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Wake Up

I woke up in a car. It was still dark so apparently it was still night. Then it hit me. I just realized I didn't know who's car I was in, where I was, or who was driving the car. I setup fast and got super light headed. I couldn't remember anything. What had happened to me ? "Who are you ?" I asked the driver. No answer. "Tell me who you are." I demended. "Hmmm. I see I got a fiesty one this time Harry." The driver said. Just now did I realize that not only was it me and the driver, but it was me, the driver, and a passenger.
"Please. just tell me who you are."

"I'm Niall." The driver responded.

"What are you gonna do to me ?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out."

He looked in the rear view mirror at me and winked. I decided to just keep quiet so it wouldn't get any worse.
About 45 minuets later we arrived at a house. It was really nice. I could tell it was not cheap. It certainly didn't connect with my first impressions of Niall and Harry. I pictured a more run down house that was practically failing in... So this was a huge shocker to me.

Next thing I knew, I was being practically drug out of the car by Niall. It had seemed that Harry ran ahead and into the house already. Niall got really close to me, which scared me alout.

"Look darlin'. We can do this the easy way, and you can cooperate, or we can do it the hard way. And trust me love... You don't wanna know about the hard way." He whispered into my ear. All I could do was nod my head. I knew if I wanted to live I would have to go by his rules.

He drug me into the house and once we got in he let go of me. "Go sit on the couch." He demanded me. I didn't argue, so I went to sit on the couch. He ran up the stairs. Why ? I don't know. He came back down the stairs a couple minuets later in some sweatpants and a tshirt. He was holding in his hand another pair of sweatpants and a tshirt.

"Here g put these on, and when you get back ill tell you while your here. The bathroom is up the stairs and the last room on the left." He threw the clothes at me. I guess I had just now realized I was still in my party dress. I agreed and ran up the stairs. I started going down the hallway when Harry and some girl came out of what looked like a girls bedroom.

"Oh. Hi. Umm what's your name ?" Harry asked.

"Brooke. Yours is Harry right ?"

"Yes. And this is my girlfriend Nicole." He looked at Nicole and she looked at me and smiled. Yeah. They seemed like a happy couple. "Look I'm gonna give you some advice Brooke. As long as you do what Niall says, you won't get hurt. He's been through alout and that's why he's like this now. I like you. You seem to be a sweet, and innocent girl. you will be fine as long as you agree with Niall. I promise. If you ever need anything just let me know."

"Oh. Wow. Thanks." I smiled in response then he just walked away. Hmmm. I like him. He seems nice. I guess if I'm gonna be stuck here atleast I have someone to talk to.

Anyway, I kept walking and for the bathroom and changed. I walked back down the stairs with my shoes and dress in my hand and threw them on the couch.

"Ok. You said you'd tell me so spill it."

"Ok. First off what's your name ?" Niall said.


"ok Brooke. I'm in a gang and we have to bring a new member of the gang to our leader very week. Your my choice for this week."

"Oh so after this week I can go home ?"

"oh no love. Your in this gang forever now." Did he just call me love ? Ok. Weird.

"No. I can't. I-I... No. I just can't."

"We'll you have to. " I just sat there in shock. "Well I'm going to bed. There's a guest room up the stairs and the first room on the right. You can sleep there tonight. I'll wake you up sometime in the morning." And with that he left.


I'll probably have 2 chapters up today (: got a long bus ride to a football game tonight so ill probably right on the way there (: hope you enjoy ! Tanks for all the reads and comments. I really love hearing y'all's feedback and thoughts so make sure to comment and let me know (:


Hi y'all ! I'm the person who wrote this story. Seriously, not lying. It won't let me log onto my account for some reason, which is why I havnt updated. Do y'all have any suggestions on how you would like me to continue this story ? If so just reply to this comment and ill use the best suggestion (: thanks Xx
Mrs.Horan_KCS Mrs.Horan_KCS
Love this soooo much!!! Please update!!
swimprincessj swimprincessj
Still want an update y'all ???
July2310 July2310
Hopefully an update coming tomorrow ! (:
July2310 July2310
Great story plz update:)

Luv2Sing Luv2Sing