one hour then stop for a little break. I take out my soccer ball and start to fiddle with it and do some amateur tricks.

"I'm impressed" Niall said. That voice made me loose control of the ball.

"That was not my intention! At all" I say, it wasn't!

"I never said it was, I'm just saying, you got skills!"

"Thanks" I say kicking my ball to my hands. "I love soccer" I say "takes you to another world, where its you your team the ball and the opponent and you just got to do your best right there" I say

"Wow" he said. Damn I was making a fool of myself. "Took the words out my mouth"

"Heard you were a played yourself" I say winking at him.

"Well I hate to show off but..." Niall said with a girn. I pass him the ball and he shows off some moves. Without noticing I was up there with him passing the ball and playing a little. My thoughts went back to a dark place. I started to shoot the ball with more force and anger. He wasn't expecting it and I hit him.

"NIALL" I shout. "I'm so sorry" I run to him.

"Its all right" he said getting up "its part of the game" he said calmly "when your not paying attention they get you by surprise"

I stayed silent just helped him up. "Still" I say under my breath.

"Still nothing" he said sitting down at a cut down tree trunk. "Nice kick by the way" he said "why was it with such anger?" He asked. He felt it? He felt the anger I kicked it with.

"What anger?" I ask to see his answer.

"The ball, it came with anger" he said.

"Nah, just force Nialler" I say.

He stayed silent maybe he knew I was lying. But still. Its not like I have to tell him. "Water?" I ask him as I take the water off my bag.

"Sure" he said catching the bottle I threw. "What time is it?" He asked after he drank some water.

"9:30" I reply, been out for about one hour and thirty minutes.

"Tell me something about yourself" I say.

"What?" He said laughing.

"Everything I know about you I read it, I want to know it from you not from 1D pages" I say

"Well, I'm Irish" he said. And he went on and on and on. He was so cute. Geez but I knew deep inside I couldn't fall for him, first I was barely 16 and he was 19 and he was in one direction, the boy band, plus things would just get worst..."Your turn" his voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Alright" I say "I'm Diamond please call me Di though" I say with a laugh "I'm turning 16 October 5th" I say with a huge smile that makes Niall laugh. "I first lived in Portugal with my dad and then we moved and he met Hope's mom and they got married, I was about 5 and Hope was about 7. We really didn't like each other and Hope didn't like my dad, but then a few years passed and she helped me through school and a lot of things, well I was 13 and Hope came here for the summer and apparently she met Harry and she never told me then she moved here a year early for college and I was all alone and now look I'm here" I just told him my whole life, geez he must be so bored. "Sorry" I say.

"For what" he asks.

"Kinda long" I reply.

"Well I didn't know that much about you" he says with a smile.

"Race you back home" I say starting to run.

"You’re on!" Niall shouted.

I totally forgot I couldn't be very long, I had school it was a Wednesday so I only started school at 10:10 and ended at 1:30. Well my schedule was weird on Mondays 8am-3:30 Tuesday 12am-5:30 Wednesday 10:10-1:30 then Thursdays 8am-3:30 again and Friday 7am-1pm. We finally arrived home and I ran upstairs and took a shower and got changed. By the time I was ready it was 10.

"Shit" I say looking at the clock.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked.

"Ten minutes and I need to be at school" I say packing my stuff.

"If I could drive I'd take you" Niall said.

"I can walk but its 15 minutes, I'd be late" I say putting everything in the bag and almost heading out the door.

"Here" he said giving me some money.

"A cab is outside" he said.

"No way I'll walk" I couldn't take his money.

"You'll pay me later" he said

"Fine just cause I'm late" I say. "Thank you you’re a life savior!" I say giving him a fast hug.

"Welcome" he said.

*At Lunch time*

“Hey Di” my friend really the only trustworthy friend that wasn’t looking to meet one direction or that just wanted an autograph she wanted to know me.

“Hey Jennie” I say as she sits down beside me and we eat lunch together.

“Cute boy 12-o-clock!” she said “staring right at ya”

“He’s okay” I say not really interested.

“He’s the school hottie and he’s interested” she said looking me in the eye, “you are going out with him” she said so determanded.

“Jennie..” I say I had to tell her. “I need to talk to you” I say “ok, so like you know how I run in the morning, well today someone joined me..” I say. “It was..:” I should tell her “Niall”

“O M G” she said with her mouth open “please don’t tell me you have feelings for him Di.. he’s a superstar”

“I know I told myself the same thing but.. I can’t help it..”

“Well then you need to back off for a while you can’t fall for him”

“You’re right”

*three days later, 3rd of October*

“We’re only here for another two weeks then we are going on tour” Harry told my sister, I could see the pain in her eyes as they hugged tight.

“Hope” I say “You’re gunna be late to class” I say pointing at the clock. It was a Wednesday so I had finished my classes it was 2:30 and Hope had class from 2:40-4:40.

“Yeah you’re right” I say “can you-“

“Take care of her” Danielle said cutting me off “of course sweetie” she said “go” as Hope closed the door.

“Harry your mom called she wants to see you” Louis said.

“Ok, better be going I’ll be back” Harry said good bye to everyone. Harry and I had a cool friendship.

“Byebye curly fry” I joke.

