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Three worlds collides (( Punk harry, Harry twins.))


When I woke up Perrie already was gone, I rolled out of bed not bothering to put make up on.

I just fixed my hair up in a quick bun and jumped in a shirt and some pants, I grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder.

‘’So where’s English?’’ I sighed loudly looking at my phone, I had gotten a text message.

From: Harry
Morning, hope you’re having a good one so far! Xx

I smiled and typed a good morning back to him before putting my phone in my bag.

The campus wasn't too big so it shouldn't be that hard to find my way over there, ‘’katelynn!’’ I turned around and saw a blond boy smiling at me.

‘’That’s ye name right?’’ He sounded Irish, but how should I know. I nodded to him and smiled.

‘’Harry told me about you, I saw you last night but you didn’t notice me, ‘’ he grinned, the smile not leaving his face for one second.

‘’Where are you going?’’ he asks as I start walking, ‘’english!’’ I yell over my shoulder when I hear him burst out laughing, ‘’english in this way. We are in the same class.’’

I stop and turn around all flustered, ‘’ don’t laugh.’’ I hit him playfully on the arm as he keeps laughing at me.

The walk wasn’t too bad, and the guy which I found out was Niall was really nice. He was so bubbly and happy.

As we walked into the class I scanned the room, ‘’where do we sit?’’ I ask looking at niall, ‘’I usually sit in the front, but it’s up to yourself.’’ He shrugs sitting down.

‘’I’m joining you then.’’ I giggle and sits beside him finding my copy of Romeo and Juliet up, ‘’eh we have Jane Eyre right now.’’ Niall says eyeing my copy of Shakespeare in front of me.

‘’I know, that’s personal reading. ‘’ I laugh I loved Romeo and Juliet, but not because as people said it was romantic because in my opinion it wasn’t. It was tragic, and there’s nothing romantic about murders and suicide.

‘’Oh Romeo oh Romeo, where are you my Romeo?’’ I say dramatically bashing my eyelashes at niall that’s about to laugh but his body soon stiffen.

‘’I’m here.’’ A raspy voice says from besides me, Edward.

‘’Are you stalking me?’’ I ask not even bothering to look at him, and tried to play cool. I was done being walked over by him even after a few hours so today I wouldn’t even have any of his shit.

‘’I would say you stalked me sense I had English last year also.’’ He smirks, as I fumble with my hair getting insecure again.

‘’Romeo and juliet?’’ He ask cocking his brow in the air, as I quickly stuff in down my bag again.
‘’Alright class, find your copy of Jane eyre now!’’ A small man says.

The class was over, and I had tried to ignore Edward the best as I could not really paying attention to the teacher, I quickly shove past the people not even bothering to wait for Niall as I get out.

I looked at my phone and saw Harry had tried to call me, he had left a message saying.

From: Harry.
Hiiii, hope everything is good. Meet me at the café in 2 hours? I’ll be waiting xx

I blushed by his text smiling as someone snatches my phone out of my hand, ‘’ hey give it back!’’ I yell looking up at Edward.

‘’Come with me.’’ He simply says.

‘’No, give me my phone.’’ I groan trying to reach it but he was too tall for me.
‘’Then come with me.’’

‘’I can’t I’m meeting Harry in 2 hours.’’ I roll my eyes as I see a frown on his face.
‘’Oh, well come with me and I promise you’ll get to meet him in 2 hours or I’ll just break your phone.’’ He threatens me, what the fuck was his problem with me?

‘’Fine.’’ I sigh as he puts his phone back in his pocket, ‘’you’ll get it when we are done.’’ He just smirks leading me on my way.

‘’Where are we going?’’ I ask puzzled, ‘’shut up.’’ He rudely states.

We've been walking for 30 minutes before we reach a forest and Edward just shows me into a small path that’s kind of hidden behind some branches.

After another 10 minutes of me stumbling over branches we finally reach it.
It’s a small place with a huge tree, its branches reaches out not letting any sunlight get in if you sat under the tree.

It looked magically.

‘’It’s beautiful.’’ I smile as Edward sits under the tree gesturing for me to join him, ‘’ what is this place?’

‘’It’s my sanctuary.’’ He replies, why would he take me to this place?

We both sit in silence enjoying the peace.

‘’What’s the deal with you and Harry?’’ I ask finally after thinking about it for so long, his jaw clenches but he begins speaking.

‘’I guess you’d prefer fucking Harry, his oh so perfect.’’ He suddenly spits at me making me look hurt.
‘’Well who wouldn’t want Harry, I was just a fucking mistake.’’

‘’I don’t know what your fucking problem is,’’ I begin yelling at him ‘’ but stop it because I’m leaving right now if you don’t.’’

‘’Beside I really dig your piercings and tattoos.’’ I sigh tracing my finger over his arm as he relaxes.

‘’Harry was planned, I wasn’t. I was the surprise.’’ He begins looking away, ‘’ everyone knew he was mum and even gemma’s favorite.’’

I assumed Gemma must been their sister so I keep quiet.

‘’He was charming and sweet, and I was just a fucking outcast.’’ He stops and starts biting his lip ring, ‘’I had issues with my anger and everyone was fucking scared of me.
‘’Mum almost got a heart attack when she saw Harry had gotten his first tattoo because oh no what if he turned into Edward. ‘’ He keeps his eyes on the ground, ‘’ I don’t even see them anymore, they don’t care about me why should I care about him.’’

And in that moment, I see a scared and hurt little boy in front of me that just want to be loved.
‘’Edward..’’ I begin but he cuts me off ‘’I don’t want your fucking sympathy.’’

I didn’t want to leave him now but I had to if I wanted to meet Harry in time, I stand up and gestures to him standing up.

‘’Edward, you’re a completely douche-bag for what you did yesterday.’’ I begin but send him a small smile, ‘’but I think your perfect.’’

He doesn’t reply just look at me as I sigh, ‘’but I need to see harry now. I’m sorry.’’ I peck his cheek, hating I was leaving him right after he had spilled his heart out to me but I had to see Harry.

I quickly walk away not turning around once as I find my way back to civilization.


Harry or Edward? x

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Great so far keep on going

Great so far keep on going

Should I unsubscribe this story ? This hasn't been updated in months .
NiallsNandos NiallsNandos
This story had me addicted. I keep wondering like is she gonna fall for Harry or Edward? I think she's gonna wind up going for Edward. He has a sweet side to him!! He just needs to be loved!! OMG please update as soon as possible!! I love this story so much!!!!!!!!!! :D
mashell28 mashell28