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My Brother's Bandmates

Meant to Be

Bella came over after lunch to get ready for the party with me. I asked her about Jason and she told me he was with Matt. She seemed totally clueless about me and Jason. I have decided that I would take some time to see if I really liked Jason and meanwhile try not to play with his feelings.

Bella dress was beautiful, she had designed herself. She was studying to be a fashion designer, she will be one of the best someday. My dress was also beautiful It was a short black lace dress from designer Alexis. I straighten my hair and Bella did the same. We did each others make up. At the end we both looked wonderful.

I went downstairs to see if they needed my help while Bella stayed in my room. My 5-inch heels making loud noises every time I took a step into the next stair. By the time I got downstairs everyone was looking at me. El was with a blonde that looked exactly the same as Perrie from Little Mix. They both looked amazing too. Harry was checking me out for sure, and when I looked at him, he whisper something to Louis. Liam and Niall both just stared at me.

“Do you need any help?” I ask

“You look beautiful” Says Niall

“Thank you, so do you” I say blushing

“We are fine” Liam says

“When are your friends coming?” El asks

“They would be here anytime now” I say

“Since you don’t need my help,I will go upstairs” I say and turn around. I walked upstairs where Bella is on her phone. I make noise when I close the door, which causes Bella to look up.

“So how are things going with Matt?” I ask Bella

“I think he is going to ask me to be his girlfriend” Bella says

“Really?” I say acting clueless

“Yes, Look” She say and hand me her phone.

Matt: Hey Bella

Bella: Hey Matt

Matt: I need to talk to you at the party

Bella: Oh okay, is it something bad?

Matt; I don’t think so, it depends on you

Bella: Well, see you at the party

“That sounds really serious” I say, handing Bella back her phone

“I know” She says

“If he does ask you, what would you say?” I ask raising my eyebrows

“Yes” She says really low

“What did you say?” I ask

“Yes” She says a little more louder

“Gosh” I scream

“Calm down, people are going to think something bad happen” Bella says putting her hand over my mouth.

“Sorry” I say when she removed her hand from my mouth.

Thats when I hear a knock on the door.

“Come in” I scream and Niall opens the door

“what was all that screaming about?” He asks

“Nothing” Bella replies immediately

“Okay” Niall says shooting use a weird look

“Matt and Jason just came” He says and we that, the three of us went downstairs.

With every step I tooled I felt Jason stared at me even more. When I was finally next to him, he just kept looking at me.

“What?” I say

“ You look… WOW” He says making me blush.

“Thank you” I say

“We need to talk” He says

“I know, want to go somewhere more private?” I ask

“Yes” He says and we went to the backyard

“I need time” I admitted

“I can't just keep waiting” He says

“If its meant to be it will happen?” I say repeating El’s words

“Do you think we are meant to be?” Jason asks me, which took me by surprise

“I think our friendship was meant to be” I say

“What about our relationship?” He asks

“I don’t know” I say and look down, I hear footsteps and when I look back up, Jason wasn't there anymore.

I go back inside, there were lots of more people now. The house was starting to smell like cigarets and I could spot at least ten people who were already drunk. I hear someone calling my name, I spin my head around until I see Zayn and the blonde from early waving at me.

“Emma, this is my girlfriend Perrie” Zayn introduces the blonde

“Perrie, this is Emma, Niall’s little sister” e now introduces me

“You look stunning” She says to me

“Thank you so do you” I say

“Are you having fun?” Asks Zayn

“Not really” I say

“I know what you need to have fun” Says Perrie

“What” I ask

“This” She says handing me her beer she was having a drink before.

“I guess” I say and drink from the bottle.

“What are you drinking?” Asks Niall, he decided to show up in the worst moment

“ Beer, wants some?” I offer

“ Stop drinking” Niall demands

“ let her have some fun, man” Says Zayn

“ You take care when she is all drunk, trust me you dont want to see her drunk” Niall says

“She cant be worst than you” Says Perrie laughing

“Yes she can” Says Niall and then walks away

“Were can I get another one?” I ask Zayn and Perrie

“In the kitchen” They said and I leave to the kitchen

I walk to the kitchen were I spot Harry. He looked smoking hot.

“What can I get you, precious?” He asks in a seductive tone

“What do you offer me?” I say making myself a tease

“Beer, Tequila, Wine, Whisky and Vodka” He offers

“Would you join me in a couple rounds of tequila shots?” I ask

“Sure” He says serving the drinks

“Lets start this party” I say, our glass bump each other and then the tequila run down my throat, every second I felt more crazy, relaxed, free and wild.


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Yes! Please keep zayn <3

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