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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Don't Trust Me

I left Zayn’s after eating some noodles, I scarfed them down like a crazy person which annoyed Zayn.
I think he thought I was starving myself like he had said at the restaurant when we met.
He promised he wouldn’t leave his house and I made him swear on his life.
When returning home Emerson had a movie on. She was chewing on some popcorn laughing at the screen. I shuffled in the room and sat in an empty chair.
“Good day?” I questioned—she looked perky and satisfied.
“Wonderful day! Zayn wasn’t as difficult today, despite the fact he tried to run away but other than that it was pretty good. Can’t complain.” Her pearly whites formed a smile while she continued eating her popcorn.
So it wasn’t just me? Zayn was definitely a lot better today.
It gave me hope, maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as I planned.
“Wait a second? You are back early.” She said suspiciously.
“He told me he wasn’t going out tonight, he swore on his life he wouldn’t.” I smiled looking towards the screen trying to engage myself in the movie.
“Spencer…” My name fell from her mouth very slowly.
“Zayn swore on his life today that he wouldn’t try anything funny with me but he did. He hit on me every chance he got, he even touched my face at one point.”
My mind began to venture remembering the touch Zayn left on my face.
“He even gave me a hug.” She shivered in disgust.
She had my full attention. He had pulled the same stunts on the both of us—my heart ached with disgust, he was disgusting.
I couldn’t believe I actually thought for a moment he was a decent person. “What are you saying?”
“I am saying. He’s probably going out tonight. He was talking on the phone this morning with his buddy about some sort of party.” She stated contently as the popcorn continued to pop into her mouth.
“You’ve got to be kidding me. Can I barrow your car?” I drug myself off the couch in anguish. “Yup.”
I drove as fast as I could down the road, keeping an extra keen eye out for any sort of police getting ready to stop me.
On arriving to Zayn’s house I noticed his car was still in the driveway, which gave me a wave of relief.
I quickly parked the car and barged into Zayn’s front door, which was conveniently open.
“Zayn!” I shouted in anger. I stomped up the stairs and into his room, nothing.
I then stomped down to the only other part of the house I was familiar with, the kitchen. He wasn’t there either. “ZA-Y-N!” I shouted louder.
There was still no response.
I spent the next twenty minutes searching every room, closet and bathroom in his house, he was nowhere to be found. I also attempted calling him but there was no response.
I was ragging with furry knowing I was going to have to deal with all the damage he would do.
I ran out of the house and back to Emerson’s car. Driving to the bar we had visited the night before but he appeared to be nowhere. I tried another bar down the street that I had read about online but had no luck there.
I was out of places to look. I didn’t know Zayn nearly long enough to know anything of his ware bouts. With complete hatred in my eyes I drove back to Zayn’s thinking he would have to come back there eventually.
When returning to Zayn’s the only thing I could feel was utter betrayal. I had trusted Zayn to stay in tonight.
My eyes shifted open as the door slammed close. I collected myself from Zayn’s couch realizing I had drifted off to sleep.
I must have been really angry.
The sound of loud footsteps resonated through the house. I rushed to the front door to see Zayn standing there removing his shoes.
“Where the hell have you been?!” There was no excuse, if he was going to act like a child, I was going to treat him like one.
His glassy eyes rolled around in his head as he slowly opened and closed them. His eyes lids looked heavy and his orbs where more dark and bloodshot then I had ever seen them. “Could you not yell love?” He slurred.
“No. I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want because that’s what you decided to do! You swore on your life you wouldn’t leave this house!” My blood boiled as the words came crashing at Zayn. He needed to feel the pain.
“I have a fucking headache could you just go away?” It took me a moment to properly make sense of his mumbled words.
“Not until you explain yourself.” I crossed my arms and began to tap my foot.
“Okay could you just give me a minute babe, I’ve got to- to-“ Zayn’s feet shuffled from the room and into a nearby bathroom. I waited patiently as he threw up.
He returned within a few minutes wiping his mouth as he entered the room, I quivered in disgust.
“Tell me what the hell you where thinking!?” I bombarded him as he walked in.
“What if your problem? You are twe-n-nty o-one and you don’t party!”
I didn’t answer his question because it made me uncomfortable. “Tell me where you where Zayn. I’m tried and I’m not in the mood.”
His eyes rolled again as he began to walk towards his couch, he stumbled a few times before he took a seat. I sat next to him making sure there was a great distance between out legs. Zayn didn’t seem to approve as he forced my legs towards him and pulled me next to him. “I don’t bite.” He mumbled cheekily.
“Just tell me so I can go home.” I crossed my arms in frustration as I looked into Zayn’s cold washed out eyes.
“Nothing happened! Alright? It was a little party at a friend’s, there were no girls and we just got drunk and talked. Didn’t go anywhere so you are off the hook.” He responded coldly.
“You can go now.” He added.
I forced my shaking legs from the couch and made my way towards the front door. I felt a little sorry for Zayn. He didn’t seem to have anyone there for him. I don’t know how he could possibly have such a huge house and not feel incredibly alone.
“Drink lots of water and get some sleep.” I said to a dark figure that had followed me towards to door.
I gently opened the door, as I closed it behind me I shuffled as fast as I could to Emerson’s car. I felt bad for taking it over night so I drove back as quickly as I could.
Only three more days till the end of the week. I was more than positive by the end of this week Emerson was going to be off the hook and with a new boy and I would be stuck with Zayn, all alone.
As I returned to the apartment sweet fumes filled the air and grew stronger as I made my way into the kitchen. Emerson was standing in the kitchen making herself some oatmeal. I looked at the clock, it was nearly four in the morning.
“I couldn’t sleep.” She said as she placed the hot bowl on the counter.
“Oh.” I watched as she made her way to the pantry and pulled out some brown sugar that she sprinkled on the top of her oatmeal.
As I walked closer to her I picked up on a rather peculiar smell. “Have you been drinking?” I asked accusingly.
“Where have you been?” She asked changing the subject.
“Zayn’s. I was looking for him and ended up falling asleep on the couch. “
“O-Oh. Did he say where he was?” her voice cracked as her knees wobbled.
“He said he was at a friends.” I gave her a confused glance as I walked towards the cabinet, fishing out a glass to fill with water. Emerson was acting so odd. “Are you alright?” I questioned as I filled my cup.
“Y-Yea. Never better. No trouble tonight?”
“Well, he said he was just at a friends and they were drinking, He said they never left so I had nothing to worry about.” I gulped down some water as I walked towards the door.
“I would suggest you get some sleep M&M, we’ve got work to do in the morning.” I uttered as I walked out. I was in no mood to continue to question her strange mood and the odd smell emitting from her breath.
As my head hit my pillow I was out.


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez