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Call me... Miss One Direction

Entering for freedom

Being an orphan is tough. No mother to give you apecial treatment, no father to wrestle with. And you never knew how long you had until it was your turn to go. So friendships rarely lasted.

"Ages 9- 18 girls division. Up next." A voice said through the loudspeaker. Or whatever it was called. I gripped my drawing in my hand and started to walk. Not really sure where to go. Or what to do. Suddenly I was on the ground. Staring up at the face of evil. 10 years olds. They thought they were tough shit since they had been alive for a decade. Oh wow, do 5 more years and walk to me when I'm 20.

"We're gonna win the prize. Nobody can stop us." They sang as they skipped away. I rolled my eyes and stood back up, wiping dirt off of my clothes, which didn't help much but it would have to do.

"Felicia..." I said quietly to the lady at the desk. She looked at me and grinned.

"So you're entering?" She asked. She was quite plump so she always looked happy, mostly because she was fine with how she looked.

"Yes ma'am..." I put my drawing in front of her and she smiled.

"I think you might just have the potential to win." She whispered and I shook my head.

"Don't get my hopes up, and there are always others." I replied quietly. She filed the picture and I walked off. Going to the backyard, I went over to my friends. Or the only people my age that I hang out with. Each and every one had a cigarette in their mouth. Like how did they even get those? They had no money, to young to buy them anyways. Maybe they used their bodies as payment. That probably explains the pregnant girl.

"Hey Felicia. Want a smoke? " One of them asked me, holding a cigarette out. I always forgot their names.

"No... I uh.. don't smoke." I sais shyly. As usual they brushed it off and walked away. They were all 15-17. Which I don't see why they did this, and we lived in an orphanage. Not a military prison. If only there was someone like me.


And there ya go!


this is really good I want more

directioner0502 directioner0502
ohhhh u left me with exitement
Bipolar Bipolar
love it! update please
Leeya'Love Leeya'Love
Wooooooo, I love it!
Yeezy Yeezy
@kelsie rowe
Noooooooo.... I must keep the intensity. Or..... what's it called? Uhmmmm..... wonder? No. Idgaf.