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In a bad mood?

At Zayns house they were all sat on the couch playing on the xbox. (Wow i thought they'd be singing on the karaoke or something)

"What do you thinks going to happen then?" Louis broke the silence.

"Can we not talk about it, talk about something else" Niall told him.

"Like what?"

"I don't know just think of something"

"Okay" Louis Looked very confused but then he put on his concentration face on, he lifted his head high to the celing, the others stared at him, he plopped down his head and said. "I can't think of anything"

"Why doesn't that suprise me?"

"Hey don't be mean to Louis just beacuase you in a bad mood" Snapped Liam.

"Your right, i shouldn't be mad at him i should be mad at you"

"Guys stop it" Harry interrupted. "Things will go back to normal"

They didn't listen to him which got him mad it was like talking to a brick wall or when you say something into someones ear and it just comes out the other end.

"It was you who made us stop for a hot dog on the way there" Niall mentioned.

"Whatever" And with that Liam stormed off out of the door and sat on the bench in the garden.

"OW!" Squealed a voice from behind a bush.

Liam jumped up in shock (Actually he screamed like a little girl...It was a bit funny to be honest)

"Who's there"

Nobody answered, it was just quite until he heared a small giggle.

"Stop messing around and show yourself" He ordered.

The small giggle came again and with whispering and shuffiling around a teenage girl and two teenage boys came out and smiled....Evilly.

"Who are you?"

The three teenagers just smiled more and then to scare the life out of Liam the girl pulled out at the side of he boot a sharp kitchen knife as the boys took theirs from their jackets

"What do you want with me?" He was in tears by now he knew they were probably gonna kill and if they weren't then what? the mysterious girl laughed and stepped forwad.

"In a bad mood?" She said, Liam looked at her he couldn't really see her in the pich black but he did see that she gave the boys a look what ment time to kill! The boy walked over to Liam and before he knew he felt a shooting pain in his stomach, the stange boy had stabbed Liam.

Liam's eyes closed and fell to the ground the teenagers smirked and the two boys took him by the arm and dragged him along the ground.


plz update