“Goodbye little soccerjock” he said patting my head as I playfully punch him

“drive safe” I say to him.

“So hows school?” Perrie asked.

“Good, very good, cute boys” I say with a wink. I could’ve sworn I saw Niall frown when I said cute boys…

“Great, when will we meet a special boy” Louis said playing around.

“I don’t know…” I say honestly “not soon though, I’m concentrating on my studies and the track team, and the soccer team.. and the basketball team…” I say.

“We got a player!” Zayn said patting my back.

“Well I hate to show off…” I say with a girn.

“Well let’s see how much you’re worth, soccer match, girls vs boys” Louis said.

“Not fair, mix one boy and three girls and three boys and one girl” I say.

“Fine..” Louis agrees.

“I choose Eleanor on our team and we give you Zayn” Louis said.
“Everyone agrees?” I ask and everyone nodded “deal” I say.
The girls and I go change into some shorts and the match is on.

“WOHOOO!” Danielle shouts. “2-1” she grins “nice kick Di! You’re good!” Everyone was looking at me.

“Thank you..”

“Niall go to goal!” I hear Louis shouting.

“Perrie be careful with Louis, he’s ‘the secret weapon’!” I shout at her.

“Copy” she shouts back.

Our back yard was pretty big and I begged Hope to buy me a hoop and a soccer goal and she’s the best so she bought me.

The ball was on the other side. “Why have you been ignoring me?” Niall asks, not now.. I took Jennies advice and I backed off.

“I had too” I say

“Why?” he asks innocently.

“BECAUSE!” I raise my voice. “Look” I lower my voice back to normal. “Niall, I don’t know what you want but this, us, cant happen.” I say straight and clear.

“Why not?”

“Look, I already have problems at school having something with you would make things worse, it’s not your fault” I say “bathroom!” I yell and go inside..

“What’s going on in school?” Niall asks me.

“Bullied” I say.

“I thought that stopped”

“Different kind” I say.

“What is happening?” He said taking my arm.

“Its about Hope and Harry”

“How can they have anything to do with…?” he asked.

“Sit down..” I tell him.

“There is a huge group called the Anti-One Direction and Directioner Power. Well one hates one direction and knowing that I basically live with them my life is pretty much screwed but that’s not the worst the other group the directioners… they don’t like the idea of Hope dating Harry so they take it off on me” I say lifting my shirt at the back to show him a bruise.

“Oh my god, Di are you okay? That must hurt so much!” Niall said coming close to me.

“Don’t tell, anyone not even Hope or Harry” I tell him.

“I have too” Niall said “I care too much to see you get hurt because of us”

“Hey its not your fault! They are some bitches that don’t have anything else to do, and the fact that all the boys are after me don’t help, you know I’m that girl that in lunches I play soccer with the guys and I do that cause they get me and there is no drama. But the girls don’t like that”

“It is our fault, we hang out with you” Niall said, “now I get why you backed off, and I’ll back off too” Niall said,-

“DON’T” I didn’t plan on saying that it just came out, “running with you a few days ago, I felt good, talking to you, I can open up I can just go to you and tell you anything and I don’t have a lot of friends like that, you get me and I get you” I say.

“Well then I’m talking to those girls in your school tomorrow, I’ll meet you at your lunch time”

I couldn’t fight it I needed someone to make it stop.

*Lunch time the day after, October 4th*

My phone buzzed.

From: Nialler ;D
Where are you? Im at the front door meet me here?

From: Diamond
I’ll be right there.

We met and Niall went to talk to the girls he didn’t let me in, most just asked for pictures and I bet didn’t even care what he came to say…

It was the end of the day Niall had left and talked to the girla and I as walking home when.. it happened…

“So you bring your little Niall to protect you?” a girl said “STAY AWAY FROM HIM BITCH!” she screamed and then she started to hit me.

Calling Nialler ;D
Voice mail:
Niall help I need you I’m one block from school. Fast.
I wasn’t sure he’d come, but a few minutes later he came.

“Diamond” Niall came running.

“It’s fine” I say “just bring me home” it was 3:45.

“Of course.” He says picking me up baby style, luckily no one spotted him so there were no flashing cameras or anything, Niall was able to bring me up to my room without anyone noticing.

“What happened?” Niall asked.

“The girls” I say “they said” I coughed “to stay away from you”

“Sorry” he said I could swear there were tears about to fall “this is all my fault, if you didn’t know me you wouldn’t have been beaten up like this” he says “its all my-“

“Shhh” I interrupted him “im glad we met, I’m glad I know you” I say leaning up no matter how much it hurt and cleared the tears that were falling from his face. “Promise me you wont leave me, not now” I tell him.

“I wont” he said holding my hand.

“Good” I say. “because I care for you too”

Our faces started coming closer as our lips met. We were interrupted by someone opening the door we broke contact immediately.

“What’s happening here?” Hope said with Harry behind her. And I lipped Niall ‘don’t tell her’


Hey guys here is the perspective of Niall and Diamond! :D Guys you should read this story i really like it you should read it :D
Hope you liked the chapter!
p.s i didnt update cuz we had a huge New Years party and i had to clean up a lot :s buuttt here it is!" ayayay <3


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