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The One Thing I Hate is One Direction

Bruised, Broken and Beaten

Time Skip 7:59pm
O.M.G.. Gray is going to be here soon, and I dont know how to tell him about me cheating. I thought that since I have been a terrible girlfriend that I should dress up, so Rissa helped me pick out a red dress. Its much shorter than what I normally wear. *door bell* I walked to the door, took a deep breathe and slowly opened the door getting ready for a sad night. But when I opened the door Niall was standing there. When he looked up, his mouth opened as in aww of what he was looking at. I smirked and asked. "Hello, may I be of service to you?" He just stood there looking at me, as if in shock. "Hello, earth to Niall?!" I said while waving my hand infront his face.
"Oh, sorry, its just..... that.....ummmm.. where is Rissa?" He said shyly while looking down at the floor.
"She is.... um.. I think she went to hang out with some other friends. Sorry, but she should be home soon. You can go wait in her room if you want?" I said.
"Umm, sounds good. But do u mind if I wait in the living room so that I can watch some tv?" He said
" yeah of course no problem" I said while opening the door more so that he could at least come in. He just went and sat down. He looked cute just being his careless self. Damit Karli stop that, you are about to meet your boyfriend and tell him u cheated on him, and you are thinking about Niall being cute!!!! I finshed thinking and noticed that I was still standing at the door. I made my way to the kitchen I was just standing there watching tv.
Niall POV:
I turned on the tv but I wasnt really watching it, I kept looking at Karli. She looked smoking hot in her red dress. I wonder who she was waiting for? She looked so worried and zoned out.
"Karli? Instead of standing there watching tv, why dont you sit on the couch watching tv." I said hoping she would sit next to me.
"I am fine here, but thanks. I am waiting for someone" she said talking to me as if I am just a stanger who she is trying to be polite too. "You know I am not just a stranger, you can come and sit rather than standing in heels" I said oblivious seeing that her heels hurt. I guess it is as they say the price of beauty is pain. Or something within those lines. I feel like I have had the conversation before with her but she was the one trying to talk to me. After that thought all the memories of Karli came flooding back. The first day I met her, how she saved me and the guys from being mobbed. Of course the time I kissed her came back as well then all the bad memories came back to, like when she told me she didnt want anyone to know about our kiss. All the anger I had during that moment came back, but then I looked over and saw Karli walking over. I then realized how much she has changed. One major thing is that she doesnt hate One Direction anymore. Well it doesnt seem like at least. Other things too, like her hair seems short and she dresses different.................
The next thing I know, I wake up to Karli sleeping on my shoulder. She looks cute. I check my phone and its 9 o'clock. Looks like Karli's date isnt going to show up. Right as I was picking karli up bridal style I heard a knock on the door, thats proabaly Rissa. I slowly set Karli down so that I wouldnt wake her and went to get the door. I opened it as quietly as I could. I expected Rissa to be there, but someone I didnt know was there. This guy he looked familiar.
"Hi, may I help you?" I said trying to be polite.
"Umm yea, this is Rissa's apartment right? I am supposed to meant Karli Mints" he said. Friend of Karli's?? "This is, but Karli is asleep but I will tell her you stopped by, whats your name and message u want me to pass on?" I said. Right as he was about to talk Karli came walkin up. She looked very tired.
"Gray! Omg, I am sorry, I fell asleep. Were u waiting long? Do u still want to have dinner?" She said while trying to fix how she looked even though she looked perfect.
"I would love to go out to dinner, shall we go my lady" he said while bowing.
"Bye Niall, dont wait up" she said while closing the door leaving me all alone. Finally firgured it out, once she said Gray I knew who he was. He was her boyfriend, I hope he knows how lucky he is. That should be me.
Time skip: 10:20pm
I am still up, I was waiting for Rissa. But then I saw that Karli left her phone home and read the Rissa said she is staying at her friends house. So I don’t really have a reason to be waiting here. Maybe I can spend the night here, I am sure Karli won’t mind. I made my way to go into the guest room but then I remembered that Karli is staying in there, so I made my way back to the couch. So much walking. I didnt know this but apperntly I was really tired because as soon as I hit the couch again, I fell asleep.
Karli POV:
I was on my date with Gray. I was planning on telling him that I kissed Harry, well more like Harry kissed me but its the same result. I cheated on Gray. I was getting ready to tell him, I was thinking about how bad this could get, but i have to tell him. It would be worse If I didn’t. “Gr-gra-grraay, I have to tell you something important” I said with a worried look on my face.
“ok, I hope you know you can tell me anything” He said while smiling. God dang it! Why did he have to be so cute and nice.
“you are going to get mad here, and I am so sorry that I ever did this, and it was a big mistake but I- I- I...” I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t hurt his feelings like that. He just looked at me with a worried face, waiting for me to finish my sentence. I had to tell him, I couldn’t handle it anymore. “I cheated on you! Harry kissed me” I quickly looked at him then walked away. He grabbed my hand and made me look at his eyes.
“I thought you loved me?” He said with puppy dog eyes.
“I do, I loved you, I didn’t mean for the kiss to happen”I said
“Loved, as in not any more. I made such a fool of myself. Getting us tickets to London god dang it! why am I such a idiot” He said while getting angry. it looks like he is ready to punch something. I don’t blame him.
“You are not the problem, I was the one who cheated not you. So you are not the idiot. I am the one who made the mistake of losing such an amazing guy” I said while being to cry. No Karli. Don’t. Gray just looks at me, like trying not to be mad at me.
“I want to just go over you and kiss you, then say everything will be alright, but I know it won’t.” I said while looking him directly in the eyes.
“You are right about that. So good by Karli, I hope You have a wonderful time with that cheating Harry” He said while storming off angry. I got up went and paid for the bill that was the least I could’ve done. I begin walking home, Of course it began raining. I feel like I am in a movie. I wish I was because then I could just let this all be over. I got home and found a sleeping Niall on the couch. He looked cold, so I put a blanket on him while trying not to getting him soaking wet. A couple drops fell on his face, I took my hand and wiped it off. He then woke up and looked right at me. “Umm, I am so Sorry. I was putting a blanket on you because you looked cold and then I got water on you so I was trying to wipe it off. I am sorry, Just go back to sleep. None of this ever Happened” I said while slowly backing away. I really didn’t work because I hit a couch. I then fell backwards on the couch. Niall quickly got up to make sure I was ok. “All good!” I said while giving him a thumbs up. He just laughed and helped me up. “Thanks, now again, None of this happened” I said while walking past him but then tripped on the table. “Damn it! Why does this always happen to me” I said while trying to pretend hitting the floor but then Niall caught me.
“You really should be careful, since obviously you are a not a balanced person.” He said. When he caught me We ended up becoming really close. We just stood there staring into each others eye. I then did a little cough. “ehme.” he then just let go of me. I said “Bye” then I walked away to go take a shower.
Time SKip: 1:30-
My shower time, is my time to think. I thought about everything in my life. I overthink everything and now I can’t sleep. I deciding to listen to music and read a book to help me fall asleep. It wasn’t helping because the book was partly romance so I was thinking about Gray. How could I cheat on him. I began to cry, I really didn’t want to cry because I didn’t want to be like the people in the books that cry over some guy for days. I won’t cry for days but for right now I will. Niall must’ve heard me because he then knocked on the door.
“Karli, can I come in?” He asked.
“Umm, give me a minute” I said trying to make myself seem presentable. "Okay, you can come in now" I stopped crying and cleaned my face so that he didn't worry.
"What's wrong? And don't say nothing" he said while sitting on the bed.
"Umm okay, well then I am fine, everything is all good" I said while trying to become a good liar.
"Niall, I know you heard crying and yes it was from me. I will tell you when I am ready to tell you so don't push it" I said while going for his hand the deciding not to touch his hand. Then he grabs my hand and says " sounds good to me, but I really hope you are ok"
"Would I ever lie about that kinda stuff" i said while smiling. "You have before" he said while staring right into my eyes. "Lets not remind me of that time" I said. "Look I am tired and just want sit down and watch a movie and fall asleep. So can you please leave."
"But" he said "no butts, you can either join me or leave" I said
"I am staying but I am picking the movie" I decided not to say anything since I am going to bed anyways. I thought this was weird Niall being in the same room as me watching a movie together. But I was too depressed and tired to care. Niall went and turned off the lights and that was the last thing I remember. I was woken up by the sound of someone coming in. I figured it was rissa since it was her apartment. I then heard her coming that's weird. I then realized it wasn't her it was Gray.
"GRAY! what are you doing here?" I said so very confused.
"I came here to forgive you but thats going to happen because it looks like u already have a rebound. Dang. I am so stupid. You know what Karli you are a slut who will apparently kiss any guy so lets just not talk anymore and never talk to me again!!!" He said angrier than I ever have seen him before. I just stood there in shock i didn't know how to respond. He quickly left. I heard the door slam and then I couldn't hold it back anymore, all the tears came pouring down.
"I thought you said you were ok? This is not okay to me" he said
Niall pov:
"Just leave, I don't want you here anymore" she said not looking up. Still crying
"I am not leaving you here like this. Friends don't do that" I said with the sincerest voice I could do.
"We are not friends, you don't know anything about me and I don’t know anything about you" she said angrily
" I know a lot about you. And we are too friends. Not the best of friends but friends" I said hurtfully.
"You don't know anything about me. And even if you did it wouldn’t matter. Friends don't have feelings for another friend then say that she has feelings for his friend just so that she doesn’t have to deal with the feelings of when he will have to tour. And friends don't fall asleep in the same bed as a friend then have her ex boyfriend walk in trying to forgive her to calling her a slut.. right what a great friend you are. You cause everything to go wrong Niall" she said yelling at me. I took everything. I was hurt. "I am sorr, you know what NO. I am NOT sorry because I have always been there for you. I have been a great friend!! All those things you just named off that is all you!!! I didn't do anything wrong. So screw you!" I said while storming off.
"And if you ever come to your senses and realized that I am the best thing that has ever happened to you Call. Because I am just that good of a friend" I am so done with her. Everything I did was right. When she told me to back off I did. I left her then she left. Then she comes back all mad that I kissed Rissa. No, I should’ve just date Rissa she was so much better. But noo I believed in my heart and was trying to become friends with Karli again. Damn it!! She can be so frustrating!!!!!


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