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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction



Soaring through the room, bouncing off the walls.

The arena was filled with it.

It generated through the crowd all the way towards the stage.

We all swayed to the sweet song that filled the room. Payton and Aubree screaming out lyrics in my ears as I paid attention to all the boys doing what they did best. Morgan sat next to Payton and on the other side of her was Emerson.

Emerson didn’t look so well, she seemed paler than normal and not as perky. I felt a little bad for her maybe it was time I actually talked to her.

Better save that for later.

I had other things to deal with.

Like enjoying my first concert ever!

And tonight.

And Zayn.

“Never felt like this before, Are we friends or are we more?
As I’m walking towards the door, I’m not sure.”

Zayn’s voice filled the arena.

He walked over to our side of the stage. This is where we would be sitting every night for every concert if we so well pleased, Zayn told me so before the concert.

He said that if I ever wanted to just pop in and watch he would make sure the seats were open. I’m not sure how he would do that considering he’s the artist and I’m supposed to be the manager in training and I couldn’t even pull that off, but Zayn promised.

“Did you see that?!” Aubree squealed, she clung to my arm hitting it rather hard. “Ouch! What?” I spoke loudly over the music.

“Zayn!” She squealed once again loudly in my ear. “No, what?” I tried my best to pry her off my arm but she wouldn’t budge.

“He winked at you!” She finally released my arm and giggled at me. My cheeks flushed red like a strawberry. I tried to respond to her laughter but was too concentrated on the music as Zayn moved towards center stage.

I pulled my phone out, deciding I would try and open my instagram app, maybe snap a picture of my girlies and I at my first concert.

My application crashed once again but as I opened it a second time it opened, I went to see how terrible the picture Zayn had taken was.


caption: Let’s make it a special night, for the beautiful and amazing Spencer’s first concert ever

I couldn’t help but smile at his caption.

I quickly snapped a picture of us and uploaded it.


We were forced to go backstage thirty minutes before the show ended, Morgan said that we had to make sure everything was prepared when the boys get off stage.

Not sure really what needed to be prepared but oh well. It gave me time to sit backstage and take a little nap.

“Babe-“ A rugged deep voice woke me from my sweet, sweet nap. As my eyes slowly pried open they were met with a pair of sparkling green ones and a set of fairly long eyelashes.

I stretched my arms out causing the tall mop haired boy to take a step back to avoid being hit in the face.

“H-Harry?” My eyes focused on him as I slowly sat up on the couch.

Harry flashed me a cheeky smile as the other boys plus the girl’s plus the actual manager of One Direction and a whole parade of people entered the room.

I pushed myself up in hope no one noticed I was taking a nap. “How did the rest of the concert go?” I smiled at Harry as he fixed his eyes on me.

“It was alright. Lost my fire once you left though babe.” His smile grew four sizes as he shoved his hands in his pocket and shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh shut up! I doubt you guys can even see anything from the stage with all those bright lights!” There was no way that actually happened.

Zayn walked up to me with a huge smile and embraced me in a tight hug—a gut-clenching hug. It literally made me feel like I was being squeezed to death. “Whoa their tiger! You are squishing me!”

“How was it!?” He pulled away but his tight toned arms clenched mine as he looked at me in anticipation, as if my opinion was all that mattered to him.

“Great.” I gave him a slight smile. “It was really great.” I reassured him as I clenched away from his hold on my scrawny arms.

“Everything alright?” He popped his head to the side like a little puppy dog. “Yea, yea. Everything’s fine.”

I watched as a small perky blonde appeared behind Zayn and tapped him on the shoulder. I shied away from them as Zayn turned towards her and a huge smile covered her face.

That’s right, Emerson still exists.


“Everyone get on the buses.” One of the bodyguards urged as we all assembled into the parking lot.

Payton, Aubree and I all locked arms and slipped onto the boys bus with them. “Let the party begin!” Louis shouted as he made his way onto the bus after us.

We all sort of awkwardly assembled ourselves, unsure of where to go.

I took a moment to look around and notice how clean the front of the bus was—almost a little cleaner than ours. Niall, who was walking in front of us, told us to follow him.

The next section had all the bunk beds, 8 bunk beds, 4 on one side, 4 on the other.

There was no denying that the boys had all their clutter in this room. We all had to climb a mini mountain just to get to the final room in the very back of the tour bus.

This room was a little more spacious with a couch hugging around the walls and giant flat screens placed on the other side. It was a swanky place.

Everyone piled into the room, Liam and Harry walked in a few minutes later with beer and alcohol in their hands.


After passing out some drinks, everyone situated themselves. Zayn sat on one side of me and Niall sat on the other. Harry quickly whined to Niall and made him move.

“We always like to play this game-“ Harry started.

“Oh don’t tell me something cheesy like spin the bottle.” Aubree interrupted taking a huge sigh. “No!” Harry spat. “Do you really think all us boys sit ‘round in a circle and kiss each other?” He continued.

“Well yea, actually I wouldn’t put it past you.” Payton added. Harry glared at us girls for a moment. “it’s called Piggly Wiggly.” A huge smile pulled at his cheeks.

What is Piggly wiggly? Sounds stupid.

“One person leaves the room and the rest of us get blankets and lie under ‘em. Then the one who left comes back in and sits on someone. They say ‘Piggly wiggly’ than the person under them says ‘oink, oink’, than they have to guess who it is.” Louis explained to all of us.

“That’s stupid! Is their even room for all of us to lay down back here?” I questioned. The game sounded just as stupid as the name of it did.

“Well… not really.” Louis responded.

“But that’s what makes it fun Spenc!” Niall chimed in. His eyes were full of excitement and he seemed a little bit jittery. He was really excited to play this game.

Niall was so cute when he was excited.

“Sounds like fun.” Payton blurted out.

I gave her a sharp glare. “Fine, I’ll play.” I hummed as I looked across the bus at Zayn. He was giving me a devious smile.

“Zayn’s it!” Niall honked.

“Come ‘on mate, I’m always it first!”

Something tells me Niall was the one who came up with this game in the first place.

“Exactly! It’s tradition.” Niall beamed. Zayn got up and drug his heavy feet from the room.

The boys started handing us small blankets. We all attempted to lay down, pretty much squished everywhere and practically on top of each other. If Zayn where to come back in and attempt to sit on me he would have to get through all the mess places in front of me, safe to say, I was safe from Zayn’s bum.

Zayn reentered the room. I watched as he places his butt on a chipper little Irish Boy. “Piggly Wiggle.” His groggy voice bumbled.

“Oink Oink!” Niall did his best impression of a girl but gave it away by letting out an ounce of laugher. “Niall” Zayn stated so obviously.

Unable to hold back his laughter any longer Niall burst into a fit as Zayn got off of him. “Get up man, it’s your turn.” Zayn said pulling the blanket from Niall’s body.

Niall got up and walked out and we all got up and moved into different spots. Zayn laid right next to me and I wiggled away as much as I could very slowly and secretively so he wouldn’t notice.

“Are you scooting from me?” Zayn whispered popping his head out from under his sheet and flashing me a cheeky smile.

Damn. Remind me to never become a secret spy.

“I’m coming in!” Niall shouted as he flung the door opened.

Zayn popped his head back under his blanket.

Niall walked around for a moment before huffing out, I peaked out from under my thin blanket as he squatted on Harry. “Piggly Wiggly!” His cheeky voice stated.

“Oink, Oink!” Harry attempted to disguise his voice—it was a horrid attempt.

Niall gave out a laugh, “Hazza!”

“Damn it!” Harry hopped up as fast as he could and ran out of the room, we resituated ourselves once again. Zayn began to push me closer towards the door.
“Stop!” I whispered very loud.

“Here comes Harry!” Harry swung the door open quickly and strode in.

I felt my breath catch in my throat as a bonny butt Harry sat on top of me. “Piggly Wiggly!” His deep voice bellowed. He began to sway himself causing my voice to crack. “Oink, Oink.”

“Hmmmm.” He hummed moving about some more.

Ouch, his butt was so bonny and was crushing my insides.

“Is that you under there Spenc?” He questioned as he started hopping on me!

“Ouch!!!!!!” I yelped pulling the blanket off my head to gasp for air. 6 heads popped out from under some blankets as they watched Harry and laughed obtrusively.

“Get off me Harry!” I howled as I wiggled under him. “You sure are comfy Spenc!” Harry let out a laugh as he swayed his butt around a little more.

“And your ass is bonny, not get off of me!” I demanded giving Harry a good shove finally causing him to fall on the floor. I got up as fast as I could and rushed out of the room before Harry could add another complain.

I shut the door softly and pushed my ear towards the door, listening in to see if I could get any clues.

Not that I’m a cheater or anything.

“Damn, she’s fit.” I heard a deep voice bumble shallowly.

“Shut up Hazz!”Another rather deep voice, sounded a lot like Zayn.

“COMING IN!” I yelled, pulling the door open to afraid to hear what else Harry had to say to Zayn.

I walked in with my eyes closed trying to shuffle my feet slowly and wait to feel a body of some sort touch my foot so I could take a sit—although it was a good idea, it didn’t go as well as I had planned.

I suppose as tapped a body I went to sit down but ended up falling.


My body tensed up as I felt the boy under me, in an attempt to get up. The head’s appeared once again. “Spenc! Are you alright?!” Louis stated, everyone got up.

“You think that hurt you babe, think about what it did to me.” A familiar voice said from under me.

“Oh God!” I looked down as Zayn who was pulling the blanket off clearly in pain. “Zayn I’m so sorry!” I pushed myself up from him.

While trying to stand up my ankle gave out causing me to tumble back down.

“Whoa Spenc! Take it easy!” Niall said from across the room.

“Spencer, are you alright?” Aubree questioned in worrisome motherly type way.

In no way was I alright, my ankle was throbbing in pain.

I watched Zayn sit up and scoot towards me. “Babe your ankle is huge.”

“It’s fine.” I attempted to hide it.

“You are so stubborn.” Zayn hissed.


Zayn carried me to the front and assured the boys and Aubree and Payton he could take care of it so they all headed back to the back room to play video games. Zayn steadily placed me on a couch type thing on the side of the wall, I told him I was fine but he wouldn’t listen—he brought me a pillow and told me to elevate my leg.

“This is stupid Zayn!” I yelled over my shoulder as he moved towards the fridge.

“Just shut up would you? Lucky for you they gave us some icepacks in case of emergency.” I watched as he pulled one from the fridge and pulled out a first aid kit from a cabinet.

“What are you doing with that?!” I hesitated and pulled away as Zayn sat down right next to me. He quickly shoved my leg back on the pillow. “OUCH!”

“Don’t move it.” He bit.

Zayn pulled out some supplies and started to wrap my foot with some type of power wrap thing.“Thanks.” I said quietly.

“You are so clumsy.” He smirked and continued to wrap my foot.

“Alright, all done. ‘should last ‘ya till tomorrow.”

“Wait tomorrow? You told me this was only a two hour bus drive.”

“Well I may’ve lied about that.” He shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly.

“What?!” Of course he lied. He knew I wouldn’t get on the bus if I knew it was a long ride.

“Calm down. It’s okay.”I contorted my eyes so they watched as he placed his long skinny finger to my plum lips.

Awkward moment.

Zayn pulled his finger away and scooted in closer.

I knew this moment would come if we were left alone. Zayn would try to kiss me.

I wasn’t sure if I could handle this anymore, Zayn always trying to kiss me. I was supposed to be a professional—hell! He was supposed to be a professional.

But we didn’t act so professional in this moment.

Oh no we didn’t.

His face edged in, he took a deep breath and as he breathed out the warm air was encased in a kiss—a sweetly placed kiss.

I pulled away knowing that this couldn’t happen, even if I wanted to.

I was his semi- manager. And most importantly he was sleeping with my friend.

“Zayn I-“

“Just shut up and kiss me.” His hand gravitated towards my face sending a burning sensation on my cheek as he touched it. I felt an automatic urgency to feel his lips on mine. His inviting smell, his alluring eyes and his beautiful lips where all to much.

I needily placed my hand on the back of his neck and connected his lips with mine. His teeth tugged at my bottom lip as he teased me.

He knew how to kiss alright.

He was a damn good kisser.


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez