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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction


Zayn’s room was consumed with a loud roar of laughter. I turned towards a laughing Zayn, the smile filling his face different from any other I had every seen from him.
His face beamed and for a second he actually looked genuinely happy.
My eyebrow furrowed as he laughed, I couldn’t help but feel awkward while he roared in happiness. I than felt the giant sweatpants slipping so I grabbed at them hoping Zayn would be to focused on the collapsed chair on the floor.

“Why are you laughing?” I asked self-consciously. Was it some sort of joke?
Was he going to start yelling?
“You- You- You should’ve seen your face.” I could tell he was trying very hard to contain his laughter.
“Shut up!” I defended letting out a small giggle making sure my pants didn’t fall down as I walked towards him.
The laughter quickly died out and I felt out of place once again. My small shortly lived happy moment with Zayn was over.
“Those are way to big for you.” He blatantly stated as if I wasn’t already aware of the oversized piece of clothing.
I laughed a little at his statement. “Are these yours?” A smile tugged at the sides of my face as I looked modestly down at the obviously oversized pants.
“Yea.” He ran his fingers through his wet hair.
I looked up at him and he gave me a small grin. “Do I look like I would be your size?” I asked innocently as I drug my feet closer to him.
He slightly rolled his shoulders up near his head and let out a sigh of exhaustion. “Mhm… I guess not.” Zayn got up from his bed wearily and walked to another drawer where he pulled out a smaller pair and threw them at me.
“These are so small, why do you-“ I watched as Zayn’s head dropped in anguish, my eyes meeting with his as he slightly lifted his head. “They’re Perrie’s… I um… forgot to give them back.”
I threw the pants back at his face. “I’m not wearing those. I’ll keep these ones.” I could tell Zayn was in misery just looking at those pants and there was no way I was going to wear them. “Put them back.”
Zayn shoved them back in the brawer he pulled them from. “Damn you’re suborned.” He muttered as his feet flowed from his room.
At the frame of the door he turned to face me.
“Come on.” His arm flailed in the arm instructing me to follow him.
I timidly followed making our way down the stairs and into the kitchen.
“Alright. What do you want for dinner?” He sighed out while walking towards the fridge.
“Oh. I-I-What were you gonna have?” I wasn’t sure what to say having no knowledge of what type of food Zayn’s house contained.
“Well I was going to make pasta but I’m no cook and I wouldn’t want to feed you the nasty food I eat every night.”
I found it sweet that he was thinking about me, about weather or not I would be satisfied.
It was a different side of him I had yet to see.
A minuscule smile tugged at my lips as I let out a dry giggle. “I could make it.” I insisted.It was the least I could do.
“You can cook?” The discord in his voice broke my trance of the sweet side of Zayn.
“Yea my mom was a really good cook. She taught me a few things.” I grinned while noticing a pantry. I walked over to it and opened it confidently.
“Where are your noodles?” I turned around to Zayn who seemed absent in the conversation.
“What?” His dark brown orbs beamed into mine, resonating a softness as they met mine.
“Your noodles?”
“Oh, um… the fridge.” He pointed towards the fridge. “They don’t go in the fridge. Why are they there?” The question was silly. Obviously Zayn had no idea how to cook.
“I-wait… you said she was a good cook. Like-like-“
I froze where I stood as I pulled the noodles from the fridge. I placed them on the counter calmly in an attempt to ignore Zayn’s unfinished sentence hoping and pleading he wouldn’t continue.
“She’s dead.”
As his voice shook it echoed through the kitchen. The words felt like they had just burnt holes through my ears, cutting open wounds that had taken so long to heal.
A warm breath on my shoulder sent chills down my spine making my knees feel wobbly.
I twisted around slowly right into Zayn’s chest. He enveloped me in a tight hug. I fought with my body wondering if it was appropriate to hug back or not. His warmth soothed the ache in my chest making me feel more week and vulnerable than I was.
He pulled away confidently, spun his feet around and walked towards the door.
“You’ll cook.” I listened as his feet slowly walked further from the kitchen and eventually dying out.
Zayn had hugged me.
Not in an awkward way either.
It was inviting and pleasurable.
It was warm and comfortable.
It was impossible.
Zayn was being way to nice and there had to be some sort of catch to it all.
He just wanted me to make dinner and his charm had worked. He worked that stupid boyish charm perfectly and I had fallen for it.
The noodles continued to steam as I put them into a bowl to be served. “Zayn! It’s ready!”
No answer.
Since Zayn didn’t answer I began a search for him, starting in the closest room.
As I walked by one of the walls I noticed a whole bunch of pictures of Zayn with his group of friends in his band, then I saw some pictures of him as a child and then I stopped in my tracks as I came across a picture of his family. 3 little girls surrounded Zayn and two adult figures, I assumed his parents, stood behind them
Zayn looked so happy, a happiness that I had never experienced.
Why was he so dark all the time?
His sisters were ravishing and absolutely adorable—a smile covered my face as I drew my eyes to his mother and father, they looked so in love. It was the perfect family.
A throat clearing noise broke my transfixion on the picture. I whipped my head to Zayn, his face didn’t look pleased with me.

“What are you doing?” He asked in a rather harsh manner.
A small red flush covered my face. He had caught me starring at his pictures. Not only did I stare at him in person but also in pictures.
“I was just- your family is beautiful.” I turned back towards the picture in admiration of it.
For a slight moment I was at peace, looking at the picture, gushing over the beauty placed before me.
“What happened to your mum?”
Secretly I knew this would come up again.
I shouldn’t have said anything before. I shouldn’t have let that moment happen. I should have stepped away before when he had hugged me but instead that was all I could think about. The slight touch of skin as he hugged me into his chest while I stood vulnerable in his kitchen.
My stomach felt empty as I began to speak. “My mom and dad got in a really bad fight one night…” whilst the words came from my mouth I focused harder and harder on the photograph that clung to the wall.
“…She said she was leaving him and he would get the divorce documents in the mail…” A giant lump formed in my throat making breathing difficult forcing me to take bigger and longer breaths. “…She ran out so fast I couldn’t do anything. She got in her car and drove away.”
Eyes filled with tears but I attempted to continue my story strong.
“The next morning we got a call. She had gotten in an accident. They said they restarted her heart three times but it was too much on her body.” Water brimming the edges I focused harder on the picture of Zayn’s family.
As my last words escaped my mouth I knew I shouldn’t have said anything. I was being so un-professional. I had let him into a private part of my life. A part I could never remove him from.
“I’m really sorry. I had-“ His words cut off when I turned around. He searched my wet eyes, his becoming softer every moment.
My head dropped in embarrassment.
Zayn’s manly huge hands placed gently on my face forcing my head to lift back up to face his. His touch felt electrifying, my cheeks burned vigorously.
I noticed Zayn’s whole body begin to shift closer to me, freaking me out and making me jump in fright.
It was a rather frantic jump making me look like a complete fool.
Zayn’s brow furrowed as the hardness of his dark eyes began to return. “You are so strange.” His voice was as harsh as ever.
I huffed, rolled my eyes and walked back towards the kitchen. “Dinner is ready.”


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez