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My Brother's Bandmates


I open my eyes and for a moment I don't know were I am. I then remember everything that has happen in the last two day. I check the hour in my phone, it was really early, 9 a.m. I decided I should do breakfast for the boys. I i gather my hair into a bow and put on some flip flops. I went downstairs and the house was extremely silent.

I went into the kitchen, there I open the fridge and look for eggs and more breakfast food. I like cooking and you could say that the food I cook is delicious. After cooking, I washed some dishes and pick up the mess I have made. I also set up the table.

When I was finish I sat on the couch and took out my phone. I had a text from Camilla asking me what she will wear for the party today. I also had a text from Matt, asking me if it would be a good idea to ask Bella to be his girlfriend. I didn't have a text from Jason. Everyday Jason texted me, Good Morning. Today he didn’t. Was he angry about yesterday?

I texted him.

“Hey, Good Morning” I send, after 10 minutes no response.

“Are you coming to that party? Are you angry with me?” I texted again and immediately I got an answer.

“Yes i’m going. I don’t know if I am angry, I just know we should stop playing with each other feelings” Jason texted

I didn't know what to answer, so i didn’t. I can imagine Jason as something more than my friend, but I am afraid that if we tried dating and something went wrong our friendship would be jeopardize. I also don't know how Bella would react, maybe my friendship with her will suffer damage. I don't know, I really don’t know what to do.

Suddenly I see a girl walk down the stairs. A beautiful burnet, skinny but extremely sexy, I have seen her somewhere, but I don't know from were.
“You must be Emma, right?” She says

“Yes thats me” I say giving her a small smile

“I am Eleanor, Louis’ girlfriend” She says hugging me

“I made breakfast, you want some” I offer

“That would be great” She says and we walk together to the table. Eleanor grabbed scramble eggs and two slices of bacon.

“This is delicious” She says and I nod

“Are you okay? You look sad” She says

“Its nothing” I say trying to give my best smile

‘’Its okay if you don't want to tell me but they say sometimes it is better to talk to strangers.”

“There is this boy, his friendship and his twin sister friendship are really important to me. I really like him and I know he likes me back.We almost kiss yesterday. I just don't know if it is worth to put my friendship with both to be on a relationship with him.” I say really fast

“Do you really like him?” El asks

“I think so” I say

“If you had to choose between The boy and his sister, who would you choose?” El asks

“Both of them” I say looking at her weirdly

“I thin that if she really is your friends she will not care that you are with his brother. But ask her first before you do anything with this boy. If it is meant to be it would happen. Take your time” She says giving me a friendly smile.

“Thank you, I think you are right” I say giving El a hug

“Were do I know you from, you seem familiar” I tell her.

“I am a model.” She says

“Oh I know, you model with my friend Elizabeth Wilson” I say

“That is right” She says

“Are you coming to the party today?” I ask El

‘Of course I am, everybody is coming” She tells me, an exited look on her face

We talked for a little more and then I see the boys coming toward the table. All of them shirtless. Harry only in his boxers and the rest wearing sweatpants. I stare at Harry, I think he has better legs than I do.

“You can stare, all you want” He says and winks at me, which cause Louis to laugh.

“Harry!” Niall screams angry

“Sorry not Sorry” Harry says making everyone except Niall laugh

“I made breakfast for everyone” I say showing them

“That looks great, thank you” Says Liam, everyone sat down and started to eat.

“I see you two met” Says Louis

“Yes, She is really nice” I say

“I know, right?” Says Louis with a smirk

“Are you ready for the party?” Asks Niall

“Yes I am” I say


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Filler Chapter, The party is going to be amazing!


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Yes! Please keep zayn <3

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Yes! Please keep zayn <3

Mett0900 Mett0900