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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Turn Ons

There was no denying I was attracted to Zayn Malik.

The next week I spent avoiding him at every cost. It wasn’t all that easy considering I didn’t have Emerson to help me out anymore.

I hadn’t talked to Emerson much either, I found myself absolutely repulsed just when I was in the same room with her.

Zayn and I hadn’t discussed the heated kiss we shared in his room. It had sparked something new in me, something I didn’t feel from the first kiss we had shared.

Whenever we had to talk I found myself dumbfounded, tripping on my words and doing anything to kill the conversation. He of course was a complete ass and just made fun of me and threw low blows.

I had gotten to know my new friend better this week though. Aubree and I spent the week getting to know each other, going out to lunch together and having sleepovers. She was awesome, especially for allowing me to come over her flat in order to avoid Emerson.

At all costs- avoid Zayn and Emerson.

That was my mentality going on the tour. Not too easy when I have to work with Emerson and work for Zayn.


I grunted as I lugged my last piece of luggage into the tour bus. I had three bags, two I put in the bunker where they kept most of the luggage and one in the bus for the road.

Five girls on one bus for an entire tour—I guess it was about time I met the other girls.

First order of business= get the best sleeping spot on the tour bus.
Second order of business= meet the other 2 girls and try to get on there good side
Third and final order of business= try and get my number changed so Zayn FREAKIN Malik would stop texting me.

First order was un-accomplishable, Aubree had gotten on first—I did get the second best bed though, right across from Aubree.

Second order of business was much easier to achieve.

Payton, was a beautiful girl, she had very dirty blonde hair it almost looked brown. She was a bit bigger than the other girls but still very small and about twice as pretty as everyone else.

Morgan was almost as beautiful as Payton, she was very short and skinny with long ginger wavy hair.

Furthermore, I was probably the least attractive out of the five girls.


Third order of business was impossible. I called my provider and they told me it was nearly impossible to change my number without coming into the shop that I bought my phone from.

Cause that was possible…


First city was only an hour away from where we were currently residing. The first half of the tour was in England and the second half of the tour was in America.

The only thing I was looking forward too on this tour was getting to go home, we had a stop in Jersey for a day and didn’t have another date scheduled for the next two days, giving me three days to spend with my sweet little angel.

The first bus ride wasn’t bad. I spend most of it in my bunk on my laptop looking up Zayn Malik turn offs, if I couldn’t avoid him, I could just make myself as undesirable as possible.

Easy Peasy.

All the information I had gathered though was rather gross. Zayn’s turn off included sweating, burping and punks.

Perfect. How was I supposed to pull any of that off?

I mean the sweating was impossible, I think I sweat like once a year. The burping was no good either I couldn’t even burp when I downed three sodas.

Punk it is.

What does that even mean?

When looking up punks on the internet all I found was boys with nasty spiky hair.

Leather is the only thing that comes to mid when thinking of punk.

UGHHH. Zayn Malik, why are you doing this to me?

As the bus came to a stop in the first city we were all forced to get off and take our things into the hotel. They reserved 2 rooms for us girls, three in one room and two in the other. Thank the Lord Emerson wasn’t in my room, she got put in a room with Morgan, leaving me, Aubree and Payton in a room.

I called dibs on the bed closest to the window, Aubree got the other and Payton happily set up on the ground. We ordered her a bunch of pillows from room service to make her a pillow bed on the ground.

After getting situated we made our way to the venue- just to check it out.

We didn’t have to do any official work till the following day.

It took me no time to get to know Payton, she was so sweet and lovely to be around—she had a great sense of humor as well.


“This place is huge!”

Payton, Aubree and I where sitting on the seats looking at the stage observing people setting up. “So incredible.” Payton added.

It looked as if there were over 5,000 seats in the arena. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how crazy tomorrow night would be. It would be my first concert ever, except I mean, I’m not really sure if I will actually be watching the concert, but still, my first concert ever!

“Look what we have here?” A deep voice bellowed from behind us. We all turned to see Harry with his hands in his pockets, gliding closer.

“Hey babe.” He said as he walked up to Aubree “Looking fit.”

“Oh Harry,” Aubree faked a blush as she pulled put her hand up against her chest pretending to be flattered. “Bug off!”

Harry backed away from her and walked closer towards me. “Hello beautiful, Spencer isn’t it?”

“Yea.” I blushed, I wasn’t as strong as Aubree, Harry made me swoon.

“Nice choice of outfit.” He gestured his hand to what I was wearing- lots and lots of leather.

“It’s an act Curls.” I crossed my arms and looked away from Harry.

“Mm Curls? I like it.” He mumbled. “Oh, I don’t think we’ve met yet.” Harry’s eyes grazed over to Payton.

“Harry. That’s enough.” Liam’s voice bellowed out from behind us. He walked towards us and pulled Harry by the shoulder, putting his arm around him making sure to keep him in place.

“Spenc, you may want to get out of here. Zayn will be here any mo-“ He gave me a good look. “What are you wearing?” He was just as confused as Harry was with my chosen wardrobe.

“Ugh! Isn’t this what punks dress like?” I flailed my arms in the air.

Payton giggled at me. “Hun, what are you getting at?”

“Zayn! He- he- I looked it up online- um- turn-offs.” I felt really dumb for what I was wearing.

Liam and Harry roared in laughter. “Oh Spenc! You are hilarious!” Liam said through a laugh. Aubree and Payton ended up laughing along with them.

“Zayn is going to eat you up babe.” Harry stated as they all stopped laughing.

What was that supposed to mean?

Eat Me Up?


“Hey Payton! What was that really good ice cream you told me about around here? I was thinking of tak’n the lads out for some later.”

“Oh it’s just down the street. I could give you directions.” Payton smiled at him.

Payton was working with Liam.

She had talked quiet a bit about Liam and rather highly of him as well.

It made me a little jealous that they were so cool with each other. They were like best friends, totally jealous.

“If you ladies would like to join we would be happy to have you?” The smile on Liam’s face grew two sizes.

I looked over to Payton who was about to respond but was cut of by the deep clearing of a voice. Not just any voice.

Zayn’s voice.

I jolted at the sound of his rugged voice as it rang in my ears. I faced him, his eyes where moving slowly up and down my body—he was checked me out. He grinned darkly.

“What the bloody hell are you wearing?” He asked, walking to the four of us.

I crossed my arms in embarrassment- three for three. All three of them had said the exact same thing.

“I’m leaving.” I charged out of the stadium and into the lobby. The door slammed behind me as I passed in the lobby.

I couldn’t go anywhere. I didn’t have a car, we had all come in the same car.

“What are you doing babe?” Zayn huffed as he lazily drug himself over towards me.

I continued to pace.

Nothing helps in a distressing moment better than pacing.

“I’m pacing. What are you doing?” I took long deep breaths, kept a straight face. I supposed I looked like a rather crazy person.

“You look so fit.” He growled.

Only making me pace even more.

Zayn was making my lady parts tingle big time, OH GOD. Just shut up and leave me alone.

This is how it had been for the past week, Zayn had made passes at me and I had struggled to ignore them and calm my horny teenager side down.

He was so damn desirable and the fact that he had begun to make everything sexual didn’t help. Even when he was yelling at me for something it was always something sexual.

Like last Wednesday. I had a skirt on, Zayn’s ABSOLUTE favorite.

He made a comment that my legs where sexy but too thin and than he made me a sandwich, along with being the same ass he had always been telling me I needed to eat more and whatnot.

I was broken from my thoughts when Zayn’s rough arms wrapped around the back of my waist forcing me to stop walking.

I completely froze.

Zayn pulled me close into him, so close that I could feel little Zayn on my bum.

“Stop pacing.” He demanded.

I sat there in silence not making any sudden movements. Zayn’s warm breath chilled my neck, making the little baby hairs stick up.

How was he doing this?

“Why have you worn this?” He fiddled with the bottom of my shirt.

“I-I-“ I had nothing to say.

He hummed in my ear, it almost sounded like a slight moan. “Are you trying to drive me crazy?” He whispered softly in my ear.

Where was my plan?

I had planned to avoid Zayn but here I was pressed up against him with arms wrapped warmly around my body as he whispered in my ear.

“Em-Emerson.” I pulled from his grasp and he allowed me. My head hung low as I turned toward him.

“Oh you mean your slutty friend?”

“She’s not a slut.” I stated quietly but firmly.

“So that’s why we are still shagging hm?” I could tell he was trying to be cheeky in his crazy sort of way but it just came off as cocky and arrogant.

“God, you are disgusting.” I turned away from him in frustration.

“Just given them what they want.”


I couldn’t take it anymore—this banter, this frustration. He was literally driving me crazy in every way possible.

“Hey guys! We thought we’d pick up Louis and Niall and head over to this really great ice cream place. Want to come?” Liam’s voice asked as he, Harry, Payton and Aubree filed into the lobby.

Thank you Lord!

“I’m in.” I said in a harsh tone. “Me too.” Zayn snapped back just as quick.

They all walked towards us.

“You two alright?” Aubree asked “You look like you just got knocked in the face the both of you do.” She continued.




OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez