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U.N.I- A Zayn Malik Fanfiction

Breaking Habits

I had lots of things already planned out. I had daydreamed a little bit to much today, I found myself daydreaming while we were supposed to be shadowing our managers and I found myself daydreaming during the concert.
Tomorrow was a critical day. I had to show Zayn a good time.
For everyone’s sake.
It was all business. That’s what it was.
I had to show Zayn he could have fun without sex and alcohol; and if I could do that than maybe, just maybe he would change his ways.
I know it’s a long shot but it’s a start.
The day was way to long. I was aggravated and frustrated most of the time; mainly because Zayn gave me no attention for the rest of the day, but also because he gave all his attention to Emerson. She was all over him and he was milking it like crazy.
Harry hung around me the whole night, I used him to try and make Zayn jealous but it didn’t really work very well. I wasn’t going to jump in bed with Harry so I think Zayn had me beat on the whole jealousy thing.
The next morning I woke up around 10 o’clock, ready to face the day and hoping the things I planned today would have some effect.
I got to cooking right as I woke. I had planned to take Zayn on a picnic nearby in a field that lay right next to a playground. Now I know picnics are a little cliché but I happen to enjoy them a lot. It’s fun to eat little foods and sit out in the fresh air.

I had no picnic basket around so I improvised, grabbing a blanket I had brought with me and putting everything in it.
At around 12:30 I got dressed for the day and on my way out Zayn was waiting patiently at my door. “Oh good, you’re here.” I smiled at him but he just corked an eyebrow at me.
“What is that?” He pointed to the blanket I had in my hands that enclosed all the food I had made for our lunch. “Don’t ask questions. Just walk.”
We walked out of the hotel and into a car Zayn rented. I told him he needed to somehow get us around today.
It was a beautiful day, around 78 degrees outside with a slight breeze.
I led Zayn by the hand under a tree. As we got there I untied the blanket and pulled everything out. I pushed them into Zayn’s arms and forced him to hold them as I spread the blanket on the ground.
Once I got the blanket ready Zayn put the stuff down.
“A picnic. Really? This is what you call fun?” Zayn huffed as he sat down on the blanket. I sat down on the opposite side and shot him a provoked look.
“Shut up.” I yapped as I situated all the food.
“Two rules.
No utensils.
And you can’t feed yourself.” I giggled as he crossed his arms.
“That’s so stupid. No.” He protested and picked up a strawberry. I hit it out of his hands as fast as I could. “What the hell!?”
“Follow the rules.” I scolded.
“No, your rules are stupid.”

“Are not!”
“You are not feeding me, that is pointless and stupid.”
“Stop saying its stupid.”
“It’s stupid.” He bugged on.
He was annoying, I was just trying to have fun and make it different, you know? Spice it up?
“We aren’t going to have any fun if you can’t just get over yourself and let things be.” I huffed, this was even more impossible than I originally thought.
He batted his brown eyes at me and stopped talking. It was a moment of silence
An intense moment of silence.
His facial expressions softened and I knew I had struck a chord. FINALLY.
“Okay. Fine. I’ll follow your stupid rules. Now give me a strawberry.”
I giggled as I picked up a strawberry and shoved it in his face. As he bit down I stuffed it all in his mouth causing him to jerk back. “Hey! I can’t eat that fast babe! You trying to kill me?”
I burst into a fit of laughter watching Zayn wipe his mouth. He picked up a sandwich and shoved it into my mouth as I laughed; almost making me chock. I coughed and hit his arm.
He began to laugh just as hard as I had.
I admired as he laughed.
Hearing him laugh was music to my ears.
“That’s not funny!”
“I beg to differ babe!” He roared through a laugh.
I crossed my arms and squinted my eyes at him. He continued to laugh and scooted towards me. “Babe- Babe- you should have seen your face.”
Another thunderous laugh erupted from him. I uncrossed my arms and pushed at his chest. “Stop laughing.”
He laughed louder. “I-I”
“Stooooooop!” I pushed his chest again.
He continued.
“Zaaaayn.” I pleaded.
His laughter finally died out.
“Maybe it wasn’t such a stupid idea after all.” He grinned like a child.
“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes. “Just- just eat your own food.” I huffed, this wasn’t going as planned. Nothing like I imagined in my head.
“Aw come on babe, this was just getting fun.” He teased.I knew he was mocking me and teasing me and I wasn’t in the mood.
I looked down at the food and sighed. The wind slightly blew my hair into my face which was swept back behind my ear by Zayn’s hand that had reached out to cores my face.‘HOW ROMANTIC’
“I-“ I looked back up at Zayn who was giving me a corny smile. He held another small sandwich in his hand. “Want one?” He held it out towards me.
“Yea.” I gave him a light smile and he brought it towards my face. I took a bit then pulled away from it. Zayn’s corny smile slowly transitioned to an actual real smile.
“You where kidding right? When you said it was just getting fun?” I took another bite of the sandwich held in Zayn’s hands.
“Yes-NO. It’s sweet- I mean- this is fun…Thanks Spenc.” He fed me the last bit of the sandwich.
Of course it was all corny. I made it that way when I thought of these stupid rules.
“Thanks.” I tried to keep my cheeks from blushing but the look on Zayn’s face was to cute. “Did you make all this?”
“Yea-I- it wasn’t anything.” I shrugged my shoulders. Not like It was really anything, just simple finger foods.
“It was- it is- no one has ever done anything like this for me before.”
“It wasn’t anything Zayn. Just a picnic.” I spat out attempting to not make this anymore awkward than it already was. Zayn was only inches away from me making me feel uncomfortable, I didn’t need any additions making me more attracted to Zayn.
He began leaning in and I could tell what was coming next. I quickly stood up reminding myself how hard it was watching Zayn with Emerson and convincing myself Zayn really didn’t care about anyone, just himself.
“I’ll race you to the park.”

“The park? We’ve just started eating?”
“Five, four, three.” I counted down slowly. “two, one.” I said really quickly as I began running, I noticed Zayn behind my flailing his body up and following behind. “You cheat!” He yelled out.
I reached the park first of course, fastest girl in my 4th grade class, Zayn didn’t know that though.
“You are such a cheater!” He caught up and laughed dryly. “I’m a girl! I get a head start!” I giggled as I looked at him and bit my lip nervously. I thought maybe the run would release some of the hormones and relieve some of the sexual tension but it did the opposite, he looked so much cuter after we had run across the field.
As he walked towards me I didn’t budge. I came into his reach and he wrapped his arms around my hips pulling me in.
I felt his warm breath in my face and my cheeks began to burn. His lips came close to mine, almost touching but not quiet. I resisted, forcing myself to have some self-preservation.
“I’m not that easy Malik.” I whispered and pulled from his arms. GO ME!
I giggled and ran away and up the stairs of the little children’s contraption. “You are crazy!” He yelled at me and followed as I walked across a wobbly bridge. I made time to jump up and down a few times before continuing. Once I reached the slide I sat down to slide down. “Go down that one!” I pointed to the slide next to me and demanded Zayn went down with me.
He rolled his eyes and sat on the slide next to me.“You are a child.”
“Am not.” I defended, turned to him, stuck my tongue out and slid down. Even if I was a child, there wasn’t anything wrong with that, children have fun, I have fun.
“Real mature!” He slid down seconds later. I sat at the end and gave him a death glare. “We are never going to have any fun if you keep being so negative.”
He stared at me for a moment.
I stared back.
He stared back.
I got up and ran towards the merry-go-round, my favorite. I hopped on and Zayn followed. “I’ll show you fun babe.” He began to spin it around, running with the merry-go-round.
I yelled out. “ZA-A-Y-YN!” I let out a loud laugh as he jumped on and the contraption spinning around and round. “OH MY GOD! ZAYNNN. WE ARE GOING TO FAST!” I laughed again pulling myself to the bar I had hold off.
“I’m going to fall off!” I yelled, Zayn fell into a fit of laugher, falling off the contraption and falling over.
I intern began to laugh and as it slowed down I safely stepped off. I walked to Zayn who was lying on the ground. “Need a hand?” I smiled down at him mirroring my actions and holding his hand out while smiling.
“I’d like to see you try.” He laughed as he put his hand in mine and I pulled him up—not easily either. I dug my feet in the tar that was placed under the merry-go-round and pushed all my weight on my heels. Pulling him up caused my feet to move out from under me and I stumbled back pulling him.
I got him up but ended up in close distance due to him making sure I didn’t fall over. I pushed myself away and walked away back towards are blanket.
Avoiding awkwardness.
“Oh come on love!” I heard his loud steps running behind me and catching up. The grip of his large hands surrounded my small arm and forced me to stop. “You can’t keep teasing me like this babe.” His breath warmed my shoulder.
I forcefully pulled away. “I’m not.”
“Sure does feel like it.” He mumbled under his breath moving on besides me.
I popped my head looking over at him. “I heard that.”
He crossed his arms. “You have Emerson.” We walked in silence back to our picnic.
“Emerson doesn’t mean anything to me.” Zayn sat huffing and grabbing for a strawberry, I didn’t try and stop him.
“And I do?” Not going to lie his words shocked me. Why was he telling me Emerson didn’t mean anything to him? What was the purpose? There had to be one. There was always some kind of secret game he was playing with me.
I’ve never been very good at games. My mom and I played bored games a lot when I was a kid; it was our Sunday night tradition. She would away let me win and I was fully aware she would do it but I knew I was never going to win otherwise so I always kept my mouth shut.
“I-I didn’t say that.” He looked away from me.
“Than why did you say that?”
“I was just saying. I don’t care about her and-“
“And what? That’s supposed to make me want you?” My voice grew harsh.
“Spencer I didn’t say-“
“Zayn…why can’t we just have a nice day!? I’m trying to have fun! I want to have fun but you just… you can’t…” I looked down at my fingers, they where making circles around each other.
“I-I’m sorry Spencer. I want this to be perfect. I want you to have fun, I do- I just- I want to have fun too.” He explained.
“And the only way you can have fun is…” I wasn’t going to finish my sentence because we both know what it was I was going to say.
It finally hit me.
Zayn didn’t know any other way to have fun so when he started to actually have fun he ruined it trying to do what he knew best.
If that makes sense?
Made sense to me
I just needed to cool down
Take a breath.
I’m trying to break habits here.
It takes time.
“I’m sorry.” I squinted my eyes as I looked into his eyes.
“No. I am.” He shook his head. “Here…” I started pushing at his shoulder. “What?” He let out a laugh. I continued pushing him. “What are you doing?”
“Get off.”
He moved from the blanket and I quickly got everything together. “I have an idea.”
Sort of a spur of the moment thing.
I scooped up the things, flipping my hair as I stood back up. “Let’s go Malik.”
I shuffled over to his car, he opened my door for me and I directed him to a nearby convenience store.
“Still hungry babe?” He questioned as he pulled up to the store.
I threw my things on the ground. “Shut up, let’s go.” I got out of the car and walked in. I rummaged through the aisle’s with Zayn followed close behind and as they caught my eye I picked up a box of crackers. Zayn furrowed his brow still following me.
As I went down the candy aisle a certain candy option caught my eye. I skipped towards them. “Oh my gosh!” I picked up a ring pop out of a box of them.
“I got these all the time as a child.” I smiled at him and he shrugged his shoulders. I picked another one up and walked to the counter. Zayn flipped his wallet out and threw a bill down.
On too phase two.
The phase that I just thought of about ten minutes ago; a phase I like to call “Get Zayn Malik to open up to me. AKA. PHASE MANIPULATE THE MALIK”


OH MY GOD MY FAV 1D STORY !!!!!!!!!!!! Please update or the very least contact me if you're stuck- this is bloody fan girl GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sexual tension is KIlLInG me !!! Love it and great job (:

MrsZaynMalik16 MrsZaynMalik16
lobe it please update!!!!!
doryaforlife doryaforlife
I love your piece of writing! Honestly, you did an excellent job! Please update soon!
JocyMartinez JocyMartinez