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Perfect Act

Who has the answer?

Bellas PoV
After doing some Uni (collage) work I decided to get a snack. When I opened the door of my room and neared the main room, I heard the boys all speaking quite aggressively. I listened in to there conversation. They were arguing about....me? Something about an interview. What I would want? What I would do? Huh?

"How do you know?" Niall demanded.

"Because I do!" Harry spoke rather firmly. I rolled my eyes and took a step into the room with my arms crossed.

"You know you could just ask me." All the boys heads snapped to me with there eyes wide and I smiled.

"Bella..." Harry trailed off. Louis decided to be bold and speak.

"Uh we were just talking about- um..."

"Dude I've been eavesdropping for over a minute." I said with sass. He looked down. Since no one said anything I decided to speak again.

"You know what, lets play a game," I said while smiling, but the tone I used was saying 'I'm not gonna yell but you better not say the wrong thing or you will lose you head.'

"The games called Who can come up with the right thing to say to Bella right now." I looked around. "Who wants to go first?" I asked in an overexited voice, Liam gulped.


"WRONG. Next." I had to stop myself from laughing, they all looked completly terrified.

"You see...well"

"Also wrong." I cut Harry off. I looked between Louis Niall and Zayn, silently challenging one of them to speak.

"Do you want some ice-cream?" Niall asked in a small hopeful voice, making me smile.

"Best answer so far, but still no. Louis, Zayn?"

"You look very pretty." Louis smiled sweetly, but his eyes showed complete and utter fear. I chuckled and turned to Zayn, wondering if maybe he would be mature and just say it. He took a breath.

"Managment wants you to do an interview with us. If your okay with that, then we'll set one up, but If you don't want to, that is 100% fine. It's completely your choice." I smiled.

"Zayn wins." I went at sat next to him, pretending not to notice Harry rolling his eyes.

"So tell me more about it," I said while Zayn put his arm around me and I curled up on the couch and leaned my head on Zayn. I saw Harry glaring but I ignored it, he needs to not be so immature and jealous.

"Well, pretty much if you agreed we would get the list of questions in advance and cut out the ones you don't want. Simon might also cut out a few he doesn't want. Once we all approve of the list we will have the interview. You need to know though that there is an extremely real chance that you will be asked a question that was not on a list. Almost all the interviewers do it." I nodded, processing all he had just said.

"Ok, I'll do it." I said simply

"No!" Harry yelled. Our heads all whipped towards him surprised.

"Harry it's not your decision, its Bellas." Louis said, but he didnt sound to happy with the idea. Harry shook his head firmly.

"No fucking way. Bella is not doing that interview." I scoffed.

"And why not!"

"Because! They'll bring up something you don't want. Trust me Bella it won't end well. It's not a good idea." I took a deep breath and spoke calmly.

"Harry, I'm not a fucking idiot. I know they will probably bring up something I don't want. But I'll be fine Harry, oka?." He looked down, still shaking his head. I sighed and stood up, walking over and sitting down next to him.

"Harry," I whispered. "Please, look at me." I pleaded. He slowly lifted his head. I spoke quietly so no one else could hear. "Harry I need you to not be so against this. I knew when I agreed to let you guys live with me that I couldn't hide forever. Remember when everyone found out who I was? You all kept me locked up here for 3 days, but when I left it was fine. And you know why? Because you were there. I'm going to have to do an interview sooner or later, might as well be sooner. So please, stop being so dead set against it and say you'll be there in the interview with me and you won't be mad. Harry I need you for this, please." I could feel the boys stares on me as they tryed to figure out what I was saying. Harry sighed in defeat.

"Fine." He pulled me into a hug which I returned. When I pulled away the guys all looked at me surprised.

"Jesus woman what the hell did you say to him?" Louis looked genuinely shocked. I smiled.

"That's for me to know and you to not find out," I leaned on Harry the way I was with Zayn before.

"Hey! That's not the saying!" Niall protested. I laughed.

"Oh well."

4 days later
Louis' PoV
The interview is today. TODAY. I still don't think Bella should be doing this but if she was able to convince Harry there is no point in me even trying to argue against her. I walked into the main room where Bella was sitting. She had on the necklace she always wears (the one that says hope). Her hair was out and she was wearing barely any make up. She looked really nice. Bella didn't notice when I came in so I just watched her for a little. She had a black fine liner (a sort of pen) and a sharpie and was drawing something on her right outer leg above her knee. I couldn't see what she was drawing because her arm was blocking it. I studied what she had already drawn on her body. The words midnight doesn't last forever, dark turns to light were written on her left arm. ((A/N remember their take me home album hasn't come out yet)) She had the words we'll be counting stars on her left arm surrounded by little pretty stars. A small but delicate heart was on her left shoulder. The word Love was beautifully written on her right ankle, opposite to her infinity symbol tattoo. If you didnt know Bella and were meeting her today, you would honestly think she had a bunch of tattoos, she's that talented at dawning them on. Bella lifted the pen away from her leg and I gasped, causing Bella to turn towards me.

"What?" She asked. I stood there opening and closing my mouth like an idiot. On her leg she had drawn a baby bird, it looked beautiful. There was so much detail in it, it looked like it could just about fly off her leg.

"Louis.....helloooo," I blinked.

"I-um-it's-just....wow. That's really amazing! I didn't know you could draw like that, especially on skin." She blushed.

"Thanks," Harry walked into the room from behind me.

"Hey Lou what time do we- HOLY SHIT BELLA!" Harry gaped at her leg. "Wow." She blushed even harder and stood up, putting away the pens.

"So when are we leaving?" Bella asked, assumingly finishing harrys question from before.

"Now." Liam spoke coming up form behind me. We all left the building and piled into two cars. I was with Bella Niall and Harry. I turned to Bella.

"I'm just gonna ask you one more time, are you 100% sure you want to do this interveiw." Thankfully she didnt snap, instead she smiled softly.

"Yes I'm sure Louis." When we arrived at the building we all got out of the car and went into the studio, checking the list of questions one more time. We all sat done on one long couch, the order was Bella, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and me.

Then, we were live.

"Hello everybody! We are here live with One Direction and Bella Ramos!" The audience clapped and we all smiled.

"So Bella, since everyone found out that you were Nialls mystery friend, everyone's been dying for you to do an interveiw. Tell us, how are you feeling." Bella smiled.

"Well if be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous, but I'm feeling pretty good." I let out a breath I didnt realise I had been holding. She seemed really natural and relaxed.

"So Bella, before the boys moved in with you, where were you living?"

"I lived in the same apartment but by myself, but that was only for a few months. Before that I lived with a few friends in a house, we all moved up here together from Melbourne."

"Great," Thank god the interviewer didnt go further on that question, asking about more like her family.

"Do you regret letting the boys live with you?" Instantly she shook her head.

"No, it gets annoying sometimes but no I don't regret letting them live with me." The interviewer nodded at her answer.

"Ok, this is for the boys, can you guys do Australian accents?" I looked around at the boys who all shrugged. "Lets here them." Zayn volunteered to go first, saying the good old 'throw another shrimp on the barbie'

"Okay, not bad, what so you think Bella."

"I say 6 1/2 out of ten. You would have gotten a seven if you had have said something different though." Zayn cocked his head to the side.

"What's wrong with what I said?" Bella looked at the interveiw, silently telling him to answer.

"Alright, this is to every non australian person. We don't call it shrimp, we call it prawns. And honestly I've never met someone who has barbecued prawns. That add wasn't even made by Australians." Bella nodded to show she agreed.

"Huh, I guess you do learn something new every day." Zayn said thoughtfully. I said I'd go next. I got a 4/10. Niall got a 6/10. Harry got a 3/10. Then it was Liam's go. He spoke a sentence in an Aussie accent. Wow it sounded perfect to me, the other boys looked impressed aswell. Then I looked to Bella, she had on a complete poker face, her and the interviewer (a guy btw) shared a knowing look and then burst into laughter. The audience where all either laughing or 'awww' ing at how clueless me and the boys were. Once the laughing had died down the interviewer (let's call him Lucas) looked at Bella.

"Bella why don't you say what were all thinking." She nodded and looked at Liam.

"Hon that was the worste Australian accent I have ever heard, and I've heard a lot of bad ones." Liam looked and Lucus, maybe thinking Bella was joking. Lucus smiled and nodded sympathetically.

"Mate you can sing well, but you can't speak with an Aussie accent." Liam pouted so Bella 'nawww'ed and gave him a hug.

"I'd like to see you do a brittish accent, I bet you suck." He challenged Bella she raised her eyebrows and spoke in a perfect brittish accent.

"I beg to differ because I've been told I actually have a pretty good brittish accent." Everyone apart from Liam clapped while Bella sat there smiling smugly.

"Well, that's probably the best fake brittish accent I've ever heard. Coutos to you." Lucus smiled.

"So boys, what the best things you can say about living with Bella." Lusas asked. I spoke first.

"I think the fact that she hasn't kicked us out yet is pretty impressive." The others all agreed.

"She cooks really really well. And when she doesn't wanna cook she knows all the good food places." The audience laughed at Niall response.

"So, let me get this straight, if Bella doesn't cook you get take out? Niall why don't you just cook?" Niall looked down guiltily.

"I can't cook. At all." He mumbled.

"It's true, I almost threw up when I tried a dish he had made." Harry said.

"What about Zayn, what's the best thing about Bella?"

"I think all round she's an amazing person." The audience awwed and Bella blushed slightly. If it weren't for Perrie those two would actually be cute together, too bad they thought of each other as siblings......

"So Bella. You've graduated high school, are you in University?" She nodded.

"Yea, Im studying phsycology."

