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Perfect Act

All Dolled Up

Bellas PoV
After possibly the shortest plane ride ever -seriously- we were all in taxis on the way back home. Holding Harry's hand, when we got back home we stepped out of the taxi and went around to get our bags. As our coming home date was unknown to everyone, there weren't many paparazzi, but someone had seen us at the airport so they still were a fare few.

Where did you go?
What did you do?

One thing I hadn't missed were the non stop questions.

"We went back to Melbourne then we went to the beach for a while." I answered them.

Any news since you've been gone?
Little Mix are coming back to Australia soon, Zayn do you have any comments?
Is Berry still going strong?
Looking a little thin Bella.

Shit. I took a quick glance at Harry but his face told me he hadn't heard that last comment. I looked at all the others and came to the same conclusion. But then I looked at Louis' face, it was the same expression it had been on the plane. I avoided eye contact with him as we went back into my apartment.

~~~1 weeks later~~~~

"Milk, butter, eggs, bread....." I looked through my bag, seeing that I had everything I came for. After paying I left the store and, not looking where I was going, crashed into someone.

"Shit sorry." I mumbled. When I look up my eyes widened as I realised I was staring at Taylor Swift.

"Bella! Oh I'm so glad I bumped into you I've wanted to meet you for a while." She smiled and I just smiled back, in shock a little at what was happening. It's not like I'm some fan of hers or anything (I like her music though) but I never really expected to be in this situation.

"Oh," I managed to choke out.

"Are you free tonight? I was gonna go clubbing." I remembered I had plans with Harry.

"Umm sorry I'm actually busy." Her smile fell a little.

"That's too bad, but give me a call if plans change." We exchanged numbers before she left and I stood there, wondering if that had just happened. I shrugged and walked back home.

Bella, feel like giving us any more details on Eleanor and Louis' break up?

I rolled my eye. Of course El and Louis got me to tell the press that they had broken up.

"I already told you everything." I called over my shoulder, looking through my bag for my key, I was almost at the apartment.

Bella, any more gossip?
Are you and Harry still going strong?
Was that Taylor swift you were talking to?
Where did those scratches come from?
You look a little skinny?
Are you alright?
Are you eating enough?

I sped up my pace and rushed into the apartment building, ignoring the pap's questions. When I got into the apartment I breathed a sigh of relief. Leaving the groceries on the bench and in the fridge, I walked upstairs, about to go into Harry's room and watch a movie until he got back.

"You okay." I jumped at Louis' voice.

"Shit you scared me." I smiled, avoiding his question. He didn't smile back.

"Bella we need to talk." Those words sent fire throughout my body. We need to talk. Those words are never good.

"Okay sure, what about?" I asked casually.

"What about? You've gotta be shitting me." His humourless laugh sent a shiver down my spine. I gulped.

"What do you want to talk about Louis." He narrowed his eyes at me.

"What's going on with you Bella."

"What do you mean?" I kept a perfect level of innocence in my voice.

"I mean what the fuck is going on with you." I flinched at his harsh tone.

"Care to be a little more specific." I faked a little annoyance in my voice.

"Bella you're not yourself and you know it. Your skipping meals and do you see how thin you've gotten?" His tone softened at the end. I almost laughed. Skinny? Me, skinny? Yeah right.

"Louis I honestly don't know what your talking about." At that moment was so grateful for my ability to be so fake without people noticing. I could see him believing me, but he blinked and shook his head.

"Bullshit." He spoke through gritted teeth. "I'm trying to help you Bella-"

"I don't need your help." I snapped, cutting him off. My tone obviously surprised him. "I am perfectly fine Louis I don't know what you think's going on but I can assure you that you are wrong. Now get out of my way." He glared at me, not breaking eye contact, for about a minute straight, but then we heard Harry come through the door and he shook his head, muttering something under his breath and stormed off into his room. Harry came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around me. My body was all tense and Harry immediately noticed and stepped in front of me.

"What's wrong?" His eyes showed nothing but concern.

"Nothing." I shook my head, but I was too distracted to put on a fake face. Harry always falls for my fake faces, just one more second and I would have been fine.

"Bella stop lying to me." He sighed, already frustrated, as he pulled me into his room, shutting the door behind him.

"I'm not." That voice alone would usually be enough to convince him but he already knew something was up.

"For Gods sake Bella why don't you trust me?" I blinked and took a step back, as if his words had actually impacted me physically.

"Y-you think I don't trust you?" My voice was barely a whisper and filled with sadness. He shook his head and shrugged.

"Well everyone seems to know you better then I do and you won't tell me what's going on so obviously you don't trust me." He thinks I don't trust him?

"I do trust you Harry." I tried to promise him.

"Then why does everyone else know you better then I do?" His words held venom that he had obviously been keeping in for a while.

"What do you mean? You know me better then so many people do." I told him truthfully.

"That's fucking bullshit and you know it." He hissed. I didn't respond, I just blinked and tried to think of what to say. "How can you say I know you so well when everyone else knows you better."

"Give me an example." I snapped back. "If everyone else knows me soooo well then give me an example and I'll give you an explanation." I pursed my lips.

"Riley." Is he serious?

"Riley?! You mean the guy I have known my whole life! The guy I grew up with! What do you expect Harry of course he knows me really well. Just because he knows me doesn't mean that you don't." He is not seriously using Riley against me.

"Oh okay so apparently me and Riley both know you well." He mimicked my voice. "So only the people in love with you get to know you?" Huh? "Well no that wouldn't make sense since apparently Louis knows you better. And I'm sure Zayn and Liam both know things I don't, guess they're your 'go to guy though. Who else.....I'm sure you could think of reasons why anyone knows you well Bella. You can make excuses for anything. So tell me this, why don't I know you well." His words dripped with anger, anger I had never seen directed towards me.

"You do." I whispered, not meeting eye contact with him. Maybe he doesn't realise, but he does know me, so much better then anyone. "You do know me Harry. Why can't you see that?" My voice was filled with confusion and sorrow.

"How can I see that? How can I see that 'I know you' when you're obviously keeping things from me. I love you Bella and I thought you loved me so why are you keeping things from me?"

"You thought I loved you? YOU THOUGHT?!" I completely disregarded everything else he had just said. "What, you don't think I love you anymore? Is that what this is about?"

"No! Fuck Bella I didn't say that!" He shouted.

"Well ya kinda did!" I sassed at him.

"No I didn't, don't put words into my mouth! That's not even what this is about, this is about the fact that you won't tell me anything and something is very obviously going on with you." The anger slowly drained from his voice.

"There's nothing going on with me Harry." I said for what felt like the hundredth time I have spoken those words recently. He shook his head and looked at me sadly.

"If you can't trust me then why are we even together." His words hit me like a slap to the face and I turned away from him, attempting to hide the tears in my eyes.

I could feel my heart pumping, louder and faster then it should be. My breathing was suddenly taking a lot of effort to control. I hugged my arms around my body, feeling my breaths become quicker and more shallow.

"Get out Harry." I spoke with as much calmness as I could muster. He needed to leave. I could feel the panic setting in. I've had a panic attack only a few time in my life, but when I get them they are horrible. The first time I broke down and cut up my wrist with a meat knife. The second I smashed everything breakable within my range. The third I don't even want to say. My panic attacks are not good when I get them, and I need Harry to leave so I can calm myself down before I do another thing I'll regret.

"What? No, I didn't mean that I'm sorry please don't make me leave." The desperation in his voice was clear but I needed him to leave me alone.

"Get. Out." I repeated.

"I'm not leaving. Please just talk to me." He pleaded. I heard him take a step towards me.

"Get out. Please just leave me alone for a bit." I started to shake as the emotions from my mind started to take control of my body. I brought my hand up to my head in a fist, trying as hard as I could to calm down. My heart beat became the loudest thing in the room, along with a constant high pitched sound that rang through my ears. My vision became disoriented as tears swam in my eyes, begging for me to let them fall. Practically chocking on my own breathing, I felt the real panic start to set in.

"I'm not leaving Bella. For gods sake would you just look at me!" That's when I snapped. I turned around so fast it was almost in-human.

"I SAID GET OUT!," No longer in control of my body, my fist struck out beside me, smashing into the window. The sound of the shattered glass falling to the floor, the look of shock in Harry's eyes, the pain in my hand, it became to much. So I ran past Harry, ignoring his voice calling my name behind me. I ran down the stairs and out of the apartment, my sole thought being to just get out.

