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Three worlds collides (( Punk harry, Harry twins.))

College? Not so fun.

‘’I’m going out to a bar tonight, with friends.’’ I sighed into the phone, ‘’that’s great honey.’’ She replied sounding distracted.

‘’ I’m going to eat my friends.’’ I said sarcastically as she replied, ‘’ hmmm have fun.’’

I just hung up on her, her and dad never listened to me I wasn't important enough.

‘’What are you wearing?’’ Perrie suddenly speaks up putting her hair in a messy bun, she was wearing a see through shirt with a black bra with studs on under and a tight skirt with heels.
Her make-up was dark with bright red lipstick.

‘’I don’t know’’ I shrugged, ‘’I would usually wear a dress to a party, but since we just are going to the bar I’m being more casual you know?’’ She turned around facing me.

That was her casual look? I thought that was her worst part outfit, I wouldn't be able to wear sort of thing at a party especially not if they thought it was just casual.

For me casual would be an onesie which actually sounded really nice right now.

‘’You can borrow some of my clothes?’’ She suggested already knowing my clothes probably wouldn't live up to her or her friends standards.

‘’No, I got this.’’ I shook my head reaching into the pile of shirts, getting a black top up with a simple lace around the lines.

I threw my other shirt over to the pile of clothes and replaced it with the top, it was fine. I kept the jeans on and prayed this look would be approved.

‘’You’re wearing a black top with jeans?’’ Perrie said accusingly.

‘’Yeah?’’ I replied ruffling my hair a little to make it look a bit wilder.

‘’Can I convince you to wear something else?’’ She asked crossing her arms, ‘’nope.’’ I replied with a popping sound.

‘’Let me do some of your make up then?’’ She tries wanting to do something, I sighed ‘’only eyeliner, and lipstick.’’

She agreed and made me face her, she was quick to do it and soon I looked myself in the mirror.

It wasn't bad she had stuck with the eyeliner and lipstick, but also mascara. The eyeliner wasn't too thick, it made my eyes look cat like and to be honest I quiet liked the look!
My lipstick was a bit too bright for me but I went with it.

‘’come one, zayn’s picking us up!’’ She chimed halfway out of the door.
I jump in some shoes and follow her.

‘’Where’s the party at!’’ Perrie yelled loudly dragging me in with while Zayn silently followed obviously used to Perrie’s behavior.

The place wasn't too crowded, but I saw Edward sitting with some guys and girls at another table.
‘’Can we sit here?’’ I suggest not wanting to talk with Edward knowing he had seen me, and I didn't really care much for his mean comments right now.
She just nods heading for the bar ordering something.

‘’Zayn will you help me carry these!’’ Perrie yells from the bar, as zayn goes over to her without a word.

I sit nervously studying my hands as someone jumps down beside me, ‘’aw love you didn’t have to go wild with your make up to impress me,’’ I heard Edward voice tease me ‘’Look everyone our prude wants to get in our clique.’’ He laughed as I felt my cheeks redden, that was actually really horrible done of him.

‘’Well she tried’’ a female voice joins in on Edwards pointless attack at me.

‘’Jenn don’t be so mean eh’’ A boy I haven’t seen before with feather-like hair grinned, why did they all have to move over to our table? Couldn't they stay at they own?

‘’She looks ridiculous, like a little girl that played with mommy’s make up.’’ Another girl spoke up with blond and black hair, she had her hand on her hip staring at me.

I felt my eyes water as I quickly moved passed them, ‘’excuse me.’’ I mumble as I looked for the bathroom.

No ladies room? I sighed going in standing in front of the mirror, I did look ridiculous. I tried to smear my lipstick off without any luck as someone came out of the bathroom stall and started to wash hands.

‘’Oh hi Katelynn.’’ I remembered that raspy voice as I looked up and saw Harry, ‘’are you okay?’’

He asks sounding rather concerned as I blushed and wiped my tears without ruining my make up, ‘’I’m fine.’’ I smile thankfully over the fact someone cared.

‘’Whatever happened don’t let yourself get too down, you’re beautiful.’’ He smirked.

I awkwardly stared at the ground, ‘’so what courses have you chosen?’’
‘’History, Philosophy and English’’ I sigh running a hand through my hair, ‘’ probably more than I can handle.’’

‘’You’ll do great, we are going to have philosophy together.’’ He smiled before looking at the door, ‘’meet me outside in 5 minutes.’’

I nodded as he left, Harry was so nice to me compared to Edward.

After some minutes where I was trying to make myself look decent I left the bathroom, luckily they had moved over to they own table but Edward was nowhere to be seen.

Perrie and zayn was also sitting with them now and both looked curiously at me as I went straight for the door.

The cold air felt nice, and the darkness was rather soothing. I saw a black frame at the sidewalk as I ran over to it, ‘’Harry!’’ I yelled a bit too happy as he turned around.


My face fell into a frown in a matter of seconds, ‘’what?’’ He rolled his eyes ‘’not the favorite twin you found eh.’’ Edward continued.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ I stuttered about to leave as he grabs my arm, ‘’no I’m sorry. I was a dick really.’’ I stared at him confused, did he just say sorry to me?

‘’I was really a douche.’’ He said once again playing with his lip ring, ‘’ its fine.’’ I mumbled not sure why I even forgave him.

Suddenly he pulled me closer to him and smashed his lips to mine, I don’t know why I let him kiss after everything but I liked it. I liked the feel of his piercing.

After some time Edward broke the kiss not looking at me, ‘’let’s go inside.’’ I followed him but as soon as we came in a comment came from Jenn.

‘’Ew Edward what was you doing with the prude?’’ everyone started laughing except for me, perrie and Edward.

‘’Well guess what?’’ He said harsher, and I was sure he was going to defend me ‘’ I won the bet, jenn so give me 5 bucks.’’

Wait what? I stood there frozen as Edward high-fived the girl, ‘’I kissed the prude. She’s fucking easy.’’ He exclaimed loudly and proudly as I just without a word walked over to Perrie ‘’Can you give me a ride home now?’’ I asked more like whispered to her as she nodded.

‘’I’ll borrow your car, zayn.’’ He just nodded ‘’go ahead babe.’’

‘’aw your leaving?’’ Edward’s voice teased as Perrie dragged me outside.

‘’I’m so sorry, Katelynn. I didn’t know this would happen.’’ She sighed unlocking the car.
‘’Don’t worry – ‘’

‘’Katelynn wait!’’ I looked up and saw harry running over to me, ‘’ sorry my friend called me!’’ he looked like he had waited quite a while.

‘’Can I have your number?’’ I nodded and we exchanged phones and added ourselves to our contacts.

‘’See you Katelynn.’’ He smiled handing my phone back, ‘’yeah. See you.’’ I mumbled giving him his phone and jumping inside the car.

College was the biggest bummer ever, I was not going out again. I’ll bury myself in studies instead.

I rested my head on the window, closing my eyes. Just hoping this semester would end sooner.


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Great so far keep on going

Great so far keep on going

Should I unsubscribe this story ? This hasn't been updated in months .
NiallsNandos NiallsNandos
This story had me addicted. I keep wondering like is she gonna fall for Harry or Edward? I think she's gonna wind up going for Edward. He has a sweet side to him!! He just needs to be loved!! OMG please update as soon as possible!! I love this story so much!!!!!!!!!! :D
mashell28 mashell28