"She's like....really, really smart. Like seriously its creepy how smart she is." I said."if fact is there anything in school you can't do?" I asked, curious. Bella answered immediately.

"Physics. I suck at physics, always have. Don't understand a thing about it." She spoke non-chalantly.

"Alright, so Bella the boys all say living with them can be a challenge. What's one of the really annoying things about them?" Bella thought about it. Then someone's phone went off, someone on stage. I was about to laugh when I realised it was my phone. I went beet red. The boys all stared at me wide eyed. Slowly, with everyone watching, I took out my phone. El? Why the hell was she calling.

"Answer it." Lucus encouraged. I cleared my throte and answered.


"Lou give the phone to Bella." I furrowed my eyebrows and handed Bella the phone.

"She wants you." Hesitantly Bella took the phone and held it up to her ear. I watched as she listened to El speak. Her eyes shot open.

"What!? No I am so not saying that!" She squeeled. Huh? Bella rolled her eyes as El spoke more. Then she took the phone away from her ear.

"Eleanor would like to mention of of the things the boys do that makes living with them annoying at times, may I put her on speaker?" Lucus nodded. Bella clicked the button.

"Hey everyone!" Els voice range through the phone. We all said hello.

"Alright. I'm saying this coz Bella doesn't want to say it infront of the millions of people watching. But I know I speak on behalf of Bella and Dani when I say how annoying this is. The boys have a habit of going into our bathroom cupboards and taking our tampons, then soaking them and throwing them at the walls and places, making mini completions about it. It's really annoying!" I looked down, knowing I was guilty.

"Well, from the looks on your faces I'm going to assume that's no lie," We all looked up at Lucus' smiling face.

"I will say though that sounds pretty fun." My face broke out into a grin while we all started talking with Lucus about different 'tampon' competitions. By this time El had hung up. After about a minute I heard Bellas voice.

"As a girl I'm feeling extemely outnumbered here," we all looked at her and laughed.

"Ok, lets move onto the next question. Boys, what's one warning you would give to someone moving in with Bella?"

"Don't wake her up," we all spoke at the exact same time.

"Unless she needs to be somewhere, then wake her up in enough time so she can get ready. But other than that, never wake her up." Zayn added extremely seriously.

"C'mon she can't be that bad. Look at her." Lucus gentered to Bella who was blushing madly.

"No I'm pretty bad when it comes to being woken up." She admitted.

"The only person to has successfully woken her up and gotten her out of bed was Harry." I added. The boys all nodded in agreement.

"Wow, so if I ever need a cranky girl women up, I'll just call Styles over hear." Harry rolled his eyes but was smiling. The interveiw was going surpisingly well, so far.

"So Bella. You appear to have a lot of tattoos. Can you tell us about them?"

"Actually I only have one tattoo. This small infinity symbol." She angled her ankle so it could be seen.

"The rest are just drawn on." Lucus' eyes widened.

"Wow, you drew them on?" Bella nodded. "There amazing!" Bella blushed again.


"This next question is for Bella and Harry. Directioners all seem to want you two to get together. In fact, they've created a whole site. Have a look." He turned around the laptop that I hadn't even realised was there. The laptop was closest to Bella and Harry but I leaned over and could see it.

"Berry Stymos?" There were links on the page. Pics. Fanfics. Timelines. Comments and a whole bunch of others. Bella clicked in the timeline one. It had Pics of her and Harry when they were babies, toddlers and so on.

"Have you two seen this site before." Lucus asked after a minute. Harry shook his head.

"No, I've never even heard someone mention Berry Stymos before."

"What about you Bella?" When she didnt answer I looked over to her she was still clicking away on the laptop, oblivious to the question.

"How the hell did they get my baby pictures?" She looked so confused. Even I'll admit she looked pretty cute.

"I'm just gonna take that as a no." Lucus laughed. We went through a couple more questions. It was all going so well. Bella seemed really relaxed, and I think us guys were all too.

"Alright one final question relating to this video." What. What video. We never agreed to a video. Shit. I knew this would happen. I knew this interview was a bad idea. I looked at the others who all had gone a little pale. I looked up at the screen when he pressed the play button. I froze. On the screen was Bella pinned up to a wall by Ky. It was the video of the day at Starbucks. Shit.


Ok, so I got someone to review this story for me, and I want to really take in there advice. Starting from the next chapter I'm going to try do be more descriptive, set the scene a little more, make it more interesting. Over the next few chapter please let me know If any of you can actually notice a difference or not.

Anyways, thoughts on the chapter? Comment. Vote subscribe. Especially vote, I'm trying to get it back up to a 10.0 an unrealistic expectation, but a girl can dream ;)

how are they all gonna handle this situation?


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Please update! I just read this entire story today during classes! I REALLY need to know what happens to Harry and Bella! I need closure or else I go crazy! And I really want a sequel! Pretty pretty please! I'm even asking nicely, which is a surprise because, like you, I'm known to have a pretty fowl mouth although I'm American, so I don't have your excuse! ^_^