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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction


My nightmares are what woke me up the next morning; they were not pleasant to say the least. I was terrified, huffing and puffing as I sat up in my bed around 9. The thought of being alone with Zayn, having to manage him all on my own made sleeping difficult.

His creepy dark smile clouded my mind.

I quickly hoped out of the bed in an attempt to wipe Zayn and his beauty and dark personality out of my mind. As I walked through the apartment I called for Emerson who didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

The apartment was empty.

I took the opportunity to plug my iPod into a small speaker and blast it as I showered the sweat that had formed from my struggle while sleeping. The cold water soothed my warm skin.


The sound of my clicking heels filled the hallway as I walked towards the office. My heart was racing unsure of where Emerson was— I still hadn’t seen her.

As I entered Angela’s office she was going through papers. I cleared my throat to get her attention. Her head boggled towards me. “Emerson is at Zayn’s so you should get looking at the boys upcoming tour. Look at the budget and where we need to spend.” I nodded and exited the room.

For two hours I researched marketing avenues and budgeting for the upcoming tour. I wasn’t sure why Angela had instructed me to do such a big job but I was honored to have the responsibility.After my research I typed out a budgeting plan I found worthy. I printed it then dropped it by Angela’s office. She told me she would look over it and see if it was good enough.

I walked from the room with nothing else to do. Angela said that was all that needed to be done today which surprised me. There were only a few days left in the week so I figured she would crack down hard at the end of the first week.

With nothing else to do I pulled my phone from my pocket in an attempt to find out what Emerson was up too. I dialed her number and pressed the phone to my face.

One ring. Two rings. Three Rings.

On the fourth ring Emerson’s bubbly voice emitted from the phone a little less bubbly and more out of breath. It sounded as if she had just held her head underwater for a good minute. “Hello?” She gasped.

“Hey M. What are the two of you up to over there?” I felt a bit pathetic calling Emerson and asking what her and Zayn where doing but I really didn’t have much else to do or wanted to do. I wanted to know what they were doing for some odd reason.

“Um-Um. We are just- cleaning- yea I came over because Zayn was hung over and called me and I came over here and he had made a mess of the place.” Her small perky voice but a little unsure.

“Oh well. Do you guys need some help? I’m off for the day.” I wasn’t sure what crazy thing came over me and why I wanted to go over but I wanted to see Zayn. Make sure he was okay.

“Um-hm-no. I think we- we are good.” The stuttering in her voice began to throw me off. She was definitely hiding something for Zayn.

“I’m coming over. Something is going on.” I demanded.

“No Spenc. Everything is per-per-perfect here.” I listened as she huffed for air.

“Z-Zayn stop.” I heard a hushed voice through the speaker. “Listen Spenc, you should go to the store, it’s just down the street, get us some curtains. I think we are running out of cereal.” Before I could answer the line went dead.

Something was off. Emerson hated Zayn, she was always begging for me to take him of her hands or making some sort of deal to split him for the day.

I quickly rushed back into the office, Angela’s high pony flipped up towards me. “Can I help you?” her face just as relentless as ever.

“I-um-I don’t have a car and Emerson needs help with Zayn and-“

“There are some company cars downstairs. You are free to take one of them at any time, they are there for your use. The keys are in that cabinet over there.” Her long lean fingers pointed to a small cabinet placed in the corner. I forced my wobbly legs towards the cabinet. I thanked her and rushed out towards the parking lot.

My face lit up at the sight of all the company cars—they where so shiny and gorgeous. I shuffled over to the on that lit up when I pressed my finger on the unlock button. It was just as polished as the rest of the car, it was a bit small but defiantly convenient.


As I rolled up to Zayn’s house I entered the pass code to the gate and parked the car behind Emerson’s. I shuffled towards the door digging through my purse in order to find the key. We had all been given keys to the boy’s front doors on the first day, just in case of emergencies.

I loudly shoved the door open, pressing my weight in and stumbling a bit as I entered. “Emerson?! Zayn?” I yelled.

I heard a lot of scampering of feet and followed as the noises that seemed to be coming from Zayn’s bedroom. The door opened as I lightly pushed it. “Shit!” I heard a girly voice say as the bathroom door slammed shut.

My eyes where drawn to Zayn who looked a lot better than he did the previous night, although his hair was still a mess. His dark eyes set on me as I advanced into the room. “H-e-y.” I drug out looking around the room in suspicion.

“It’s not messy at all.” My head whipped around scanning the rest of his room as I walked towards him.

“That’s why we cleaned it?” He said as if I was an idiot for say that. He ran his fingers through his messy hair and peered up at me as I neared his bed. I tried to disregard him making me feel stupid.

“Your hair looks like rubbish.” I giggled as I sat on the side of his bed awkwardly.

“This is the third day you’ve worn a short skirt. Are you stupid or something, or just deaf?” He snorted making me erupt in a lit bit more laughter. His hands ran through his hair again as he shot me another odd look.

“You are just making it worse.” I stated reaching for his head. He leaned over allowing me to attempt to fix it the nest placed on his head.

For a moment I drug my fingers through his soft hair gently wishing I could just brush my fingers through his hair all day. My thoughts of wanting to brush my fingers through his hair freaked me out causing me to quickly mess with it and withdrawl.

“Look any better?” I watched him as he quirked his head to the side and his eyes began to soften.

A slight smile tugged at the corners of my mouth while I admired Zayn’s beauty and the great job I had done. “Yea.” I felt my face begin to blush so I quickly turned away so Zayn’s face was no longer in my field of vision.

“Love, are you blushing?” Zayn’s voice crackled out only causing my blush to increase. “No.” I stated sternly keeping my face turned away.

“Look at me then.” He let out a dry laugh as I noticed his weight shift towards me on the bed.

“I can’t. I think my head is stuck like this forever.” I stated in embarrassment trying to settle the flush on my face. It was inevitable when Zayn’s hand sweetly grasped my chin causing me to move my chin up in his direction.

He let out another laugh while his eyes squinting in amusement making my heart skip a beat.

I loved it when he laughed because he didn’t seem as intimidating or mean, he just looked like a fun-loving guy.

“Oh hey Spencer!” The door to the bathroom swung open. “I didn’t know you where here I was just- urn- cleaning the bathroom. All done!” She smiled nervously at me stumbling towards the bed and throwing her petite frame on the sheets. Zayn’s laughter died out as he watched Emerson lustfully.

“What were you guys talking about?” She bobbled.

“Oh, nothing.” I shied away.

“Oh come on Spenc! It must have been something interesting if you got this guy to laugh.” She motioned towards Zayn as she smiled.

It was an intimidating smile that seemed more like she was prying and wondering how someone like me could possibly make Zayn laugh rather than someone wanting to actually know what we were talking about.

“It wasn’t anything Emerson. Just shut up.” Zayn’s cold voice bellowed out. I turned towards him and nodded my head in disappointment.

I know Emerson was a bit unbearable at times but he didn’t have to be so nasty.

“Well then.” Her arms crossed in anger and her foot began to lightly tap against the ground. “I guess I’ll just take out all YOUR TRASH and leave because the two of you seem to be pretty well off without me.” She huffed out, walking towards the trash bin.

As she picked it up she picked out a bit of the top and tossed it on the bed before storming out.

“Emerson!” I pleaded her to come back as she walked out but there was no hope. When Emerson had something set in her mind, she wouldn’t listen to anyone else.

My eyes shot towards the edge of the bed where a small opened package was laying.

It was a condom.

The beat of my heart accelerated as I reached for it and fumbled with it—my eyes darting to Zayn with the opened package placed lightly between my fingers.

“I can explain that.” He rushed attempting to swipe the open condom from my hand.

“It doesn’t matter. I-I- It’s none of my business.” I made sure I turned away from Zayn just in case my eyes started to water. Not that I cared he was sleeping around or anything, I just didn’t want Zayn’s sex life to ruin my entire career.

“You were safe and that’s all I can ask from you I guess.” I said as I whipped under my eyes before facing Zayn with a bold face.

“Oh. I- no-“

“I should go make sure Emerson is alright.” I said quickly retreating from the bed walking swiftly out the door.

I descended from upstairs calling out for Emerson. When I found her in the kitchen she seemed a little distraught and frustrated. “Emerson, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” She whipped away at her nose as she frantically collected her things. “I’m going. I think you can handle the asshole for the rest of the day.”

And just like that she was walking out and slamming the door behind her.



OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez