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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Brain Freeze

The ice cream in my mouth made my teeth chatter.
Oh no, “BRAINFREEZE!” I threw my hands about trying to warm my mouth up, not sure if throwing your arms everywhere actually helps but it kind of felt like it was.
“Put your tongue to the top of your mouth!” Niall yelled out over me.
I followed as instructed and soon enough my frozen brain had thawed out. Everyone at the table took a moment to give me a slight laugh, like always. They seemed to laugh at me a lot.
“I can always warm your mouth up for you.” Zayn mumbled into my ear. No one else noticed him and the fact that he was practically sitting on top of me and whispering things into my ear.
I rolled my shoulder back attempting to forget what Zayn had just whispered all seductive and creepy. “So, are you guys excited for tomorrow?” I spat out quickly to relapse from Zayn’s awkward sexual innuendo.
“Ready to start touring ‘gain.” Louis said as he stretched out his perfectly sculpted arms. The rest of the boys just nodded in agreement.
“Well, it’s my first concert ever, so you better not suck!” I explained pointing my finger briefly at each one of them. I felt like a mother telling her daughter or son that if they failed their exam they would be disowned.
“What? You’ve never been to a concert?” Aubree questioned.
“Babe, we never suck.” Harry rolled his eyes.
“Wait, hold on. You have never been to a concert?!” Aubree pressed again a little louder than before.
“Hush! No, I haven’t.”
“You’re a concert virgin.” Liam stated calmly.
“Oh God, we are taking your concert virginity!” Niall added right after Liam in his cute little Irish accent.
“Not the only virginity I’d like to take.” Zayn whispered right into my ear. My face turned tomato red, and again no one noticed Zayn and his stupid innuendo.
Who did he think he was?
“Brain freeze!” I yelled taking a big scoop of ice cream and shoving it in my mouth.
How else was I supposed to rub off that comment and ignore it like it was nothing?
“I’m going to the bathroom.” I got up as fast as I could causing Zayn to flinch, he was sort of right on top of me so I wasn’t surprised, had his arm wrapped around me and everything.
The bathroom looked like the only escape from him. Damn Zayn Malik.
All I had to do was repeat Emerson’s name over and over to bring my self down and remember that Zayn Malik is a dirty creepy band boy who just wants to get in my pants and mess with my head. He’s crazy and reckless and he’s Zayn Malik.
He’s closed off and thinks everyone is out to get him.
Zayn Malik quiet literally freezes my brain.
“Love!?” I heard from outside the door, oh no, he’s come for me.
I already was hiding.
“I’m throwing up!” I instantly regretted yelling this out.
Not a very smart idea to tell the boy who thinks your anorexic or bulimic or whatever he thought, that you are throwing up.
“Damn it! Get out of there right now!” His deep voice resonated.
“Get out here or I will come in there and get you!”
“That’s illegal!”
“Do you think I give a shit?”
I quickly rushed out of the bathroom knowing Zayn wasn’t bluffing, he really would have come in and picked me up and drug me out.
“What?” He stepped back from the door as I exited.
“They all want to leave. We… were-um- just waiting for you.” He flashed me a cheeky little smile. Making my heart feel light and only making me want to smile.
“How long was I in there?” I itched my head trying to remember when I went in and how long I was lost in thought.
“Um, bout ten minutes.” His eyes squinted as he tried to draw an estimate from his mind.“Oh.” I walked past him and back to the table.
My head was throbbing when I woke up the next morning. More Zayn Malik dreams.
Or it could have been all the brain freezes I self imposed on myself in order to off play creepy dirty Zayn Malik whispers.
Why me?

