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His Last Breathe

Alex's Big Day

"Wake up Alex" dad screamed from the kitchen. " I don't wanna go to school today" i scream back half asleep " what?.... it's saturday! i cooked you pancakes fro breakfast?!". as soon as food was mentioned i was up like a six year old on Christmas morning. " happy birthday sleepy head" "thanks dad". i was oficially 18 today. Yes!! i have my own car and a licence and i'm graduating at the end of the year. i ate my pancakes and heade back upstairs. i logged on to my laptop and went on Facebook. all my friends were writing status's about my birthday and posting "Happy Birthday" on my time line. Ash nocked on my door. Ash is my brother but he is also like my best guy friend. he's gay and dad didn't except him for a while so Cat and I took him in. " Happy Birthday To You" he starts singing and runs and jumps on my bed dancing around like the crazy person he is. "i got you a realy awesome prezzy" i looked at him confussed as he pulls something out of his pocket. " OH MY GODDDD!!, THAT'S WHAT YOU WERE SAVING FOR!!" i scream as i grab the I-phone four out of his hand and fall onto the bed. Ash lays down next to me as i fiddle with it. " i already set it up. it's on a plan and i will pay your phone bill untill you finish uni" he says as i start to cry." you know you didnt have to do that and you don't have to pay the bill" " i want to though, i love you sis" " i love you to beb" i replay. we hugged for like three minutes then took about six selfies and set one as my walpaper." get ready" he said " for what?" i say confussed again. " coz we are going to meet Cat, Kyle, Cooper, Ben, Jordan, Alanna and Sammy at the shopping center". " Awesome!". i tried on a whole bunch of clothes and asked Ash to Help me chose. i ended up wearing my Nirvana singlet with ripped black shorts and my purple high top converse's. Ash and i started to walk down stairs. i picked up my keys, " and were do you hink your going" dad asked right before Ash and i walked through the door. " we're going to meet some friends at the shopping center.." "be careful, you know how i am with those boys you hang oaround!" " Dad, there's nothing wrong with them, there just like Ash, they won't let anything happen to me so chill, we'll be home for dinner. I love you" i finish walking out the door pulling Ash behind me. we got in the car and "The Best Song Ever" came on on the radio and Ash and i both fan girled/boyed we closed the doors and unwound the windows. we started singing along to one direction. "Yeah Buddy!!' Ash and i yelled as Austin Mahone: Say Your Just A Friend Ft: Flo Rida came on. the Cd we were listing to was the hotty play listen Ash and Ben made for my birthday. we arrived at the shops and Cat, Jordan, Alanna, Ben, and Sammy screamed when they saw us. " High!!" Sammy yelled. " Happy Birthday!!' they all screamed at the top of there lungs. we spent the next two hours looking threw Factory and Beach Workz before Ash, Ben, Jordan and Sammy broke off. Cat and Alanna stayed with me looking in the shops. Alanna and Cat gave Sammy apiece of paper before they left. i have no idea what was on it. I got a text from dad telling me that dinner was ready around 5:30 and i asked if Cat and Sammy could stay For dinner. dad said yes. we got in the car and started driving home. the house was pitch black . we walked into the loungeroom and the faint sound of Cat's giggles put a slight worried smile on my face. i turned the light on. "SURPRISE!!!!!!". a group off kids jumps up from under tables and chairs. i jump almost tweenty meters back. there's a curtain up and a table full of presents. " aww sweet!" " this is why the guys left before. they were coming here to sort this out" Cat tells me. " awww thankyou guys. it awesome." " we have one more surpise for you and you can thank your brother for this one. he also got your dad to stay with a mate for the next two day's so the house is all ours!" Ben adds. " oh crap" i comment and everyone pisses themselves laughing. Ash pulls on a rope and as the curtain drops "The Best Song Ever" starts playing. " HOLLY CRAP NO WAY!!" I screamed. One Direction was in my freakin house playin at my frikin birthday party!!! " thank you soo much you guys!!!" after the first set and after i'd oppened all my presents, the boys decided to stick around for a while while Ben got up and DJ'd. i went up to them and met them all. " high guys, i'm Alex" i say greeting them all. " Hi im Niall, I'm Zayn, I'm Loui, I'm Liam... Harry!!" Niall yells belting his husky Irish accent. " oh, hi htere, uhm, my names, Harry. Happy Birthday" he says while all the boys turn and look at him smiling. Cat and Sammy took Niall and Zayn while Loui went off trying to figure out the decks with Ben and Liam talked to Ash about the percs of living with four other guys. Harry and i wounder out side. we got talking. " so, uhm, how's the real world?" Harry asked. " it's cool but shorly not as awesome as the tour life" i replied. Harry ended up telling me about all the bad things like ahters and sharing i bathroom and the roomers." you know i've never been able to tell a normal person about my problems before Alex" Harry say's shyly. " well you can always talk to me. i'll always be here for you Harry" i said with a smile. Harry stared into my eyes and i stared into his. eventualy he leant over and kissed me. i pulled away adn asked if he realy wanted to do this. " of course. i've never wanted anything more!" i grabbed his hand and we run inside and up stairs to my bedroom. he kissed my like he was never gonna kiss anyone ever again. we fell onto my bed. of came his shirt and of came mine. It was 8:00 am in the morning and Harry was sleep next to me i lifted the blancket... " oh crap!" i looked on the floor there laid his and my clothes. there was a sock on the door..." Shit!!" i got up and put my clothes on. there was a condom on the floor.." oh thank god for that!" i say relieved. i wake Harry up and he pulls me in for a kiss. " we have to wake everybody else up and clean up. dads gonna be home in an hour. i say. " what! he's not supposed to come home to tomorrow!" " that's what i thought!" showing Harry the message on my phone. " SHIT!!". We ran down stairs and explained to everyone what was going on. we had the house cleaned up and Harry and the boy's put there number in my phone. The boys were panicing trying to leave. Liam was trying to pull Harry out the door as he leaned in for a kiss. the door closed. i started walking up tom my room. the door swung open. " call me later, by babe" Harry said with a checky grin on his face before kissing me and running back out to the limo. i closed the door and with a big grin on my face i turne around to Ash. " so what did you two get up to last night ey?"i laughed and hit him with a pillow as he fell down onto the bean bag. i went up to my room. Dad came home. i had taken the sock of my door but forgot to pick up the condom. he nocked on my bedroom door. " shit!"i mutter under my breathe. i picked up the condom and threw it into the bin. i opened the door and let dad in. " hey whats up" i say hoping he doesn't realise. my phone buzzed. it was a message from Harry; "Last night was fun. i hope we can meet up agian some time. luv you. from hazza". dad saw the message then looked around and saw the condom in the bin. "i hope you know what you did last night". "yes dad" i reply. " give me your phone." " what, why!?" " just do it!" dad sayed. i gave him my phone. he did something then put it on the table and left. i looked to see what he did. he messaged Harry and asked were he lived. " SHIT!!" I say as i here the clang of keys and the slame of the door. i ran down stars in my one direction PJ pnts and white singlet i grab my keys and tell Ash what's going on. he gets in the car and we drive to Harrys.


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