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My Brother's Bandmates

Moving In

“The taxi is here,Emma” my mom scream, I checked myself in the mirror, one more time before going downstairs. I was really moving in with Niall, and my family was really leaving back to Ireland.I gave my little sisters lots of hugs and kisses. My dad and mom gave me a lecture about how I am a big girl and need to be responsible. They gave me a big hug and then I was off to Niall’s house.

POV Niall

I sat in the couch with the lads while we watch The Walking Dead. I checked the time and realized Emma would be here in any minute. I searched for the control and turn the Tv off.

“What the fuck, men” Zayn screamed

“As you know Emma would be here any minute” I say

“We know, now can you turn the Tv back on” says Louis

“No, first I want to know if you understood the rules” I say giving them the most serious face I can pull of.

“No flirting with her” Says Zayn

“She is not allowed into our rooms” Says louis

“We must always were cloth around her” Says Liam

“We cannot have any kind of sexual contact with her” Says Harry with a smirk.

“What if she is all flirty?” Louis ask

“She is not flirty, Louis” I say

Liam was about to ask something, but we heard a knock on the door. I shot the boys a dirty look before I got up from the couch. I walked towards the door, already knowing who it would be. I hope Emma will get along fine with the boys. I hope we can spend some brother-sister time.

Pov Emma

Niall open the door and I gave him a strong hug. “Thank you, Niall” I whisper in he is ear. The taxi driver helped me put my suitcases and boxes into the house. I thanked him and gave him a twenty dollars bill.

“Excuse me, are you Niall Horan from One Direction?” The taxi driver asks.

“Yes, that is me” Says Niall

“Can you please give me your autograph for my daughter, she is a big directioner” says the taxi driver

“Ok, Cool” Niall says. The taxi driver gives Niall a piece of paper, and Niall makes his signature.

“Thank you” The Taxi driver says and leaves. Me and Niall go into the mansion.

“We would get your stuff up to your room later” Niall says, as he walks somewhere and I follow behind him. We walked into a room, there Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry were sitting in the couch and watching Tv. When they saw me, the got up from the couch. First came Louis, he gave me a strong hug.

“Look how much you have grown up” He says “I haven't seen you science the X Factor days” He continues and let go of me.

“How are you, Emma” asks Liam, giving me a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug.

“I am still a little shocked, that my family left from one day to another” I admitted

“It would be okay” Says Zayn and comes closer “You are here with us now” He continuous and gives me thigh hug.

“Its good to see you again” Says Harry, he gives a hug and whispers “This is going to be really fun” In my ear. No one else seemed to hear, I just gave him a quick smile.

“I am going to go take a nap” I say, I am really exhausted

“Oh ok, I will show you to your room” Niall say.

Niall guides me upstairs, to a big room between his room and Harry’s.

“Thank you, Brother” I say giving him a hug

“Oh, I forgot” He says

“What?’ I ask

“Text your friends, we are having a party tomorrow” Niall says an exited look on his face.


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Yes! Please keep zayn <3

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