Louis PoV
I shook my head and fiddled with my thumbs. I need to talk to Harry. Or Eliza. Talking to Bella got me nowhere and something needs to be done before what ever is going on gets out of hand. I was snapped from my thoughts when I heard muffled yelling from Harry's room. Shit....I jumped up when I heard glass smashing and Bella yelling very clearly. I ran from my room just in time to see Bella sprinting out of Harry's room and down the stairs. Before I could even follow her the front door slammed.

"Bella!" Harry ran frantically out of the room and down the stairs, but I heard him curse loudly and no door was opened. I went down the stairs and cautiously walked over to Harry.

"Harry?" He turned around and looked at me with red rimmed eyes.

"Fuck. FUCK!" He slammed his fist against the door and cursed again. "Shit Louis what did I do fuck! I told her that if she didn't trust me, why were we even together? I mean what the fuck! Why did I say that." He looked at me like I might actually have the answer. "Fucking shit! She left, where did she go fuck would she go?"


An hour later, after everyone came back home and called Bella at least 10 times each, leaving her voicemails and texts, we didn't know what to do.

"Harry maybe we should just give her some space." Dani suggested quietly. He whipped around to her, his green eyes rimmed with a line of black as he started to yell at her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, we don't need to give her space I need to find her! What if she's hurt? You want to give her some fucking space? Are you serious?!" Dani shrunk back and Liam stepped in front of her protectively.

"Harry you need to calm the fuck down. We are all worried about her but she'll be fine she just needs to cool off. And you know while you're in the mood for talking, or rather yelling-" He glared angrily at him. "-maybe you can explain what you did to make her run off instead of lashing out at my girlfriend." He was about to say more but Dani stepped in front of him and shook her head, and he left whatever he was going to say unspoken.

"I-I....sorry Dani." He mumbled before quickly disappearing from the room and going upstairs.

"Really Liam? You had to yell at him, I mean seriously what good did you think would come from yelling at him, he's obviously stressed just cut him some slack." El snapped at Liam. He didn't bother to respond.


Another 20 minutes and my phone buzzed. I got it out quicker then I ever had, praying it would be a text from Bella, but it was just a notification. My shoulders slumped as I saw the article.

Bella Ramos and Taylor Swift Hit the Clubs HARD!
Singer Taylor Swift and our favourite Aussie girl Bella Ramos seem to know each other. The two have been seen at a club for the past hour dancing carelessly and not holding back on the drinks. We ask ourselves though, why isn't Harry Styles with her? Neighbours say they heard yelling coming from the apartment not long before Bella arrived at the club with Taylor. Surely Styles can't be happy with Bella's clothing choice and we don't usually see Bella with make-up, much less this amount. Is everything going okay with the beloved couple 'Berry Stymos.' If everything is supposably fine, why so many drinks?
Click below for pictures.

I clicked the link and saw Bella and Taylor in multiple pictures drinking, laughing and dancing. Thankfully there were no pictures with Bella with any guys and I hoped that she wouldn't do anything too stupid.
Harry came down the stairs looking at his phone with dull eyes.


"Don't. Just don't." He shook his head and sat down on the couch, letting his head fall into his hands.

Harry's PoV
1:30am. She's been at the club for way over 5 hours. I mean seriously how much can one person drink and dance? I know she can hold her liquor but she's a small girl and I don't know how much her body can handle. What if someone takes advantage of her? She was caked in make-up and wearing a dress that I would never let her wear. What if she went home with some guy...no, I can't think like that. I told everyone else to go to bed over an hour ago but I stayed waiting on the staircase, hoping that she'll come through the door any second and jump into my arms, telling me how much she loves me, but I know that won't happen.

Fifteen minutes later I heard the door knob rattling and being fiddled with, then an annoyed groan from Bella. Bella. I shot up and was about to go to the door when Zayn appeared, opening the door for Bella. I guess he stayed up waiting too. Bella practically fell into Zayn and he hooked her arm around his shoulders, supporting what I'm guessing was all of her weight.

"Don't do that again. Do you know how worried we were." He scolded her quietly, while I stayed in the shadows on the staircase and watched.

"Ugh yyou wouldn't stop callllling and I wanted to be awayyyy from you and Harrry and everyonnne and Hharry." She slurred, clearly still very drunk.

"You should have called back." He muttered. "C'mon I'll take you upstairs to Harry." At this Bella jumped away from Zayn and started to fall over, but her caught her before she hit the floor.

"No no don't take me to Harry." My heart broke and I momentarily closed my eyes, telling myself over and over that she was drunk. "Please Zayn don't take me to Harry I don't what him to see me like this please he'll be so mad please don't take me to him don't let him see me like this please." Her voice cracked and my eyes became wet with tears. Zayn sighed and nodded, giving in to Bella's desperate pleading voice.

"Okay, I won't take you to Harry." I watched as he set her on the couch and gave her a large glass of water which she gulped down greedily. "Do you want me to take you to your room or you can stay with me?" He asked her. Oh hell no I don't care how brotherly he is she is not staying in bed with him. She shook her head and my heart rate slowed back down.

"No I really want a showerr, I'm all sweaty. Can you help." She asked in a voice so innocent I found myself gaping that she didn't even realise what she was asking.

"Umm....." Zayn scratched the back of his head awkwardly.

"Please just help me get to the shower and get this dress off pleeeeesse Harry won't be mad I promise." She gave him her puppy dog eyes and to no surprise he gave in.

"Fine" He groaned unhappily, helping her up and to the bathroom. Oh fuck no he is not going to undress her. Over my dead body. He ended up just carrying her to the bathroom and flicked on the light switch.
"Can you unzip my dress?" She asked. He sighed and started to unzip it, that's when he noticed me.

Zayns PoV
"Can you unzip my dress?" Bella, completely plastered, asked. I don't want to undress her, Harry would get so fucking pissed if I did that, but I knew I was no match for Bellas puppy dog face. Still holding her up, I found the zip of the dress and started to pull it down, then I saw Harry. He was standing mainly in the shadows near the stairs with a pained expression on his face. I flicked my head to tell him to come over but he looked at Bella and shook her head.

"She's completely wasted she won't even know." I whispered. He sighed and came over to us, taking Bella and supporting her weight, which honestly there wasn't much of.

"Unzip the dress." The anger and hurt was clear in Harry's voice but I unzipped the dress anyway. Bella was just looking around the room and if I didn't know her like I do I would think she was high, though I know she's just really drunk. Harry lifted Bella up from the ground a little and I pulled the dress down, leaving it just outside the bathroom. When I looked to Bella I frowned a little. She's fairly skinny, though I guess she was always skinny. Was she this skinny though? She couldn't have been, no way was she this thin when she met her, when did she get so thin and how did I not notice? I looked back up to Harry but he was focused on Bella's face. I decided that this was a discussion for another day.

"I think you can take it from here." I gestured to Bella standing there in her underwear.

"Yeah." He nodded and I left the room, going back to my own and, like every night, Perrie came to mind. She would know what to do if she was here.

Harry's PoV
I held Bella's body up with one arm.

"You wanna have a shower baby?" I asked her softly.

"Yeah that would be nice." She hummed lightly.

"Mmkay, I'm gonna take off your underwear, is that okay." Again she just smiled and nodded. Since when did she know Taylor Swift and who the fuck did she think she was, getting Bella completely shitfaced. I gently un clasped her bra and slid it off her arms, leaving the lingerie bra on the floor, next slipping the panties down her legs, leaving her naked in front of me. I tryed not to focus on her body and instead took my clothes off, stepping into the shower and letting Bella attempt to steady herself. Once the water temperature was nice and hot, like Bella likes it, I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close to me, under the water. She closed her eyes and sighed, leaning into me and telling me how much she liked warm showers.

Frowning, I took a washcloth and started to wash off all the makeup she had on.

"You don't need all this shit." I shook my head, astounded by how much was caked onto her gorgeous face.

"Uh-huh! Without it I'm not pretty like all the other girls but with it I don't look as bad." I stared sadly at her beautiful face, the make up now mostly off.

"None of the other girls even compare to you baby. Your the most beautiful there is." She didn't respond, just shook her head lightly. I pulled her closer to me and wrapped by arms around her, letting the hot water run over our bodies.

"I love you Bella and you are gorgeous. Don't ever forget it."


After a long time the hot water started to run out so I turned the taps off and wrapped Bella in a big towel. I sat her down on the edge of the bathtub and dried her off before slipping my boxers and t-shirt onto her, her damp hair leaving a small circle of water on the top.

"Let's go to bed." I pulled on some stuff that I for some reason had left in the bathroom previously and carried Bella up to my room, placing her gently on the bed and crawling in next to her. I held her as close as I could to me and enjoyed the closeness while she buried her head in my chest.