“Wake up Spenc!” Aubree yelled from the bathroom. “Payton has already left you need to get up.”
I grunted out in frustration. “Just leave me here to die!”
Her light feet traveled closer towards me. “Oh don’t be so dramatic Spenc!”
I rolled around, stretching and attempting to wake myself up.
“What’s wrong anyways?” She sat down at the end of the bed.
I looked straight at her.
She blinked.
I blinked.
“Oh… um- just tired.” I got up as soon as possible to dodge any further questions. No one needed to know about my inner struggle, people don’t actually care about that crap.
“Management wants us to set some things up for the boys.” She talked loudly as I walked into the bathroom to take a look at myself.
Major bags under my eyes. ZOINKS!
“What do I look like? A personal assistant?” I grabbed at my makeup bag and began to pat on some conceler. “Stop complaining and get ready.”
Our conversation died after that.
I got ready as fast as I could to the best of my ability’s and me being myself and not able to rush at anything, I ended up looking terrible. I still did make an attempt to look a bit punk, just for Zayn.
I threw on some red shorts, a tank and leather jacket over it paired with some black combat boots. OH YEA, I looked badass.
Aubree and I rushed downstairs to get in the car that took us to the arena. Lucky for us, it wasn’t too far away.
When arriving we were immediately put to work back stage, making sure costumes where all ready and making sure the boys had everything they needed in their dressing rooms.
As I walked in the room Harry whistles loudly attacked my ears causing my cheeks to blush.
“Damn, you look fit.” Harry growled. I tucked my hair behind my ear and attempted to keep my composure, hiding the blush now crossing over my cheeks.
“Do you guys have everything you need back here?” I crackled, ignoring Harry’s comment.
“I think we are all good, thanks babe.” Liam flashed me a huge smile.
“No wait!” Harry shouted as I was spinning to the door to make an escape. “I could use something.” He continued as I spun around and walked near him.
Zayn’s eyes darted to us from across the room, burning huge ass holes in me.
“What about a kiss?” He said way to loud, everyone heard. My cheeks only burnt brighter, oh gosh Harry Styles.
“Oh leave’r lone Hazz.” Niall groaned from across the room.
Harry and I both turned our heads towards Niall but Zayn’s stayed focused on me.
“Let’er answer Nialler.” He barked looking back to me.
Oh God.
The room fell silent.
Was this really happening?
“H-Harry.” I stumbled looking into his beautiful green eyes.
“Mhm?” he hummed.
“I-I-I have real work to do.” I stated softly, collecting myself. The room exploded with laughter. Even Harry was laughing, everyone was laughing except for Zayn. The malice of his dark stare started to freak me out a bit.
I quickly floated towards him. “We okay Malik?” I popped my hip out to make the moment a little more dramatic. “A-okay babe.” He flashed me a smirk as he rummaged through his pocket to pull out his cell phone.
As I turned to stomp out in a fit of frustration Zayn’s warm hand wrapped around my arm and pulled me back. “I want to make your first concert special.” I stared at him blankly. Special?
“How about you and your friends hang out with us after the concert. We are going to have ourselves a little party on the bus to the next venue, it’s only a two hour drive.”
“Emerson isn’t invited.” He snarled.I hated that. He knew why I stuttered, he knew why I was conflicted, he knew it all and he used it to his advantage.
“I-I-guess. Sure.” I gave him a smile as I turned around and walked quickly from the room. Had I really just said yes to Zayn? Was I really going to “hang” with them?
Better round up my girls.No way I’m going into this alone.
After walking from the boys room I found Aubree, Payton and Morgan. They were shifting through clothes making sure everything was in place.
Since they needed no help I searched for another job to take on.
I walked towards the stage to make sure the band had everything they needed.
They were all good.
Since no one needed my help I walked back to the boys, just to see if they possibly needed anything.
The next hour I spent tracking down the boys gummy bears that they normally have before they go on stage.I also went on an adventure searching for lemons, Niall fought saying they helped with the voice but I can’t possibly understand how they would.
After searching for everything and bringing it back to the room, the boys where nowhere to be found.I searched for them with lemons and gummy bears in hand until I found Josh (drummer) who told me they were at a meet and greet and would be back soon.
I hopelessly walked to the room and found a comfy chair to sit in after setting the things the boys requested for on the table.
Feeling lost and more like a personal assistant than a manager I pulled my phone from my pocket.
Might as well rest my feet and chill a little while I was alone.
I pulled up my instagram app and scrolled through—just a bunch of pictures of eyes and nails and boring things really.
My whole body cringed as a warm breath blew on my exposed neck.
“Layne.” A voice blew gently into my ear. My shoulder locked up as I turned my head towards Zayn’s chiseled face. My weak sleepy eyes met his bold static ones.
“Yea?” My voice faltered.
“Are you on instagram?” His voice contorted and became light as a feather. He shifted around my chair and sat on the arm.
His muscular hand slipped my phone from my grip. “You only have 5 pictures?” He let out a dry laugh. “Shut up! What are you doing?!” My voice rose as I watched Zayn fiddle with the phone and press the photo button.
He pointed the camera at me and I quickly hid my face. “No pictures!”
I hate pictures.
“Oh come on babe! Just one.” He pulled at my arm trying to maneuver it away from my face.
“No! I look bad.”
“You look bloody fantastic, now get your arm ‘way from your face.” He pulled at it again, this time I allowed it to drop.
“Only if you are in it with me.” I did my best at trying to compromise. If he was in the picture maybe no one would notice me and just look at him and all his beauty.
“Fine.” He flipped the camera round as he slummed down next to me. It was a really awkward picture but Zayn wouldn’t delete or retake it.
“Please I look terrible! And it’s awkward!” I whined. “You look fine babe.”
He pressed the next then share button before I could stop him the little bar was moving and it was uploaded.
I grabbed my phone from him in order to delete the photo.
“You may not want to do that.” He stated glumly as he glided across the room towards the table with the gummy bears.
As I went to the delete it my instagram application shut down. Once I finally got it to work again the photo already had 3,000 likes. My application shut down again shortly after.
“What did you do?! It won’t open.” I tapped viciously and continuously on my app but it was useless. I watched at he opened the bag of gummies and snaking his arm inside, he let out another dry laugh.
“Just gave our picture a little tweet… I told you I wanted to make your first concert special.” He shrugged at me while the other boys piled into the room.
As they all returned I slipped out in hopes to maybe find some work to keep myself productive and keep my mind from thinking.


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez