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My Brother's Bandmates

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

I feel the music inside of my body, I dance seductively, I swig my hair and get back to dancing. I know boys are watching but who cares. I keep dancing to “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”. My hips move around and my hands go up to the air. I must be really talented in order to dance on top of a table and don't fall.

“What are you doing? Get down from there?” I hear Niall scream, the he is pulling me down from the table, an angry look on his face.

“I am just having fun” I say, grabbing the beer Niall had in his hand

“Are you drunk?” He asks me

“Noo” I say and try to not laugh

“Yes, you are” He says

“Don’t be such a party pooper” I say and stick down my bottom lip.

“Come over here, I want you to meet some people” He says dragging me away into a table full of guys. I recognize Liam and Harry, there were also 4 other boys.

“Emma this is Ashton” Niall says and Introduce me to a really hot guy

“This is Calum” Niall says and introduce me to an asian guy

“This is Michael” Says Niall and introduces me to a guy with green hair

“This is Luke” Says Niall and introduce me to a tall cute guy who has a lip piercing.

“Hey I am Emma, Niall’s sister” I say, they all get up and give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Want to sit down?” Ashton offers

“Yes” I say

“Were are you from?” I asked them

“Australia” They say

“I want to go to Australia, take me with you” I say

“If you want to” Says Ashton and wink at me, I wink back

Harry is looking at me, a mixture of an angry and jealous face on.

“Are you okay, Harry?” I ask him

“Yes” He says and look away.

“You want to dance with me?” I ask him and get up

“Come on” I insist, He gets up and I drag him to the dance floor

I start dancing, just moving to the rhythm of the music and Harry follows me. I move closer to him and he moves closer to me. I move my hips and put my hands over Harry’s neck. He seems to like it because he pushes me closer. “You are hot” He whispers in my ear. We are all over each other. Harry put his right leg between my legs. He puts his hands on my hips and as the song goes on we grow closer. “And you are a great dancer” I whisper in his ear”. We continue to dance like this for a while.

After dancing with Harry, I went looking for Bella, Elizabeth and Camilla. They were sitting in a table with Matt and Jason. I sit down with them.

“Are you enjoying the party?” I ask them

“Yes” Says Elizabeth

“I have never see you dance like that before?” Says Camilla

“Like what?” I ask

“Grinding” Says Camilla

“That is because I usually don’t grind” I say

“You seem like an expert” Says Jason, shooting me a hurt look.

“I just follow the music rhythm” I say

“I am going to go get a beer” I say and get up.

I go to the kitchen and grab a beer, I look for Niall or Eleanor, I see Liam and walk over to him, I really don’t want to be with Jason right now, things are way too awkward.

“Hey” Says Liam

“Hey” I say

“So this is what a One Direction Party is like?” I ask him

“Usually they are bigger but this one was a last minute one” He says

“Ohh” I say

We sit down, and started to talk. I felt like I could tell him anything and he would not tell a soul. He told me some of his secrets two. How he brooke up last month with his girlfriend of two years, and how he loves his fans and being in One Direction.

I started to feel more tired by every minute that pass. I told Liam I was going to go to sleep. He told me he was going to go too. So we finish our drinks and went upstairs to our bedrooms and fall asleep.


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OMG I can't stop reading this!!

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

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Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Mett0900 Mett0900