"I'm sorry Harry." Her voice was quiet and I wasn't sure if she was still drunk or if I wasn't meant to hear, but I don't want her apologising to me.

"Don't apologise baby. I love you."


The next morning when I woke up, not surprisingly, Bella was still asleep. I quietly got out of bed and left the room, going downstairs where everyone else already was. All heads turned to me the second I walked in.

"Is she okay?" El was the first to speak up.

"She's sleeping." I didn't give her a proper answer.

"When did she get home?" Niall asked, sounding concerned.

"Late." I mumbled. "She got home very late, and very drunk." I cringed at the memory of her asking Zayn to help her shower. I refused to make eye contact with any of them.

"Harry why did she leave." Dani asked, a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"We had a fight." I didn't elaborate any more on that, I just walked to kitchen to get breakfast, ignoring the looks from everyone, especially Louis and Zayn.


By 2 o'clock everyone was doing their own thing. My phone started to ring; Simon. Great
"Hello Simon." I spoke glumly into the phone.

"Harry, I was wondering if you could get Bella to come in for a little today." Instantly I shook my head.

"Uh uh, no way." I am not letting him yell at her.

"Calm down Harry I just want to talk to her." After 5 minutes I agreed to get Bella to go in when she woke up. The second I hung up the phone I heard footsteps and Bella emerged from the hallway. She had bags under her eyes, her hair was messy, she looked like she was about to fall asleep and my clothes were all crumpled, yet she still looked beautiful. She stopped a few meters away from me and fiddled with her fingers, not looking at me.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was horse from the lack of sleep and the amount of alcohol she had consumed, but I could hear the worry clear as day. I walked forwards and wrapped my arms around her body, and her small arms hugged my waist. I rested my head in the crook of her neck.

"I love you so much Bella." I whispered, lightly kissing her skin.

"I'm so sorry." She repeated, her arms tightening around me. I moved my head so our noses were touching and I was looking into her eyes.

"Don't apologise." I was an ass and I didn't leave when she told me to so its my fault. "Please can we forget about it. I hate fighting with you." I begged. She nodded and I kissed her softly.

"Simon wanted you to go in to speak to him." I hesitantly said after pulling away.

"Oh...." I could see the nervousness in her eyes.

"He just wants to talk." I promised. She sighed and nodded.


Bellas PoV
I fucked up. I fucked up really bad and the worste part is Harry isn't even acting mad about it. I stayed out 'till god knows when drinking and dancing and he just wants to forget about it? Why the fuck is he with me, he can do so much better. I can't even remember most of last night, god I hope I didn't do anything too stupid. I got dressed to go to Simon and left the apartment. Immediately paperazzi surrounded me. All the voices and camera flashed made my head pound.

Bella why did you go out last night?

Fuck, I might as well answer them.

"I met Taylor and we decided to go out and have some fun." I smiled.

Why didn't Harry go with you.

"It's was a girls night."

Where did that scratch come from?

"Book shelf funnily enough." I laughed.

Are you and Harry okay?

"Me and Harry are great." I was glad I had sunglasses on because otherwise the distress in my eyes would have been obvious.

Are you meeting Taylor again.

"I dunno." I shrugged honestly.

Bella you are incredibly thin, have you been eating enough.

I pretended not to hear that one and instead got in a taxi.


I knocked on the door of Simon's office.

"Come in," His load voice boomed through the door. I hesitantly opened the door and walked in, sitting down opposite him.

"Ah Bella. Nice to see you're up." He smiled jokingly.

"Yup." I popped the 'p' nervously and looked around.

"Can we talk about last night?" He raised his eyebrows and I nodded, waiting for him to start yelling. I assumed he would call me irresponsible, stupid and a variety of other words. Simon has become like an actual uncle to me but that also means he's become a little protective. "Why did you go out and drink more then your body should be able to handle?" What? I blinked.

"Um..me and Harry had a fight." It sounded quite childish when I said it.

"Do I need to talk to him?" He asked, completely serious. I furrowed my eyebrows, confused.

"Didn't you make me come in to yell at me?" I asked before I could think. He laughed. Actually laughed.

"No, of course not. I wanted to know what was going on. I saw all the articles and needed to check to make sure you were okay. Do you want me to do anything about all the paparazzi? They seem to follow you a fair bit." I shook my head.

"Na they don't really bother me that much." I shrugged. He nodded thoughtfully, then hesitated as if pondering whether or not to say something.

"Are you alright Bella?" I put on a confused innocent face that instantly fooled him and I knew even before answering that he would be able to let it go quickly.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Nothin, nothing. If you ever need to talk to someone you know I'm here right?" His words warmed my heart, I loved the relationship I had with Simon. I really trusted him and even though he seemed all tough he was really just a big sweetie.

"I know. Thankyou." He smiled and nodded.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, actually I was meant to tell you a few weeks ago..whoops, but tomorrow there is going to be a large formal dinner, I'm not going to bore you with the details of what it is and why we have to go but the boys have to go and I know Harry would want to take you. You think you'll be up to it?" He asked. A formal dinner. Sure why not.

"Yeah sure. How formal exactly is it?"

"Well you would have to come here and get your hair and makeup and dress done by professionals, and a lot of big business people you've probably never heard of will be there. Honestly all you have to do is show up and enjoy the night."



I avoided most of the others for the rest of the day, too afraid of what would happen if I talked to one of them, Louis especially. Unfortunately at about 6:30 I went to get some water and Louis was in the kitchen. I stopped and was about to turn around but he looked up. We stared at eachother for about a minute before he spoke.

"Hey." There were so many emotions in that one word I couldn't even pick them out.

"Hey." I gave him a failed attempt at a smile. We stood like that for another minute before his shoulders dropped and he sighed.

"Come 'ere." He held his arms out and I willingly walked into them, letting him wrap his arms around me and hug me tightly.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, not entirely sure what I was apologising for. Disappearing last night, snapping at him when he confronted me, lying to him. All I guess.

"Don't be sorry just don't do it again, we were all so worried. You should have talked to one of us instead of disappearing. You should have talked to me. You know I love you Bella and so do the others. Talk to us, don't block us out." His words brought tears to my eyes and I blinked repeatedly to make them go away.

"Okay." I nodded and pulled away. He smiled softly at me and kissed my forehead.

"Why don't you go get Harry and the others and we'll figure out something for dinner, k?" I nodded and walked away.


"I don't even understand what we are going to." Harry complained as we drove to some fashion studio thing where we all had to get ready.

"Don't whine to me I know no more then you do." I laughed at him.

"At least girls like getting all dolled up. I just have to stand there in a suit and tie. How interesting." He remarked sarcastically.

"Oh shut up, we're here now. I'll see you once I'm 'all dolled up'." I mimicked his earlier words.

"Have fun, I love you." He leaned over and kissed me gently before we got out of the car and walked into two small buildings next to each other. As soon as he turned away from me I let the smile drop off my face. Everyone was being so nice today. Way too nice for what I deserve.

"Ms. Ramos if you go into that room right there Simon and your stylists are waiting for you." Some smily lady in white looked up brightly at me.

"Simons here?" I asked, curious.

"Yes he picked out the dress especially for you." Her smile was so big and plasticised it made me cringe just looking at her. I thanked her politely and went into the room she told me to.

"Miss, it's lovely to meet you." I gave a very fake smile to the lady who greeted me as 'Miss' when I entered. Simon snickered a little from behind her and I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing.

"So apparently you chose my dress. I'm really hoping it doesn't cover every inch of me and is super baggy." I teased Simon, he sighed dramatically.

"No I chose something elegant yet something I'm sure Harry will appreciate. Now why don't you let these lovely ladies take care of you." He gave me a smile as equally fake as the one I put on when I came in. He stood up and walked out of the room, but not before I subtly slapped him on his arm and gave him a glare. He just smiled and walked out.


"All done. Look in the mirror." I turned and admired the work these women had done, after about 2 hours they had finished. The dress and shoes were gorgeous, along with the make up and nails. I'll even admit my hair looked pretty good. Me? I obviously don't look good but with what they were given I guess they did an okay job.

"Thankyou." I complimented the women on their work before leaving the room and finding Simon waiting outside, all fancy in a suit and tie. He took a look at me and smiled.

"You look gorgeous sweetie." He kissed my cheek lightly before we walked back outside to wait for the boys.

Zayns PoV
"But they're itchy!!" I rolled my eyes as Niall argued with one of the dressing woman people about his pants.

"These are what you have to wear. No complaining. You complain, you don't get food." That shut him up real fast.

"We all good?" We looked around at each other before walking outside to where Simon and Bella were waiting. The moment we saw her we all froze and my jaw literally dropped. She looked drop dead gorgeous

"Holy shit." Niall swore under his breath and Liam elbowed him before Harry could hear. Bella was fiddling with her hair and tapping her foot, completely oblivious to the fact that the five if us were practically drooling over her. The second Harry realised he wasn't the only one admiring Bella he gave us each a glare before walking over to her, resting his arms on her hips and whispering something in her ear that made her blush and look away.

"Okay lovebirds lets get going." Liam joked and Harry quickly kissed Bella lightly. We all watched adoringly, wishing we could have the love that they shared.


"Fuck I'm bored." Bella muttered, starting to pick at her nails then getting frustrated that they would pick off.

"What foul language." I gasped in mock horror. She just rolled her eyes.

"What actually is the point of tonight?" She asked. I honestly have no idea.

"Dunno." I shrugged.

"Well your helpful." She mumbled.

"And your mean without Harry." I shot back. Now it was her turn to gasp.

"My lord Zayn I thought you had better manners then that. I shall be leaving now to find thou boyfriend." She stated rather dramatically before walking off to find Harry. After what was probably 20 minutes but felt like 200, we were all seated at these massive tables and giant plates of food were set in front of us. Jesus that a lot of food. I was sitting next to Bella and Louis. Louis raised his eyebrows at the food mounted on his face, while Bella started at it rather uncomfortably.

"You okay?" I asked quietly. She nodded immediately.

"Yeah yeah." She turned her attention back to Harry as he put an arm around her and she leant into him. Those two honestly are the perfect couple.


"Niall this is meant to be formal you can't burp like that." Bella lightly scolded him while he frowned at his now empty plate.

"I want more of those potatoes." He whined. Bella nudged her plate towards him. It had about half of the food left but honestly I've only seen her take a few bites.

"You're not going to eat them yourself?" I asked, trying to sound casual. Everyone else except for Louis kept talking. He 'discreetly' listened in. Why is he listening in. Does he know something we don't?

"Na I've already had some and plus there's way to much food on this plate for someone who isn't Niall." She smiled before rejoining a conversation with Liam. I would have left it at that but the look on Louis' face told me there was more to it.

" S'cuse me for a minute." Louis stood up and walked off, disappearing into a crowd of dancing people.


"No way that dinner was more boring. There was no music, less people and no Bella." Niall argued with Liam over which formal dinners were the most boring.

"Well I'm gonna say my input that this conversation is boring so I'll be back in a bit." Bella gave Harry's hand a squeeze before standing up and walking off.

"I'm gonna go find Louis." I lied before standing up and looking to see where Bella went, but though all these people and the fact that they were taller then Bella made it very hard, yet I managed to spot her pink dress disappearing into a hallway which lead to the bathrooms.

"Hey have you seen Bella?" Louis' voice from behind startled me.

"Na I havnt." I lied. "Why?" Louis shrugged unconvincingly.

"No reason." He's a terrible liar but I need to find Bella so I walked off to the bathrooms. I roamed the hallways for like 5 minutes. These stupid ass fancy places with 20 odd turns. Eventually I found the bathrooms. This was one of those places where each bathroom had a toilet and sink and all fancy shit. There were 5 girls toilets on the left and 4 boys on the right. 2 girls were occupied so I waited awkwardly for Bella to come out. Weirdly I heard some sound coming from one of the bathrooms, but it couldn't tell which. After a minute some random chick came out of one of the toilets and -after giving me a weird look- walked away. Bella must be in the other, I waited for a few minutes, but heard no sounds whatsoever. Eh, girls always fix up there makeup in the bathroom Bella is probably doing that.

After another five minutes I became a little worried. Hesitantly, I knocked on the door and called her name. No response. I became a little more panicked and knocked again, louder.

"Bella?!" No response again. "Bella if you don't answer I'm coming in." No response. I easily undid the lock with just my nail and pushed the door open. At the sight I felt like I was going to pass out, burst into tears and/or explode. What I saw?

Bella lying limp and pale on the floor, a trail of vomit from her hand and mouth to the toilet bowel.


Oh shit O____o

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