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His Last Breathe

Run Baby Run!!!

Me arrived at Harry's and sprung out of the car. " what if it's to late?" Ash asked me. " it's never to late!". we knocked on the door like our lives depended on it... Harry's life depended on it. no answer. i looked around. there was a wall that you plant things around and they grow up. i climbed it and went into Harry's room. he was asleep. i woke him up. " we need to get out of here right now!!" i paniced. " why what's going on" Harry added confussed. " my dad is out for your blood! we have to go." i paniced. i heared Ash yell out to me. " i cn see dad. i'm moving the car." i paniced. Ash moved the car just in time. dad knocked on the front door. we didn't answer so he went around the back. Ash texted me telling me that he had moved the car just down the street. i tell Harry and we climb out the window. we got to the driveway when dad saw us. " hey you ,styles, you think you can sleep with my daughter and get away with it?!" i grabbed Harry's arm and we ran to the car. with dad chasing after us, we slammed the door closed behind and Ash slammed his foot on the pedal. we screached of down the street. when we ost sight of dad we swapped back to me driving and drove to Ben's house. we told Ben what was going on before driving to everyone elses house and explaining. i texted them all;" meet us at 0900 hours at the park." we meet up at the park. " hey, are you guys ok?" Ben asked. " yeah, we just need somewere to stay." Harry questioned. Sammy said we could stay at her house coz dad doesn't know where she lives. We all agreed that if they recieved a phone call or a text that they have to delete it so dad doesn't find out were we are and then we split and Harry, Sammy and i went to Sammy's. Ben took my car and parked it at the top of a shoping center car park on the roof. we all had a slumber party at Sammy's. the boys called Harry asking were he was and we had to explain it once again. when the boys finaly understood( after Liam having to explain like five times) they came around to join the party. we fell asleep listening to Paramore: the only exeption and woke up to Niall farting. " yuk Niall" Sammy laughed. "we have to try and sort things out with dad" i explained to Harry. " Ok, let's see what we can do" Harry said frightened.


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