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My Brother's Bandmates

What The Fuck Just Happen

Pov Emma

When I woke up and decide I was going to go swim to the pool so I Changed into my swimming suit and then went downstairs.

“Look who woke up” says Louis

“Where are you going?” asked Niall when he saw me heading outside

“To swim in the pool!” I said

“Mind if I come with you?” Asks Harry

“Not at all” I say and Harry ran upstairs to change.

I headed to the pool, I will see Harry there. This house was gigantic, so was the pool. I take of my shirt and touched the water to see if it was hot or cold. To my surprise it was hot. I got into the pool. My body relaxed. I close my eyes and hear the silence. I heard a splash and open my eyes.

“Harry” I said, when he reached the surfaces of the water

“Emma” He said and we stare at each other.

“Are you sure, it is okay for me to stay here?” I break the silence

“Yes, having you around will be great” He says with a bright smile

“How are you doing in collage?” He asks me

“Great, I only have one year left.” I say

“Awesome” He says

“How is tour going?” I ask sounding as interested at possible. I didn't dislike my brother’s music, I listened to one direction from time to time, but I am not a directioner.
“Tour is going Okay” He says “ I mean is great to meet our fans and see how much the love us, it is awesome to be able to live my dream, but at the same time it is exhausting one day I am here and the next I am on the other half of the world and Paparazzi drive me crazy.”

“i am here whenever you need to talk about it” I say swimming closer to him

“Talk about what?” I hear Niall say and we turn around

“Nothing” Says Harry and Niall shots him a nasty look

‘Emma, Isabella and Jason came to see you” Says Niall

“I will go change, tell them I will be there in some minutes” Niall nods and walks away.

Me and Harry get out of the pool and I noticed Harry checking out my body. I wrapped a towel around myself and walk toward the house.

I changed into my BCBG leggings and a peplum black shirt also from BCBG. I walked downstairs and found Jason laughing with Niall and Bella on her phone. Liam, Louis and Zayn seeing Tv, and Harry was nowhere to be found.

Jason and Bella both notice me at the same.

“Emma!!!” Screamed Bella and hug me

“Heyy” I say. Its great that Jason and Bella are here.

“Em, you want to go bowling? Matt and Camilla will be there too” Jason says

“Great, lets go” I say, I walked up to were Niall is and say goodbye. He told me the he and the boys were going to go to a bar and would get home late, so in case they are not here when I come back, i should have my own key.
I got into Jason’s BMW. We turn up the music and sang along until we got to the bowling place.

Matt and Camilla were already there. I rent my own bowling shoes and walked towards the others.

“Lets team up” Says Camilla and I automatically look at Jason, he was looking back. We always won and today would be no exception.

After one hour of an intense round our time was over. Bella was going to sleep over at Camilla’s house. Matt was going to give them a ride. So it was just me and Jason.

“Lets go grab something to eat” Jason suggest

“I think that is a great idea” I say

“McDonalds is okay?” Jason ask

“Perfect” I say as we made our way to the McDonalds most near to my new home. We went trough drive thru and headed to the house. Since none of the boys would be home I thought it would be nice to invite Jason for a while.

I opened the door and Jason enter the house behind me, his hands holding two big McDonalds’ bags.

We sat on the table and ate our cheese burger.

“This is delicious” Said Jason and I nod

When we finish I throw away the trash. I decided to show Jason my room. He gasped when he saw the size of the room. I sat on my bed and pad the comforter telling him to sit there. We sat so closed and looked at each other eyes. If I could just kiss him. I know he likes me back’

“You are beautiful” Jason says and put his hand on my leg.
“You think so?” I ask, he leans closer and so do I, but our lips don’t met. I puled myself back trying to control myself. He pulls back a confuse look on his face.

“I’m sorry” I say

“Its okay, I should go” He says and gets up from my bed

“Would I see you tomorrow at the party, tomorrow?” I ask him, but he was already out of the room, i doubt he even heard me. I don’t like playing with his feelings. I just don’t want to risk my relationship with Bella and him.

I hear a knock and I wonder if it was Jason, maybe he forgot something, or he did hear me and is back to answer me.

“Come on in” I scream, but Jason didn't enter my room, it was Harry

“Who was that?” He asks

“Who?”I ask confused

“The guy who just walked out of your room. Is he your boyfriend?” Asks Harry with an angry tone

“He is just a friend” I say

“Oh okay, well good night” He says and turns around to leave.

“Wait” I say

He turns and looks at me again, a weird look on his face “Yes?” He says

“Why do you care?” I ask

“Just wanting to know who was my competition” Harry says, he turns around and leaves my room.
I don’t move for some minutes, trying to understand what Harry just said.

All I want to know is what the fuck just happen.


please keep it up, love each of you who are reading this fanfiction


TONS of school work, promise a double update tomor

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I will update tomorrow

OMG I can't stop reading this!!

Yes! Please keep zayn <3

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Yes! Please keep zayn <3

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