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His Last Breathe

Love Is Love And Nothing Can Stand Between It!!

I called dad and organised to meet up in a public place to sort things out between us all. All my friends came to make sure that nothing bad happened. we didn't know were to meet so Niall said we should go to Nando's. we ended up going to Nando's( obviously nothing stands between Niall and Nando's... thats like a death wish!!) we met dad at nando's. " your coming home with me and you are to never see this boy again do you understand me" dad said. " you know what. no!. i love your daughter sir and love is love nothing can stand between us. you can try and split us up all you want but i love your daughter and she loves me two. i want to settle down with your daughter, have kids and grow old together so if you can't exept the way we feel about eachother than your not a very good father!" Harry blurted out. " dad i love him and no matter what you say we are not splitting up." i add. " are you guys sure you want this? Harry goes on tour and will hardly ever be here." dad said. " i know, but i'm prepared for everything the fanbase and mangers and evryone throw at me because i'll do anything to be with Harry and he would do the same for me." i say. " well if you guys are willing to take the risk you have my blessing." Harry and i jump up like we just won the lotto. my friends stand up and start claping and cheering on. i'm so glad dad exepted it. we wen't back to my place and had a little party congratulating us and dad made a realy cute speach. " i'm so glad that you two have found love. i hope evrything works out well. obviously Harry holds your heart and you wouldn't give up on him. you guys are the perfect couple and good luck for your future. To Harry and Alex!" dad says. the small group of people cheers for us making Hary blush and he pulls me in for a kiss. we pulled out the wii and played wii twister. it was an awesome day considering how bad it could have turned out if i didn't have my brother and friends.


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