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Three worlds collides (( Punk harry, Harry twins.))

There's two of you?!

I walked up to my dorm sighing, my parents haven’t even bothered to say goodbye to me as I was heading towards my adult life in oh so wonderful college.

I had already been there twice, I’ve been dropping my stuff off the week before so I didn’t have to worry about getting settled in, but I still had no idea who my roommate was.

Music was streaming through the door as I opened it and saw a girl on the bed swaying to the music, ‘’Oh I’m sorry.’’ She pressed the stop button and turned her attention back to me.

‘’I’m Perrie, you must be the new girl!’’ I nodded unsure as I dropped my bag on my bed, ‘’first year on college?’’ She asked smiling, she seemed somehow very bubbly.

‘’Yeah welcome to the life of an adult, ‘’ I joked ‘’nice tats’’ I grinned walking over to her, she had some pretty colorful tattoos on her arms. I’ve always wanted one but I was too terrified to get it done.

‘’Thanks, you should get one sometime.’’ She grinned before standing up, she looked pretty punk. I didn’t mind at all. It suited her, I on the other hand looked like sort of a prude but I wasn’t really.

I was just scared of trying new stuff even though my heart always loved tattoos and piercings. She was wearing some shorts with a crop shirt and a choker around her neck. Her eyeliner was heavy but it suited her. The way she kind of looked like a doll with her blond hair.

Me on the other hand? I was wearing some basic jeans with a plain black long sleeved shirt. I wasn’t bad, just not something you’d look twice at.

‘’Let’s talk around campus?’’ She suggested heading for the door, I nodded following her outside.

‘’So how are people here?’’ I asked looking around seeing lots of different types of people spread around, some even looked rather confused.

She just shrugged, ‘’everyone’s unique, but we throw some pretty sick parties.’’
‘’I don’t really like parties’’ I mumbled not wanting to cause attention, but it didn’t look as she was paying much attention to me either way as she was wrapping her petite arms around a taller frame.

‘’This is my boyfriend, Zayn.’’ She giggled, as he nodded to me.
‘’Hi, Katelynn. ‘’ I smiled up to him, he looked just like perrie.

‘’What are you doing with such a prude?’’ A voice snickered from behind me, ‘’excus-‘’ I stopped as I turned around and saw a guy he looked absolutely hot, there were something cheeky about him as he played with his lip ring.

‘’Take a picture, it lasts longer love.’’ He rolled his eyes at me turning his attention over to zayn and perrie as I stood there all flustered.

‘’She’s my new roommate, Katelynn. Edward behave. ‘’ Perrie scolded.

‘’Sorry sorry.’’ He laughed as I looked down on the ground, ‘’let’s go.’’ Perrie grabbed my arm and dragged me away.

‘’Sorry about Edward, he can be a little intense sometimes. ‘’ She smiled gently to me pushing me along, Edward was apparently more like the biggest fucking asshole on the planet.

‘’His a jerk.’’ I said seriously as perrie laughed finding the whole situation hilarious when someone bumped into me.

‘’God I’m sorry, are you okay?’’ A voice that sounded much familiar to edward’s said, it was a lot softer but with the same edgy sound
I looked up puzzled seeing a spitting image of Edward as I rose my brows slightly, ‘’I’m fine thanks.’’ His green eyes didn’t leave mine for a second as he helped me up on my feet again.

‘’Are you new?’’ He ask friendly, as I stood there being confused as ever. He looked like Edward and he sounded like Edward but he didn’t have the same attitude as Edward and he wasn’t punk at all. He had a few tattoos but no way near punk.

‘’I am, ‘’ I stuttered before calming myself ‘’Perrie's my roommate.’’ Perrie just smiled from beside me getting a smile in return from the boy.

‘’I’m Katelynn.’’ I smiled a little as he flashed me the most adorable smile on the planet, ‘’Nice to meet you! I’m harry. ‘’

He looked at his phone for a moment, ‘’I better be going, see you around Katelynn!’’ he yelled over his shoulder before running off.

‘’I –‘’ I began but Perrie cut me off, ‘’Yeah that’s Harry. His edward’s twin if you were wondering. ‘’ I nodded seeming to understand it a bit better now.

‘’Harry and Edward styles.’’ She chuckled ‘’ complete opposites if you ask me, they don’t really talk that much. Harry has his own small apartment while Edward lives here on campus.’’

‘’Oh well I’m more fond of Harry. ‘’ I joked.

She giggled but turned around to face me, ‘’ you have to meet my friends tonight, we are going to this bar down town! I’d love to introduce you.’’

‘’But we have classes tomorrow.’’ I protested not really wanting to have a hangover on my first real day there but I didn’t want to sound like a prude either.
''Please?'' She blinked cutely at me.

I heard Edwards words play in the back of my mind, calling me a prude as I sighed.
‘’Fine, but we need to be back before late and no drinking!’’ I warned as she nodded eagerly, ‘’sounds good!’’

I wonder if Harry was going to be there with some of his friends, it was as if she could read my thoughts ‘’Harry might be there.’’

‘’Oh I don’t care.’’ I blushed looking down.

‘’Edward probably will too.’’ She winked as I rolled my eyes.

College was going to be interesting.


First chapter, will get more interesting.
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Great so far keep on going

Great so far keep on going

Should I unsubscribe this story ? This hasn't been updated in months .
NiallsNandos NiallsNandos
This story had me addicted. I keep wondering like is she gonna fall for Harry or Edward? I think she's gonna wind up going for Edward. He has a sweet side to him!! He just needs to be loved!! OMG please update as soon as possible!! I love this story so much!!!!!!!!!! :D
mashell28 mashell28