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The reviews

The lights went down and the croud went silent, where were they? they weren't on stage singing where they SHOUD be, maybe something came up and they can't make it, or maybe their running late, well which ever one it was the croud will not be too happy about it unless they really love them and don't care how late they are just as long as they show up.

Hurry up Liam were already late!" Shouted Niall while running to the concert with all his power, he didn't realise that he was right behind all of them.

"But were in front of you" Liam said looking back at Niall who gave him a scowl which caused Liam to grin.

"Come on guys were nearly there" Zayn told them as he began panting.

They Finally got there but their face were all red and they had sat down to rest, that was until the producer came in and started yellling at them (Wow It really isn't a good day for them)

"Where have you been?" He yelled.

"Were sorry we really are " Louis apologized, he didn't like it when people shouted at him it made him think back to when he was a kid, he always got into trouble for doing too many panks on his fanily and friends.

"Oh your sorry" He gave them a look before turning around and looking at the people at the back. "He says their sorry" He and all the people at the back started laughing until the producer silenced them with his hand. "Sorry doesn't make your fans happy, which doesn't give me money, which doesn't make me happy" He screamed in their faces. "You five best do something before we have milions of haters on our hands"

"We will don't worry" Zayn assured him, then the five of them got up and walked onto the stage.

"I'm doomed" He said as he walked away.

The five of them stepped onto the stage they were eexpecting cheers and clapping but all they got were whipering and dirty looks.

"Hi everyone" Harry greeted everyone through the mic his voice was all shaky and his palms were sweating as he held the mic, The croud hushed down and listened. "We now we came a bit a late but..."

He got cut off by someone in the croud it was the sound of a teenage girl, old enough to be 14 or 15.

"You made us wait for ages, i should have been home by now" She had tears streaming down her fave (Obviously she was a crazed fan) "I hate you guys....I'm never listening t your music again" And with that the whole croud throw half eaten food and cans at their heads and headed out. (I guess not anymore)

"Wait don't go!" Niall beggs them but all they did was boo them. "Please wait"

"Give it a rest Niall, their not coming back" Siad Zayn.

"What's gonna happen now? the whole worlds going to find out, are careers are over" Sobbed Harry.

"Yeah not to mention all the girls we'll be losing" Zayn added.

"Is that all you care about, GIRLS?" Niall screeched.

"Stop it! we don't have time for this" The Producer came out on the stage with a laptop. "Look" They gathered around him as he scrolled down the list of the negative comments.

"They were soo late I can't believe i loved them"
"I'm never going to one of their concerts!
"They turned up late and eveyone was pissed and now we all hate them"
"The croud started throwing rubbish at them so i joined in, it was f the best part of the show!"

"OH MY GOD! they hate us" Louis happily said.

"Louis it's not good that they hate us" Liam corrected him.

"It's not?"

"NOO!" They all shrieked at him.

"What do we do?" Harry stated.

"I suggest you boys go home and get some sleep and we'll see what tomorrow brings us" He cloesed the laptop and left them.

"Lets go" Ordered Niall and they all went home.


This is my fist story so I know it's kinda bad but...Oh well! :)


plz update