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I'm No Superhero


Harry Styles and the lads of One Direction are writing their new album. When they meet up with their friend and fellow artists, Ed Sheeran, they meet his young protégé, Jenna Catherine Farms. She's a young, aspiring songwriter who Ed took in when she began taking classes in London for songwriting. Harry takes a liking to Jenna without realizing it. Little did he know, he a​nd Jenna were in for a wild
© Cinco de Jenna


Edward Christopher Sheeran

Edward Christopher Sheeran

Jenna Farms's flatmate and best friend. He took her in from a college in America to teach her to write better.

Harold Edward Styles

Harold Edward Styles

Jenna Farms's person of interest and muse. He doesn't know how he feels about her, but he does feel about her.

Jenna Catherine Farms

Jenna Catherine Farms

Jenna Farms is the protagonist and Ed Sheeran's writing protege. She lives with him after he took her in from college. She's also known as Little Bird and/or Birdy.

Niall James Horan

Niall James Horan

Jenna Farms's best mate in London. She grew close to Niall easily and he knows most everything going on in her mind. Most.



Awww! Why are they so cute?! xD
thank you, love! I'm happy to hear
Ahhhhh! I love this!! XD