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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Fun Fun Fun

As I opened my eyes I felt myself wrapped in the arms of a beautifully built boy, instantly regretting the previous night events. I had allowed Zayn to kiss me and hold me and be with me and take care of me— so unprofessional.

But did it matter that much? S’not like we were sleeping together like him and Emerson, just some innocent kissing and cuddling right?

“Just shut up and kiss me.” His hand gravitated towards my face sending a burning sensation on my cheek as he touched it. I felt an automatic urgency to feel his lips on mine. His inviting smell, his alluring eyes and his beautiful lips where all to much.

I needily placed my hand on the back of his neck and connected his lips with mine. His teeth tugged at my bottom lip as he teased me.

This felt right so it must have been right.

As I gasped for air he reconnected our lips in an urgent manner— sending a chill down my spine knowing in that moment how much he wanted me.

“Hey guys! we-” A mop headed boy flung the door open and my head pulsated towards him and pulled away from Zayn as I pushed him away. “I-I-Everyone just wanted to know if you where okay up here, but the two of you are clearly a’okay.” Harry slung his body around and walked away.
“Oh God.” I forced myself up from where I was sitting and began hopping like a one legged bunny back towards Harry.

“SPENCER!” I heard Zayn shout, probably not to happy I was up and moving with my giant swollen foot.

“Harry!” My tired leg that I hooped on caught up to him. “Harry.” I grabbed at his arm. “It’s not what it looked like.”

Harry spun towards me with a straight expression playing on his face. Was he angry I had kissed Zayn?
“Alright.” He crossed his arms and flicked his neck causing his curls to flop about. “I-um-“

“Babe, no need to explain yourself, I see what you’re doing.” He stated, a cheeky smile grew on his face. I cocked my head to the side like a puppy does when it’s confused. “Play’n hard to get.” He nudged my arm.
“Lets get you back in there.” Harry scooped my up like a bride before I could protest, carrying me back towards the front of the bus.
“Keep a better eye on her would you mate?” Harry placed me on the couch where I was previously sitting with Zayn. “Wouldn’t want anything to happen to the other foot now would we?” His warm arms set me free and he made his way towards the door, shutting it tightly on his wary out.
Alone again. With Zayn.

His great big hands held his head that was hung low. He sat at the end of the couch looking distressed and exhausted. Broad shoulders slumped.

“Zayn.” I reached towards him and placed my had on his arm, he flinched but allowed me to keep it placed there. “I’m tired.” I added, we didn’t need any drama for the night, just needed a good night sleep. Zayn pulled his heavy head from his hands and looked at me contently.
I scooted towards him, pushing him back up against the corner and placing myself on top of him. He sluggishly wrapped his arms around me as I drifted off to sleep.

I pulled my body of the couch, pealing Zayn’s arms off. I quietly made my way towards the back of the bus. Walking into the room with bunks first, I peeked into all of the bunks, all 8 of them. I opened Louis’s first finding him passed out without a shirt . Then I opened another with Liam, the next was Niall and the last two had Payton and Aubree.

Harry was no where to be found in any of the bunks.

I continued on to the back of the bus where are game of Piggly Wiggly had taken place the night before. There I found the mop headed boy transfixed on a small laptop, sprawled out on a couch.
As I walked in he looked up towards me and flashed me a dry smile, than hooked his emerald eyes back on the screen of his laptop placed on his lap. I drew closer and flung my body on the couch by Harry. “What you doin Styles?”

“Just going through tweets, stalking you on twitter.” He smiled as he typed in my twitter name, clicking on my profile opening all the tweets on the page.

“Oh don’t do that Harry.” My face turned sunburt red while I rolled my eyes. “Sometimes, I wonder about what’s going to happen to me after I die and who’s going to cry or not.” Harry read out my most recent tweet I had posted last night right before I passed out on the couch backstage.

“That’s deep babe.” He chuckled and looked at me, I had crossed my arms in anger. “STOP!”

