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His Last Breathe

This Is Us

it's been three years now and Harryand i are engaged. he proposed at Nando's. he was on tour which he then posponed to come and propose to me. I love him so much, i don't know what would have happened without him. were getting married on Monday on the beach and One Direction are performing there. we have a house together now and we share with the other boys, my friends and the other boys girlfriends. the house is huge. it's like a palace. Oh i have some more news to..." Harry!?" i call out. " Yeah?" he replies. " can you round everyone up and come in the loungeroom please?" i ask. " sure baby girl." everyone made there way into the lounge room. everyone sat down and the room went dead silent. " what's going on?" Ben asked. " ok, i have some realy big news" i say Harry looks at meterrified of what's gonna happen next. " ..... I'M PREGNANT!!!!!" i say with a smile on my face. everyone jumps up and starts screaming with joy. " Harry's gonna be a daddy" Niall yells. Harry comes up to me, grabs my hand and wispers " i'm gonna be a daddy!?" with abig cheasy grin on his face. " yes" i reply as he leans in for a kiss. **** 9 MONTHS LATER**** Darcey Anne Styles born on Friday Feburary 1st Sex: Female Parents: Mr and Mrs Styles


I hope you all liked it!! it's my first story. i usualy on write imagines and thought i should give this a try!!


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