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Call me... Miss One Direction

Is it me?

About three days later I was sitting in my room coloring when the loudspeaker turned on.

"Felicia! Come down to the main office now." And then it went silent. I felt many eyes staring at me. I shared this room with multiple other girls. All of which hated me. I stood up and made my way down.

I step into the office, staring at my feet.

"Nice for you to join us you waste of oxygen." The lady at the counter hisses at me. She hated children, plus us all being orphans gave her an even better reason to hate us... She seemed like a rich woman who volunteered so people think she's nice.

"Sit down." She snapped at me and I nodded silently. I moved to a chair in the corner. Not wanting to look at her.

After waiting for about half an hour the 'henchwoman' came in.
"Felicia..." She said softly, I looked up. She smiled softly and beckoned me to follow her.

We sat in her office, she had placed two drawings on the desk.

"Tell me truthfully. Which is yours?" She asked.
One looked like it was drawn by a 9 year old. Then the other looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old. I shook my head.

"Neither ma'am." I said softly. I looked up to se her smiling.

"Okay. You may go." Was all she said. I left and as I turned down the hallway to my room, 5 men walked into tbe entrance. I didn't get a good look at them to recognize them.

After dinner that night we were called into the auditorium. The henchwoman stood on stage. And evelope in her hand, and a projector aiming at a screen. She walked up to the microphone.

"It is time to announce the winners of the contest."


Ooooooooooohhhhh.... Sorry it's so short. I'll update tomorrow!


this is really good I want more

directioner0502 directioner0502
ohhhh u left me with exitement
Bipolar Bipolar
love it! update please
Leeya'Love Leeya'Love
Wooooooo, I love it!
Yeezy Yeezy
@kelsie rowe
Noooooooo.... I must keep the intensity. Or..... what's it called? Uhmmmm..... wonder? No. Idgaf.