“No, I would cry my eyes out Spenc! I don’t think I would be able to stop crying. I don’t think I could live without you.” He gushed somewhat sarcastically.

“SHUT UP!” I picked up a pillow situated in the corner and threw it at Harry’s face. He just flung it away and continued to read.

“Work is kicking my ass, send me prayers.”

He laughed again as he read. I must’ve tweeted that two or three weeks ago, when Zayn and I had met and he was incredible impossible.

“You’re makin me jealous babe, Zayn gets to kiss you and kick your arse.” He winked as he left my twitter page, thank god! I gave him a sweet smile, such a charmer Harry was.

“Oh shut up Harry! you can’t tell anyone what you saw. got it?” I barked.

“Don’t worry Spenc! Jeez take a pill.”
“Piss of Styles.” I got up from where I sat and made my way out. “You better not tell!” I shut the door quietly and walked through the bus back to the front in search for some food. The cabinet creaked as I slowly opened it.
My focus was drawn to Zayn as he stretched his arms out.
I pursued opening the cabinet wider as I kept an eye on him, trying my best not to wake him.
But his brown orbs popped open and a huge smile tugged at his lips. “Morning.” He stretched his arms behind him and placed them behind his head while speaking in a groggy and rugged morning voice. I smiled once hearing his ‘oh so’ sexy voice.
As he hopped of the couch I looked back at the cabinet in search for some food to eat. His rough arms wrapped around my waist while he aggressively swung my hips in order to get me to face him. I did not enjoy it.
“Hey! Easy big shot!” I grumbled into his chest. I looked up into his eyes as a small smirk still played on his lips.
“You are one restless sleeper babe.” His smile began to grow even larger.
“Oops, must have slipped my mind.” I countered sarcastically. I knew that I was a pretty restless sleeper, it had started after my mom’s death.
I just figured Zayn deserved it.
“Somehow I feel you knew that.” His hands kept hold on my hips as he swayed me. I felt as if he was scolding me and talking to me like I was a child.
A strong giggled emitted from my pursued lips as he placed a light kiss on them. I beamed pulling from the kiss, flicked him in the nose than turned back around in search for food.
He moved away from me and back towards the couch.
“Hello children!” Louis barged into the room before I could find anything.
My stomach growled, I grabbed at it hoping no one would hear.
“Was that your stomach!?” Louis laughed my walking my way. “Shut up! I’m hungry!”
“Well let’s just go into the hotel and order some room service, don’t waste your time eating some stale cereal in the cupboard.” Louis swerved around me and shut the cabinet.
“Room Service? Can you do that without a room?” I quirked a brow, it seemed I was a step behind on everything.
“For being a manager, you don’t know much.” Zayn snarled from across the room, I rolled my eyes hobbling over to a chair. “We get rooms every stop we have, they’re pre-booked so they can’t be cancelled. Sometimes we use ‘em and sometimes we don’t” Louis explained.
“Oh. Well let’s go! I’m starved! Go get everyone else up!”
The room the boys had was more along the lines of a suite. The décor was beautiful especially for a hotel. There was a kitchen by the door that opened into a den with a giant couch and a flat screen. Two entrances opened into two different room that were very similar, each had a large king sized bed and they shared a bathroom that was placed in the middle.
“Whoa, this place is insane!” I squealed.
Aubree clung onto my arm as he both freaked of how amazing this place was. I looked over to Zayn who was laughing quietly as me, I furrowed my brow at him than continued to analyze the giant suite that was most half the size of my house back in New Jersey.
“Payton! Why aren’t you freaking out!?” Aubree gushed as she released me arm.
“Oh, I used to stay in suites like this when I dated-er-um- just this guy that-um-he just liked to stay in nice places.” She stumbled on her words as he hobbled towards us.
“Food! I’m STARVING!”
The boys allowed us to order whatever we wanted from room service so I got me a huge plate of pancakes with some bacon because I’m a growing girl and I need food.
Just an excuse I give myself when I eat loads of food.
We all sat on the couch watching the television, some boring reality show. I scarfed down my pancakes as Zayn watched me out of the corner of his eye.
“Did you want some Malik?” I poked my fork out towards him with a floppy pancake dangling at the end. His dark eyes turned to look at me.
“Nah, just admiring your appetite.” He let out a dry laugh.
“Here.” I pulled a strip of bacon from the plate and shoved it in his face. “The hell Spenc!” He turned his face away from me.
“Eat!” I demanded “I’m your manager and I’m not letting you starve yourself!” I found my comment cheeky because of our previous discussions about my eating habits.
He quickly swopped his head by my face and chomped at the bacon pulling it from my hands and chewing it up. After finished my breakfast I made my way to the bathroom to check myself, you know? Make sure my teeth where clean and I didn’t have any syrup on my face.
My eyes had circles around them, not too noticeable but noticeable enough to me that all I wanted to do was rub some concealer under my eyes. Why was I cursed with getting such bad bags?
As I opened bathroom door whom do you think I run into? None other than Zayn Malik, of course.
“Hey.” He leaned up against the doorframe as he boxed me into the bathroom.
“Hi.” I looked into his deep brown coco eyes, a small grin played on his face.
Stupid perfect British Zayn Malik. His stature. His face. His perfect hair that I wanted to run my fingers through. It was all too much, he was all too much and he there was no denying fact that he made my heart race and flutter in ways it never had before.
Why all these overbearing feelings at one time?
“I-um-“ I attempted to step around him but there was no getting past the barricade he had built with his body. “better get back to everyone.” I suggested.
His lustful eyes scrolled over my body. A huge lump formed in my throat, I tried to swallow it but it was a little difficult considering Zayn’s lips where on mine before I could do so. He pushed me back into the counter in the bathroom not missing a beat he shoved his tongue into my mouth with urgency, kissing him today made me feel like a slut and uncomfortable. The intense moment was too much and just as soon as it began it was over with me shoving Zayn away from me.
“I can’t. Stop.” I demanded as I pushed him.
“Come on Spenc!” Zayn huffed out in a rather loud voice. He moved back towards be making another advance.
“I said stop.” I bellowed under my breath more angry than Zayn had probably ever seen me.
“Come on. You seriously just can’t have any fun.”
“Excuse me?!”
“You heard me. You make everything suck!” He spit bitterly at me and crossed his arms.
“Sorry my description of fun may be a little different then yours.” I could have said something a bit more rude but I’ve decided that if I want this job I need to stay on speaking terms with him, wouldn’t want of these things to get out of control. “I’m sorry hooking up with girls is the only way you feel good about yourself.”
Okay, that was a little rude.
But he deserved it. With all the crap he had pulled with me.
I’m his manager(co-manager), which means I need to be brutally honest in order to make progress. Not that I thought I could get him out of habit but still. Got to say it how it is.
“Alright, what’s your idea of fun?” He crossed his arms and corked his eyebrow, lowering his voice.
“I-um. I don’t know.”
“Than show me.”
“Show you?”
“Yea, show me. Let’s see what your idea of fun is… We don’t have a show tomorrow so take me out tomorrow. Show me.” The seriousness in his eyes made me realize that he wasn’t joking. He was so serious.
Now’s my moment! To show Zayn there are so many ways to have fun.
He doesn’t need all that stuff just to have fun. Doesn’t need all the girls and alcohol.
“Okay. You’ve got it.”
I pointed my finger in his direction. “No funny business. I’ll be over at 1 PM sharp so be ready.”
As if on que there came a loud bang on the wall. We walked back out where everyone else was to see Louis opening the door to an enraged looking Emerson with Morgan tagging along behind her.
“We need to get downstairs, watching the actual managers and watching the stage get set up.” Emerson crossed her arms and tapped her foot.
I felt Zayn on my shoulder and watched Emerson wink at him. I walked quickly from the room without another word.
It was time.
Zayn was going to see how fun I was.
How real life was.
How sex and alcohol wasn’t the only way to have fun.
And most important, that I was more fun than Emerson


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez