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The First Day

"Brooke. Wake up." I woke up to see Niall standing beside my bed. "We are leaving in an hour to find Harry a girl for this week. Be ready by then." And with that he left. I got up and went over to the dresser and saw some clothes. I guess that was for all the other girls who stayed here. Classy. I picked out am outfit and went to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed me hen ingot out I realized I had nothing to do with my hair and I didn't have any makeup so I thought mabey I could go see if Nicole had any.

I walked to her and Harry's room and knocked on the door. Nicole opened the door and I assumed Harry wasn't in there. "Hey Brooke. Do you need so,etching love ?" She asked. "Yea. I was getting ready and realized I don't have anything to do my hair or makeup with. Can I borrow something of yours ?" "Sure. Just come this way." She led me to a bathroom. It was huge. I assumed Harry and her shared it.
She handed me a straightener, some face powder, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. "Thanks Nicole." "Oh no problem love. Look I understand this must be hard for you. If you ever need anything just let me and Harry know and we would be glad to help. I don't really agree with what Niall and Harry do, but Harry provides for me and is sweet at heart so I kinda have to go with it. Your actually the first girl I like that either if them have brought home." "Wow. Thanks Nicole. That means alout. I'll talk to you later. Gotta go finish getting ready. Again. Thanks for everything." I went and finished getting ready and walked downstairs to see niall siting at the table with his laptop. He seemed to be concentrating on something. "I'm ready." Niall looked up at me and looked me over and gave a slight nod of approval. What was that supposed to mean ? I didn't focus on it to much though. "Are you hungry ?" He asked breaking me out of my thoughts. "Yea a little." "There is some bacon left over from Harry this morning sitting on the counter. Just warm it up and you can have it." I nodded my head. He left the room and I ate a few pieces of bacon. He came back with his SnapBack, tennis shoes, and keys. "Let's go. We're meeting Harry at headquarters." What the hell was head quarters ?
we had already picked Harry up. I didn't go in headquarters. Well actually neither did Niall. Harry was already outside waiting. It just looked like any other normal house, the only thing weird about it was it was back in the woods and there was a pass coded gate to enter. Okay so mabey that's not normal ? We had been in the car for 45 minuets now that we have picked Harry up. Niall and Harry were having their own conversation in the front. I couldn't really hear anything they were saying. They would just bust out in laughter every once in awhile. I gave up trying to even hear what they were saying.

We finally got to wherever we were going. It was now about 1:00 in the afternoon. We were at some rundown gas stop. We parked around back which I found odd. Anyway we got out of the car and started walking. I still didn't know where we were going. I feel like the guys had forgotten I was even here. They had walked ahead and I was following behind. "Do y'all even know I'm back here ?" I asked. "Yup. Your about to come into use too." Niall responded. I rolled my eyes. we got to the opening of an alley and I saw a really pretty girl. (Look in characters) She looked rich and snobby though. I can't stand those type of girls. She seemed drunk. "Ok. Brooke your gonna follow her make sure to make a little noise to distract her. Well just like I did to you pretty much" he chuckled at that. "That's just hilarious." I responded sarcastically meh gave me an evil look. "Anyway and we'll be at the end of the alley with the cloth." We went with the plan, and honestly since she was one of those preppy girls I didn't real bad about it. Is that wrong ? Nahhhh.

We got home and by that time she was already getting on my last damn nerves. Constantly asking "where am I ?" "Where's my cell phone ?" "My dad will sue you." Ugh. Just shut up already. If they got girls like this all the time I might be able to actually get used to this gang thing. And the thought I have to live with this thing for awhile. OMG. Someone kill me now. Me, Niall, and Harry took her up to an extra room and locked the door so she would stay in there. Thank god. I turned to Niall. Harry had already ran off to Nicole. "How long will she be here ?" I asked Niall. "I don't know, but I hope not long. She's so damn annoying." "Thank god someone understands me. OMG. I'm not gonna be able to take her for long." "Ha ! Me too !" I just kinda stood there and looked in his eyes. Is it bad I think he's cute ? No Brooke. Your not saying this. I looked down at the ground. "Well I'm gonna go shower. Those alleys make me feel grossss !" "Ok he responded. Then he winked. Did he just wink at me ? Ummm ok. Why did I enjoy that so much ?


Lol. Long chapter today since I didn't update all weekend. Sorry about that !
Also every week I'm gonna ask y'all a question about the story and I want y'all to answer so I can see y'all's opinions ! Who knows ? Some of y'all's answers may be in the plot of the story ! I just like hearing y'all's feedback ! Also I'm giving this credit where credit is due: I got this idea from another writer on here

what do you think of Nicole and the new girl ?


Hi y'all ! I'm the person who wrote this story. Seriously, not lying. It won't let me log onto my account for some reason, which is why I havnt updated. Do y'all have any suggestions on how you would like me to continue this story ? If so just reply to this comment and ill use the best suggestion (: thanks Xx
Mrs.Horan_KCS Mrs.Horan_KCS
Love this soooo much!!! Please update!!
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Still want an update y'all ???
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Hopefully an update coming tomorrow ! (:
July2310 July2310
Great story plz update:)

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